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Sorry, but Power Support Crystal Film Set - iPhone 4S / 4 has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Power Support Crystal Film Set - iPhone 4S / 4

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Power Support’s revolutionary crystal film is what every iPhone 4S / 4 needs to be equipped with.

  • "Great product, if you know how to apply it"
  • "Faultless product!"
  • "the best"

Most Useful Customer Reviews

1st September 2011
Great product, if you know how to apply it
This is my second order of the crystal front and back film set by Power Support, having ordered it first time round when I initially got my iPhone4. So there are lots of similar products out there, and this one is pricier, but don't waste your time with the others - they're flimsy by comparison and scratch quickly, and this glossy version of the film set retains the retina display. (I had the non-glossy version for my old iPhone 3G and there is a big difference between the two.) Why order again? Well, here's the catch. This film is only easy to apply if you slightly adapt the process of applying it, as the kit that comes with this product isn't great. I used the little cleaning cloth last time round, but was still left with TINY specks of dust that left bubbles when the film was applied. Didn't look great. So, if you're considering this product, I'd recommend picking up an e-cloth (you'll get this in any supermarket, where you pick up cleaning products). It's probably another £3-£5, but worth it as the e-cloth attracts every and any speck of dust. (And it's a great product if you're cleaning stainless steel in your kitchen - so useful afterwards too!) Lay phone on cloth, and use that and only that to clean the surface of the phone. Apply film as directed, carefully - obvious really, but keep fingers away from the edges as this stuff picks up dust like you wouldn't believe - and once applied, wrap cloth over phone and use that to press the film down firmly and get rid of any air bubbles. It's the easiest way I've found to get a perfect finish - unlike last time round, when I made a hash of it!

United Kingdom
iPhone 4S
27th May 2014
Faultless product!
I've used a few screen protectors and I keep coming back to the Power Support Crystal. It comes with all the accessories to assit with applying the screen and is very forgiving when you need to adjust the application of the screen.

al farmiloe
15th November 2011
the best
These are the best you can get! you can hardly notice they are on. You get 2 fronts and 1 back. The front lasted me 6 months before it had quite a few light marks on it. I am a tradesman so it had some tough conditions. Applying the protector properly is like surgery. Find yourself a table to sit at that's clean and free from dust have some window cleaner or similar to clean the screen. Get a cloth and mint up the screen. Really look at it. There must be absolutely nothing on it. One tiny fragment of dust will cause a flaw. I put 2 small pieces of masking tape on the outer side of the protector. One top and one bottom and put it on holding the tape. This way you dont touch it and you can keep peeling it back to get the position correct.

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Why Buy?

  • Protects your precious LCD screen from scratches, dust, and dirt
  • Leaves no residue if removed
  • Film will not interfere with iPhone 4S / 4 touch screen responsiveness


Power Support’s revolutionary crystal film is what every iPhone 4S / 4 needs to be equipped with. With state of the art static cling adhesion, the precision cut films are easy to apply, and offer optimal protection for your LCD screen.

Protection from scratches is a must, and Power Support’s crystal film for iPhone 4S / 4 is the perfect solution. This custom-fit screen protector allows for the vibrant colors of your LCD screen to shine through without compromising picture quality, touch screen sensitivity or any functionality of your iPhone 4S / 4

With advanced silicone static-cling adhesive technology, this film does not require a difficult installation process and is residue free..

Please Note: All our Power Support screen protectors are sourced from Power Support Japan, and so differ from those advertised on the Power Support USA website.

What's In the Box?

  • 1 x Power Support Crystal Screen Protector (Front)
  • 1 x Power Support Crystal Screen Protector (Back)


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