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Power Support Anti-Glare for iPad 2 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your iPad 2's screen with this Screen Protector from Power Support
  • Mobile Fun ID 29027

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 3.8 stars from 12 customers

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A solution at last
I was totally fed up with finding it very difficult to read on my iPad because of glare and reflection. After a bit of research, I found out about this product. Despatched quickly and fitted more easily than other screen protectors. I am now very happy and would recommend this product to anyone experiencing the same issues I did.
Screen protector
Very useful and performs as expecetd - but be careful when putting on - make sure screen absolutely clean and dust free and no static present - excellent customer service although difficult to actually talk for advice/help
yet to be impresed
unable to fit the protector without bubbles, it collected dust on inside even through screen was clean - have returned item for replacement .... watch this space
Scary to fit but worth the preparation
I read other reviews first to help me apply the anti glare protective screen without dust. Wipe iPad down with soft slightly damp cloth that's not fluffy! Then use either the sliver cloth provided to buff clean the glass or better still a spectacles cloth - much better. Make sure your hands grease free. Have Sellotape ready. Peel the backing of the cover off and start to position it over the central control circle first then just slowly let it drop and it will spread itself across and seal out the air as it goes. If you get any little air gaps - that's a minute speck of dust. I got 3 and was panicking but Just lift the nearest edge, use Sellotape (wrapped round your hand) to catch it and reposition the offending edge. Simple and expensive but fabulous. I hesitated about buying this product but it WAS recommended by an Apple techie and it is totally worth the expense when fitted.
Don't panic if you have dust problems
The package came with very little instruction except for a few diagrams on the outside of the box. Supplied with a small cleaning cloth. I used a screen cleaner and cloth the get my almost new iPad as dust free as possible and it looked spotless before applying the protector. There are two holes in the protector which need to align with the camera and select buttons on the iPad - getting this right is quite a challenge. But it's only then that I realise my 'clean' screen is anything but with microscopic dust particles each creating a small air bubble around it under the protector that no amount of gentle rubbing will remove. Lifting, removing a particle and replacing just seems to introduce more duct - it's 1 step forward 2 steps back. That was until I used a long strip of low tack sticky tape. First concentrate on getting the alignment Right - then carefully lift up one end the screen protector from one end to over half way across the screen. With the help of someone else take a length of the tape just longer than the width of the iPad and lay across the screen, sticky side up, at the point where the protector meets the screen. Gently push the screen cover onto the tape which lifts any dust off the protector. Lift off the tape - move the tape along a bit and apply the now clean part of the protector to the screen removing any bubbles as you go - a credit card will help here. Just keep repeating a tape width at a time and then repeat from the other end. Fiddly, but very effective - I now have a perfect dust and bubble free application from a starting point with probably a 100 or more dust specks. Works great, removes glare and blends in great. Marked 4 stars. With better instructions would be 5.
Not worth the risk
I was very happy with the iphone protector of the same make and so was determined to have the same quality protector for my new ipad after reading reviews that this was the best anti-glare screen protector available. Despite the price I thought it would be worth having. Unfortunately despite my best efforts in trying to get it on without air bubbles it proved alot trickier than an iphone protector and by the time I got it aligned correctly I had trapped lots of dust. Using a soft piece of card to try and smooth the air bubbles out actually marked the surface, leading to more air bubbles. And suffice it to say I gave up on it after much frustration. Having only one of these in the pack is not enough to guarantee a satisfactory application. I strongly recommend going for a different make with more than one protector provided. I am very unhappy with my purchase and will not be buying this make again.
Expensive and very poor product
Impossible to apply without air bubbles which are impossible to remove...had to keep lifting and reapplying and despite keeping the area meticulously clean, dust from the air eventually got trapped.
The ipad2 is an awesome machine. And as such it deserves an awesome screen protector. Look no further. I followed the instructions, and 5 minutes later I have a bubble free screen protector, and mobile fun did an outstanding job too (24 hour delivery, fantastic).
Very Happy
Very happy with product. Was a little worried when item turned up in Japanese packaging and not the expected green American packaging. Product appears to be same item and quality is good......so far. Would buy again!
Almost 5 Stars...
I've used PowerSupport anti-glare protectors on 2 different iPhones and now the iPad2 and they're amazing.
The only reason this one doesn't get 5 stars is that unlike the iPhone ones it's missing a sticky film for cleaning the screen prior to installation, including a cloth instead which leaves more fluff than it removes. Once installed it's as good as I've come to expect.

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