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Portable Google Nexus 7 Desktop Stand Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Hold your Google Nexus 7 at a comfortable viewing angle with this portable desk stand.
  • Mobile Fun ID 35902

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 5 stars from 4 customers

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excellent service
good product, very useful and very good service from mobilefun
Sturdy, rigid stand for tablet, laptop (and phone at a pinch).
This item is an excellent tablet stand, it is well made and sturdy. It is described on the box as a laptop stand; a role it performs well, raising the laptop off the table to allow air to circulate and holding the laptop firmly with very little movement. The hinge is made from a cast block of metal and the legs are part metal, part plastic. The front legs can telescope an extra 8cms to accommodate a laptop when the stand is opened almost flat. The black coating has a pleasant velvety texture. The stand locks rigidly into seven usable positions, not counting closed. In fact it will open beyond 180 degrees and lock at about 210 degrees, not that I can see a practical use for that.

The front legs do not have lockable positions but when fully opened to 13.5cms between the feet with their ridged rubber inserts, they hold the Nexus 7 securely. Although that's too wide to hold it in portrait mode, there is enough friction in the hinge for the legs to hold their position well if pulled closer together and are even able to support my 7cm wide phone in portrait mode, should I desire. I think a 6cm wide device would be the absolute minimum for stability, although I wouldn't suggest it for your yacht!

As a 7" tablet stand it is ideal. It folds up neatly and may be carried in the supplied thin cloth drawstring pouch. I found it to be a revelation when used with my laptop, tilting the keyboard at a convenient angle and allowing it to run cooler by raising it off the table a little. It also passes as a mobile phone stand, although it won't be as good as a purpose designed one. I don't have a 10" tablet, but I should think it would support one well.

All told, I'm very pleased with this stand.
Nexus 7 stand
It works great. The stand didn't arrive in time but customer service was wonderful in answering my concerns. I am very satisfied with the service and the stand for my Tablet.

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