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Piel Frama iMagnum For Nokia Lumia 920- Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Hand made and designed for the Nokia Lumia 920, this black Piel Frama iMagnum case boasts genuine leather and stunning attention to detail seen in all Piel Frama cases.
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$33.81 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 8 customers

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Really Expensive But.................
If you are looking for a case to use with your Lumia 920 Nokia you will probably find like me that there are very few on sale that cover the entire phone.
Loads of soft skins, and shells but nothing that will protect the screen in the event of being dropped. Not a regular occurrence, but something that I have done at least once with every phone I've had in the past few years. and the reason I always use a leather case that encloses the phone.
I agonised over spending the fortune that this case costs, but could find nothing else that came close to it for sale.
So I took a chance.
It is expensive, but it fits beautifully, feels marvellous and oozes quality.
If you love your 920 and want the best case on the market look no further.
Superb quality case that also fits onto Krusell accessories
I picked this when Krusell informedme they weren't doing an Orbit Flex case for the 920 without a reason. This has better quality leather with a robust construction that holds the phone firmly, but allows it to be removed easily. Even better, the belt clip knob on the back is almost exactly the same size as the the Krusell multi-adapt so I can use the bike and car adapters I already have rather than being forced to junk them. The only change I'd I have like was the cover to flip down (like the Orbit Flex) rather than up. It also comes with a little chamois leather cloth for cleaning.
The very best
I previously had a Piel Frama for my HTC HD2 and now for the new Nokia Lumia 920. It is very simple - this is the best way to protect your device. Perfect fit and strength. You can use it with the beltclip or without, and then there is NOTHING sticking out in the back.
Top quality expensive case.
I don't have it for very long to test it thoroughly, its my first Piel Frama case and I am stunned with the quality of the case, both the leather and the manufacturing. Its seems to stay secure in the belt, but I have not wear it for long. The belt fitting is very fast and the phone slips out of the case very fast when needed. Highly recommended if you can spare the money and are in need of a case. For protection I only use case in all my smart phones, never screen protection or anything similar.

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