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Power Support Crystal Film Set - iPhone 4S / 4 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Power Support’s revolutionary crystal film is what every iPhone 4S / 4 needs to be equipped with.
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 4.5 stars from 61 customers

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Faultless product!
I've used a few screen protectors and I keep coming back to the Power Support Crystal. It comes with all the accessories to assit with applying the screen and is very forgiving when you need to adjust the application of the screen.
The best iphone 4 screen protector kit
Having used quite a few screen protectors on the 4s including the Zagg and anti glare films,I have come to the conclusion that this is my favourite, easy to apply and doesn't change the appearance of the screen at all, as a bonus you get the back protector as well.

This is now my second set of this screen protector over the last 2 years as like anything else they do wear out, easy to remove with no residue though.

Highly recommended, for me the best screen protectors for the iphone 4.
Nearly perfect
These (front & rear) shields are excellent. You cannot tell they are on ....... as long as you are exceedingly careful when applying them. Any specks of dust - which are invisible to the eye - will cause a bubble which cannot be removed no matter how long or hard one tries to persuade it to the perimeter of the device.
This problem could be eliminated were a sticky piece of paper provided to dab the screen with immediately prior to applying the Power shield cover - as provided by some other shield providers.
However these are still the best for me.
I was slightly concerned about buying the PS crystal films...
.... as they are sourced from Japan rather that the US (grey packaging). However after much research and assurances from other reviews I took the plunge, and very happy I did! These films are fantastic. You barely now they are there and they don't have the hazy effect that the anti glare PS produce. Also managed to put mine on in 10 mins without any air bubbles at all.

Definitely recommend. One small point is that I thought I was getting 2 front films, but received 1 front and 1 back. This was good in the end as I use an apple bumper, but some of you may find this annoying if you have a full back case.
Very Nice Product
I've tried other, cheaper screen protectors from high street and online retailers. I liked the Seidio(?) ones on my 3gs. But the Power Support Crystal Film Set is way superior. I watched the application video and pretty much did exactly what they did. I removed any final dust specks with compressed air and then had at it.

All went perfectly and within 5 mins my iPhone is Crystal Film-ed. No air bubbles, no dust specks, no orange peel effect. The Retina display is allowed to shine as it should.

The film feels a little less slippy than the bare screen but not so much it hinders using the phone. I've been playing Angry Birds and Lego Harry Potter without any problems.

This Product gets my thumbs up so far. Only time will tell how well it actually protects the screen.
Perfect Solution for Retina Display!
All 4s phones need 1 of these!! The retina display is just beautifully maintained and you cannot tell your phone is wearing the protector. Very easy to apply just make sure you use a lint free cloth & cleaner before applying. I recommend iKlear kit.
Team up with a vapor pro case and you have a head turning very smart phone!
Also as usual superb delivery service from MoblieFun!!
At last!
Would've received 5 stars but the delivery took over a fortnight - most unlike Mobile Fun. As for the product itself, this is by far and away the best screen protector you can buy. Word of warning: make sure the screen is spotless before applying (a lint-free cloth is recommended).
The best screen/back protectors.
Quite simply the best screen protectors money can buy! In my opinion these are far better than the Zagg invisible shields which a lot of people use as a bench mark when choosing a screen protector kit, here's my thoughts:

•They are not a wet application, and are easy to fit, if you make a mistake whilst applying you can take it off and start again without losing any adhesive effectiveness( I took my front one off 3 times in order to get it fitting perfectly).

•They look amazing no orange peel effect,dimming or losing
the clarity of the screen like the Zagg, these protectors look and feel like you don't have a protector on your phone, my work colleague actually said to me why don't you have a screen protector on your phone!

•They seem hard wearing and clean very easily with a microfiber cloth, will have to monitor durability as only been using these for a few weeks.

•don't bubble up whilst using my Morphie juice air or Apple bumper will have to try another case that I have just to be sure.

•The price is a little bit expensive but I'm 100% happy with this purchase and would buy these again no questions asked.

To summerize if you have an iPhone 4/4S, what are you waiting for order these straight away, don't waste your money like I did on the cheaper protectors or Zagg's, order these!

The delivery and service from mobile fun should also be commended as they provide a fast prompt service with no hassles!
Fantastic product
After a lot of research, I went for this screen protector when I got my first iPhone, a 32GB iPhone 4. I got this in Jun 2010 and fitted the first of the 2 front protectors as soon as I could. The first one lasted 20 months before starting to peel a little around the home button, but I reckon that's pretty darn good and a measure of just how well it's made. Best tips for applying is to firstly wash your hands several times in really hot water to remove any grease from your fingers, then use a micro-fibre cloth to remove as much dust as possible. When ready, use a couple of bits of Sellotape, rolled into a loop with the sticky side outermost, to pick off any last bits of dust, apply the protector and then use more Sellotape to lift the protector back off the phone screen at one corner and another to remove those last few bits of dust. You can lift and replace the film about 5 or 6 times without affecting how well it sticks, but don't over do it. Then use the micro-fibre cloth to squeeze out any remaining bubbles for a perfect finish. Overall, well worth the money and as it's shiny and looks like glass, it really does look like you don't have a screen protector fitted, unlike the Zagg (so-called) Invisible Shield, which is anything but invisible!
Crystal clear and easy to apply
Quite simply the best film I have used, it repels smears, maintains the responsiveness of the screen, and is easy to apply. In my experience problems with application are due to not cleaning the screen properly first, and this is the same whichever brand you choose. Fab product and worth the money.
Power Suport Crystal film
A great product. Apple have boosted about their retinal display but my previous protective film had a mat finish dully to display.

With this product you get to see the Apple boost - very impressive.

A tip to fitting the film. Switch off the mobile for at least fifteen minutes as this means the temperature of the screen cools down to the same temperature of the film. It reduces air bubbles as apparently hot and cold surfaces create them.

I also used a lenspen I use for my camera to ensure the surface was dust free and clean before applying.

You will need to clean the film does show grease marks.

4 stars only becuase if the grease marks otherwise a definate 5
A useful item
A good product, particularly useful to have the video to demonstrate how to put on without bubbles under the film. Have already recommended to a friend who has since ordered!
Great product
Brilliant screen protecter, the best so far that I have used and even better than the invisisheild.
Perfect item and service
Service was impressive. Ordered early evening and arrived the next day. Great product. Take your time in applying it and you'll be really pleased with the result. One of the best film sets.
Excellent Product
Went on extremely easily with the least hassle of any protective film I have used in the past. Screen is crystal clear and it can hardly be seen. Time will tell, but it looks like it will last for a long time.
Exactly what I was looking for
Although initially looking expensive, this is very good value for money – Power Support products are very good quality. You get two front films and one back film. I originally had a Power Support matt film for my iPhone 4 and the matt finish destroys the retina display on the iPhone. This crystal film is perfect for the screen. It shows the high definition screen in all its glory and, as it's glossy, keeps the iPhone looking in its original state. Perfect!
Impressive product but tricky to stick on!
A great product for protecting your iphone without having to have the weight or look of any protective layers. I wanted to keep my screen scratch free but didn't want to have a thick iphone case. It's transparent and IF you can apply it accurately it's fantastic! It's easy in terms of sticking it on but tricky to keep it dust free when you do. Little specks of dust trapped between the phone and layer create little air bubbles.

Be warned there are no instructions for putting the crystal film on other than a small picture guide with japanese characters (so you're fine if you read Japanese!!). Otherwise I followed some advice I found on here and used an e-cloth to remove all dust specks and lint before sticking the surface on. It's not easy to get it completely dust free and you need a steady hand to apply it so the bits match up but other than that it's fantastic and I thoroughly recommend!

This and the quite hefty price tag are the only reasons I dropped a star and gave it 4 not 5 stars...
Not worth the money
After receiving the package I couldnt believe that this was just another cheap style sticky screen, the kind that bubble a lot and don't last 5 minutes. Sure enough, after applying carefully, the bubbles are there, and this is just a slightly better version of the gear that you would usually pay £2 for at a market stall. I will go back to using the zagg invisible shield as they are a million miles better than this and worth every penny.
The best screen protector ever!
I always struggle to find a screen protector that I like. I want one that's easy to put on and hardly noticable and I've never found one.
Until now.

Very easy to fit and incredibly clear. You can't even notice it's there, at least on the white version of the iPhone 4S.
It doesn't grip on to my finger any more than the screen itself does and it doesn't discolor the screen in any way.

It's great.

If there was a down side, it's that it's not entirely finger print resistant. It has a bit of leeway compared to the screen itself but not entirely. But that's not a huge biggy at all.

Overall a great screen protector and one that I actually like! Woop!
Protect your screen
Albeit difficult to apply, the screen protector works. Prefer the clear film to the non-reflective film as it looks better, and doesn't affect the "touch" properties. High price, but worth it in the long run.
Quality is worth the price
This screen protector is essentially invisible and is smooth to touch, you barely notice it is there. It is easy to fit, I was done in less than 5 minutes and it gives me the assurance that my phone won't be scratched. It is expensive but worth the piece of mind and the fact that image quality is not compromised.
I am OCD and this film is perfect! Be very careful to clean your phone first and lay it on a lint free cloth. Do not touch the sticky side of the film with your hands. Line it up first so you knOw where it goes then peel part of it and apply.

Use a cloth to push out any air bubbles and you should have a perfect finish. Most ppl can't even tell I have film on the phone!

Love it.
the best
These are the best you can get! you can hardly notice they are on. You get 2 fronts and 1 back. The front lasted me 6 months before it had quite a few light marks on it. I am a tradesman so it had some tough conditions. Applying the protector properly is like surgery. Find yourself a table to sit at that's clean and free from dust have some window cleaner or similar to clean the screen. Get a cloth and mint up the screen. Really look at it. There must be absolutely nothing on it. One tiny fragment of dust will cause a flaw. I put 2 small pieces of masking tape on the outer side of the protector. One top and one bottom and put it on holding the tape. This way you dont touch it and you can keep peeling it back to get the position correct.
Simply the best on the market
This is the 4th time I have purchased this product, using it on both mine and my partners iPhones. I can honestly say this is by far the best screen protector on the market.

I have tried a few other brands, sometimes cheaper, but always less effective in terms of fitting, continuous clean adhesion to the phone and long term scratch, dirt and knock protection.

Nothing compares. Money well spent.
Simply excellent.
Screen protectors. I've tried them all. These are - by far - the best by a million miles. They aren't the easiest to apply (that's because they're so flippin' clear, you can see the tiniest speck of dust trapped under them!) but when you get it right, they are practically undetectable. Brilliant and highly recommended.
Power Support Crystal Front and Back Film Set - iP
Does exactly what it's supposed to. Easy to install and if you get any dust on the underside of the film when installing use some scotch tape (not sellotape) to pull up the film and another bit of scotch tape to stick to the dust and it will remove it from the underside of the film no probs. Works fine as well I dropped a set of keys on the screen by accident and the film took the impact screen remained fine. Pricey @ £20 but well worth it.
Power Support Crystal Frolnt & Back Film Set i
Another top product after again searching on-line throuigh variuos other similar products. Expensive @ £19.95, but honestly, well worth the extra and easy to fit with no major air bubbles forming. Highly recommended!!
Power Support Crystal Front & Back Film Set -
An excellent product. So simple to fit, just ensure that you clean both the surfaces well on your phone first and wiuth the cloth supplied apply the cover and as you are removing the thin sheet from the cover film, remove any bubbles, job done!! it is really as simple as that. This is the first I have bought, looked at various other options available in shops in my locality and I have definitely made the correct choice. Highly recommended.
Great product, if you know how to apply it
This is my second order of the crystal front and back film set by Power Support, having ordered it first time round when I initially got my iPhone4. So there are lots of similar products out there, and this one is pricier, but don't waste your time with the others - they're flimsy by comparison and scratch quickly, and this glossy version of the film set retains the retina display. (I had the non-glossy version for my old iPhone 3G and there is a big difference between the two.)
Why order again? Well, here's the catch. This film is only easy to apply if you slightly adapt the process of applying it, as the kit that comes with this product isn't great. I used the little cleaning cloth last time round, but was still left with TINY specks of dust that left bubbles when the film was applied. Didn't look great.
So, if you're considering this product, I'd recommend picking up an e-cloth (you'll get this in any supermarket, where you pick up cleaning products). It's probably another £3-£5, but worth it as the e-cloth attracts every and any speck of dust. (And it's a great product if you're cleaning stainless steel in your kitchen - so useful afterwards too!)
Lay phone on cloth, and use that and only that to clean the surface of the phone. Apply film as directed, carefully - obvious really, but keep fingers away from the edges as this stuff picks up dust like you wouldn't believe - and once applied, wrap cloth over phone and use that to press the film down firmly and get rid of any air bubbles. It's the easiest way I've found to get a perfect finish - unlike last time round, when I made a hash of it!
Good quality and it works
Settled on this after much research, and am completely satisfied with it. Easy to fit, and it hasn't budged. Does not interfere with operation of touch-screen.
No bubbles
Great screen protector,easy to fit and no bubbles. Rear protector not as good and whole package a bit pricey.
The best
the original and the best, dont bother with anything else.
Excellent protectors. Simply the best!!
Excellent screen protectors from power support. They are crystal so no loss of detail or quality when applied on to your iPhone 4. Mobilefun.co.uk was a pleasure to deal with. Excellent service, regular updates, simply suberb. Triple A quality and service. Highly recommended.
Just Brilliant
From the moment it arrived you could tell it was something special with the packaging plastered in japanese and the only comprehensible thing being the images describing the application process. The process could not be any easier and might I say ingenious. I do recommend having a friend at hand to help with the final phase but it can be done by ones self quite easily. I used to have an invisible shield with the speck cover but the "shield" was too thick. Within days of applying, the film started to peel (I somehow managed kept it on for a year!). However the power support film fits like a glove. Further the shield had a certain amount of friction to it, meaning your fingers would stick and it ruined the experience of having the special glass screen. With the power support it felt as though there was nothing there. The fact that they supply 2x front screen was ideal as I used one of the front films and gave the other to a friend who could then apply the front and back to his phone (kept the shield on the back) but that meant 2x phones protected for the price of one. Or you could keep it for yourself and change it in a year to have the fun of applying it all over again. And I do mean fun it was amazing the way it just works. Lastly if you get some dust which cases bubbles to form just get scotch tape and watch a video on YouTube.

Compared to the invisible shield this film is infinitely superior in every aspect. So good I got one for my iPad.
Does what it says on the tin - total protection ..
No compromise on performance.
Top quality.
Now the price has been reduced this item is a must buy if you want to protect your iphone 4. It wasn't to difficult to put it and I don't even have air bubbles on the front nor the back of the phone. You can hardly tell there's even a screen protector on it and delivery was very fast, next day infact after ordering. Very pleased with mobile fun!.
The best iPhone 4 screen protection
Seriously folks, you can't beat the Power Support screen protectors, they are the best.

The quality is superb and works great with the Retina Display (no visual distortion or change to touch responsiveness). They are also super-tough; I bought this set as a replacement after I accidentally chucked my phone at a wine glass. Some shards were embedded in the protector, but the screen underneath was fine.

Also, make sure you get this set which includes 2 front and 1 back film. Some others only have 1 front or don't include the back.
best screen protector
The best screen protector out there. Worth every penny. I'd go for this one than for the glossy one, as you can't notice this one's presence. A joy to the eyes.
iPhone4 Screen saver decisions decisions
Decided to try these as the power support anti-glare ones cut the screen resolution down a little too much for my liking.

The crystal ones are much clearer but do show finger prints & screen smears a lot more.

The instructions are in Japanese but thats not a problem.

Very simple to fit, no air bubbles.

In short expensive but worth it just a shame you have to choose between clarity & no finger prints.
Good quality product
Expensive, but worth it. Clear, doesn't get in the way of the iphones' screen function, tough. Difficult to apply with out bits under the screen - it took two tries! Maybe its my cackhandedness!
Big Let Down
Having taken delivery of my iPhone 4 I thought it was only right to protect the little beauty and so I searched online for recommendations and reviews. Without a shadow of a doubt this product is up there as rated as one of the best, especially the Crystal due to the retina display. I was initially put off by the significant price increase over alternatives but as I had spent the money on the phone I decided to spend the money on protecting it that little bit more.

Item arrived as described with 2 front screens and 1 rear plus a microfibre cloth. However, the cloth is of poor quality and left pieces of microfibre on my screen which ruined my first attempt. In my purchase I got MobileFun's own cloth for free and used this for the rest of the application. The quality is fantastic and actually left a clean and clear body to apply the films too.

I have no issues with the application as it is the same as the cheaper alternatives. What I was hoping for though was that the film would reach from edge to edge which would have justified the price and the statement that is cut to fit. However, like all films there is about a small area all around the phone which is not covered and therefore gives away that you have a film on.

I had considered buying a bumper for the phone too but had decided that I wanted to keep the silver edge on show. Now I am thinking again as only with a bumper will the film edges be covered.

In terms of clarity yes it is spot on and cannot be faulted. However, for the cost I was expecting a film that would only be seen by a 'beady eye' but sadly this is not the case. If I had known this I would not have made the purchase and would have gone for a cheaper alternative like I have with my previous phones as in my opinion there really is little difference apart from the name on the packaging.

I have given it 2 stars. For the price I expected a perfect fit which is not the case but the film is clear and easy to apply just not with the cloth provided.
The best screen protector for iphone 4
I have used a lot of screen protectors and the power support ones are spot on. They fit perfectly and easily. You won't regret it. It compliments the retina screen too unlike the anti glare ones that ruin the retina screen.
Power Support Crystal Front and Back Film Set - i
Brilliant. Went on first time and you can't even see it. More expensive than others but well worth it.
Good But Expensive and its a Japenese Import
Always put a screen protector on my phones and looked for the best for my iPhone 4. Read the reviews and was aware that these were Japenese imports that didn't come with the pre-installation film but as I was going to be peeling off the original protective film and putting the Crystal Films on immediately I wasn't too worried. They do go on very easily compared to some I've used and work very well. I use them in conjunction with a Flexishield Skin and I'm very happy. Just a bit expensive so I'll give it 4 out of 5.
Does the job, but over priced
Received the Japanese market protectors without the pre-application film and no english instructions.

They applied easily enough, no bubbles and nice and clear. The edges are a bit sharp so you always feel like the edge is going to 'pick up', but so far they've stayed put.

The big disapointment is that after only a couple of weeks use there are a number of scratches and dull areas on both the front and the back. The only thing i keep in the same pocket as the phone is my keyless-entry car card which is made of smooth softish plastic. Its rather annoying that a £30 screen protector isnt hard enough to resist this kind of wear.

I should have realised when it came with 2 front protectors in the pack they wouldnt last long.
So in summary, ok
Don't bother with anything else!
I have tried lots of other screen protectors and have come to the conclusion that these are clearly the best available. These are the only ones where I can genuinely say that I cannot tell that they are there.

They are very easy to install as well.
Seem good so far
I just received my films for the iPhone4. The instructions are nice and easy to follow, the front film went on, on the first attempt, the back film had a few issues with errant specks of dust but 5 minutes of careful re-cleaning saw it fitted perfectly.

The screen looks as good as before I put it on and while I can't comment on the longevity of the films yet, currently I would say they are worth the extra money.
Simply Cant Fault It
A few weeks ago I got the Power Support Anti Glare and was delighted. So, I have now purchased the Crystal screen as well to try out. These films align so easily and without bubbles. I have tried all films, but none match these.
Power Support crystal film set
The best brand of iphone screen protectors I have found, if a little pricey. the antiglare ones actually resist fingerprints far better than these crystal ones but, due to the matte finish they are not quite as clear.
But both recommended.
Best in it's class!
Protectors arrived very next day after ordering at 3:30pm - impressive. The screens themselves are by far the easiest I have put on to an iPhone - they just go on with no fuss and bubbles.

Only gripe is some of the edges of my front protector (havent needed the spare yet) are rough, but both front and back look so invisible - and they also give the back some welcome extra grip when setting it down on non-flat surfaces.

They are a bit on the expensive side for my liking (more than a case), but they are the best at what they do.
Best screen protector by a mile
I've tried many different screen protectors and this is the best by a mile. Easy to apply and you can't tell you've got it on. It doesn't mark easily.

You pay for what you get. This one has a daft price for a couple of bits of film, but I'd buy it every time.
Great screen protector
I was very impressed with the ease of applying the screen protectors, and the ability to remove and retry several times when dust was under the film.

Compared to other screen protectors that friends have used, I was very impressed, although they are pricey.
Superb as always
Very pleased with the Power Support Crystal Film set for my iPhone 4. After waiting so long and trying other similar products this one just cannot be beaten for ease of application, clarity of screen once installed and length of life.

These really are worth every penny
2nd Review
I recently purchased my 2nd pack of Power Support protectors (removed the 1st set as I was trying out another type of protector). A few people were complaining that they were the Japanese version (eg grey packaging) but my second set were the US version (eg green packaging) which include the preparation film. Again the best screen and back protectors available on the market. After trying various other protectors these are the only ones I will ever use. Well worth the money.
Fantastic quality
The power support films are easy to apply and there were no air bubbles once it had been applied. My only gripe with item would be that its £30 price tag is a little high in comparison to other films but there is no doubt that this is the best one you can buy. I'm more than happy with the purchase
Not what expected
Product is a Japanese version of the product and not the standard USA product normally found in Apple Stores. This is obvious once you receive the packaging which is grey (not green like USA product) and in Japanese. This should be declared explicitly on the site. Two main drawbacks are;
1. Instructions are in Japanese.
2. It does not include the pre-installation film that the USA version does that I find essential and main reason I pay more for Power Support product.

The pre installation film I feel is essential if you do not want to waste a screen protector doing the job of the pre-installation film, since there are always tiny bits of dust that even after cleaning are still on the iPhone screen and end up under the film as bumps of dirt that are potentially scratching the screen once forced in such close contact with the glass with the film. Which defeats the whole purpose of buying the screen protectors.

On the Japanese site using Google translate it seems to say remove any excess glue. Since the USA product uses static to attach to the screen this did not give me any confidence that the product was the same as the USA product so I returned them. I will wait for the USA product to make it to UK shores.
MobileFun Reply
Thank you for your feedback, we have since updated the relevant product pages to reflect the fact that these are from Japan, not the USA. We would like to point out, however, that the films themselves are exactly the same high-quality expected of Power Su
Excellent quality as ever - but tricky to apply
Glad to say that PowerSupport have maintained their quality. Great fit and seems to be as durable as ever. Was a bit disappointed that the instructions were in Japanese as the protectors come from PowerSupport Japan rather than their US subsidiary. Sadly I wasted one of the front protectors due to "invisible" dust on the screen. Protector no 2 worked perfectly. The rear protector doesn't seem to be as high quality and I seem to have ended up with a few immovable bubbles.
Not what expected
I have returned this item. It is a Japanese product that does not match the version shown on Power Supports main site (USA). Packaging is different and does not appear to contain the pre installation films that help ensure the film takes to screen without any blemishes.
I find the pre installation film essential and one of the reasons worth paying extra for Power Support products. So will wait till USA product I expected to receive arrives in Apple stores.

I believe the fact that the products are different from USA product usually found in Apple Stores and fact that product is sourced in Japan should be stated explicitly on site.
MobileFun Reply
Thank you for the feedback, we have had a lot of queries about the Power Support screen protectors and so will be updating our product pages with the necessary information. However, it is worth noting that Power Support started in Japan 10 years before th
The best protectors available
I just got this protector today from Mobile Fun. Easily the best I have used so far (I have used quite a lot of different protectors as I am a bit OCD about getting them on perfectly). The front and back protectors are the easiest I have used to apply without bubbles appearing. Very impressed with them. Excellent product.

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