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Plantronics K100 Bluetooth Car Speakerphone Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Stylish in car kit with built in FM transmitter, dual microphones and echo/noise reduction from Plantronics.
  • Mobile Fun ID 25782
$60.87 inc VAT
 3.9 stars from 10 customers

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Works well but major drawback for me is the unit not been able to ring or announce incoming calls.
Plantronics K100 in car speakerphone
Plenty of hiss. Not as clear as my Belkin unit which was half the price!!!
you gave me good advice via email and sold me an excellent product
Best in car kit I've used.
I recently had to replace my car and my original one of these. I now have a 350z. Lots of fanatics of this make of car told me the FM transmitter wouldn't work because of the aerial location. I'm happy to say they were wrong. I was torn between buying this or fixing the built in car kit. This was by far the better and cheaper option as I now get to listen to my iPhone music too. It works perfectly, is discreet and really east to use.
Nice and precise. in short what I wanted
Till now it has been 2 days this product is with me and it works precisely what it says. I have been able to take up my meetings and call from 1 hour daily drive I do. FM feature is really nice as I can enjoy music from my phone without any wires. However I would like to have some dialing feature too as voice dialing becomes almost useless as my phone is not that good with Indian accent. I do not look for any ultra futuristic way but jog and dial would have been great.
I initially was pleased when I purchased the unit.
However the unit constantly disconnects itself mid conversation with my HTC Desire HD, however this does not seem to happen with my work iPhone4? Also unfortuately FM band broadcast by the unit has no real clear frequencies in the North East so the FM transmitter function is not usable.
It's Loud and Clear
Excellent call quality, callers say there is no echo even with it turned up loud on car stereo. You don't really need to use the car stereo, plenty loud enough from single speaker. Google navigator works on it as well (for Android users)
This device is very simple to operate with only three buttons and a volume control ring. It was easy to setup with my phone and produces clear speech without any echo. The kit is very slim and unobtrusive and clips easily to the sun visor. An all round splendid product that I would certainly recommend.
Best cost & benefit
The object is really a best compromise in terms of cost & benefit.
High quality and very easy to use.
It's high recommended.
A special thanks to Plantronics and MobileFun.

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