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Power Jacket Case 4200mAh for iPhone 5 - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your iPhone 5 and provide it with almost three times more battery level with this cleverly designed integrated battery case in white
  • Mobile Fun ID 38127
$50.05 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 18 customers

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Mobile Fun Customer Service
I want to congratulate Mobile Fun on their customer service. Having returned a product under warranty the matter was dealt with in an exemplary manner. Other companies could take an example from Mobile Fun.
An excellent charger
So far I have used this on a long walk with Map My Run which is very power hungry and I had plenty of power to spare. Then I used it to charge my phone overnight 3 times from very low power, 10 to 15% & and it almost made 3 full charges, probably about 2.75 times. As these are the first two uses,and I have found before that this type of charger becomes stronger after a few full discharges, I am sure it will make 3 full charges soon. I am very pleased with this product, it is just what I wanted, it is an excellent charger. It makes the iPhone 5 an even better phone, as it's only failing is that it sometimes does not have enough power to last all day.
great wee product
This is a great product charge it up and keep your phone charged for longer, im really impressed with it and bough one for my husband to.
Extended life
Instead of charging every day . I now only need to charge every 3 to 4 days fantastic. now I don't have to be worried about power issues . If you are worried the same buy one you won't regret it .
The cover itself is fine if a bit on the chunky side. What I couldn't understand we're the instructions. They start ok then go into a flight of fancy about syncing iTunes which as far as I am aware has nothing to do with charging your phone. Weird
Invented by a genius
The iPhone 5 is amazing...except from one thing...the battery life. So, what is the point of having an amazing phone with all the games and music, when you are scared to do any of that incase your phone goes dead. However, ever since I purchased this case I have been playing all day long and listening to my favourite music when I like and how long I like. This case really is something special. Thank you

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