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Piel Frama iMagnum Case For iPhone 5S / 5 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This black genuine handmade case designed for the iPhone 5S / 5 features a stunning design with attention to detail seen in all Piel Frama cases.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36347
$74.41 inc VAT
 4.9 stars from 25 customers

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A really good quality leather case
I bought a Piel Frama flip leather case for my iPhone 4+ years ago and when I replaced it with a new 5s I wanted the same high quality leather case and I found it at Mobile Fun after a search, they were very good in explaining what excellent quality it was and after a short explaination on postage I received it through Royal Mail the next day and I was not disappointed with the product it was as I expected a really good quality leather case by which takes several days to produce by a craftsman, well done it will give me many years of protection.
Best case amongst the oack
If you want a decent phone case that does what it says in the tin, then buy a Piel Frama. These cases are robust, protect the phone (and I've dropped it a few times).
The case is the best you can buy Had others but not as good as pile frama cases
iPhone 5 Frama Case
This is my second case for my new recently purchased phone. Both me and my wife have one and they are the best phone cases hands-down
Great case!
Before this case, I swore by Noreve cases, as the highest quality flip cover belt clip cases available. I have to say the iMagnum has now taken that crown.

The build quality of this product is extremely high, and the magnetic closure mechanism is better than the snap close on Noreve's cases, or the velcro close on cases like those from Marware.

I feel confident my phone is secure on my belt and that the flip cover isn't going to be randomly flipping open at the slightest knock. When off belt, the phone feels well protected in the case, and the finish on the leather is great meaning it looks great too.

I'm very happy with this case and I would not hesitate to recommend it!
Piel-leased Frama
Top class perfectly fitting case for iPhone 5, comes with optional discrete belt attachment. This is by far the best phone cover I've found for my phone it looks and feels pure quality.
Does what is it supposed to do
Had the same make case for my 3s dropped it several times the phone never broke.now i have a 5s decided to get the same make case i hope it performs just as wll
Class case
Great product that oozes class. Good if you prefer to have your iPhone well protected but discreetly hidden. Slight gripe with the excessive camera lens cut out which leaves the top corner of the phone more exposed than on previous models. Still wouldn't swap for any other.

MobileFun were a let down though. Didn't deliver on the date they said they would. When I rang them they didn't have clue when it would be in stock! In the end it took 3 weeks from initial order. Surprised to get poor service when never had a problem in the past.
Beautiful iphone case
The case is sturdy and classy. I love it!
Piel Frama does it again
Another great quality case from Piel Frama. Puts other cases in the shade. I had one for my iPhone 4 that went onto fit my 4s but the new shape has meant an upgrade. Love the belt clip that can be removed. Lovely leather. I have one for my iPad too and it looks great after a year of constant use, as does the one for the iPhone 4. The only concern with the 5s is due to the new design Piel Frama have left the camera corner more exposed than in previous cases so that if you dropped it from a height onto that corner it might mark the aluminium. However the screen is totally protected as is everything else and it looks more streamlined and thinner to match the 5s which is great.
Best case I've come across
The iMagnum holds the phone securely, allows access to the bottom for charging with a Lightning connector, and fits securely to a belt.
A beautiful belt case for an iPhone
I wanted a belt case for a new iPhone 5S and decided a belt clip was better than a belt loop - it's easier to switch between trousers.
A web search suggested the Piel Frama Magnum or Magnum 2 were the best, and I'm not disappointed. I went for the plain Magnum, because I don't want credit cards in the phone case.
Beautifully made and very secure when on a belt; recommended.
Piel Frama iMagnum Case For iPhone 5
Piel Frama iMagnum Case For iPhone 5 - What a fantastic case!
Gorgeous smooth leather. Sleek but easy to grip. Fits like a glove and has already saved my new baby Iphone5 from my clumsy fumbling drop on the afternoon walk. Thanks Piel Frama and MobileFun!
Found a fine quality case at last!
Good photo of product.full description of how it is manufactured.this then convinces the reader/buyer that they get what they pay for.
Wonderful high quality product .
feels great to hold quality product
product feels great and fits perfect round the phone giving it excellent protection plus point is the magnetic closure very strong magnet keeping front cover in place. looks more bulky than it is my work mates wished they had one esp the one with a cracked screen.
it was first class
the phone cover was a perfect fit it really looks the part it would make an ideal gift
Best case I've had!
After having several cases I decided I liked the look of this case. Always dubious about buying a product without actually seeing it or in this case, touching it.

Wasn't disapointed, fits perfectly and feels sublime. Clearly a quality product. It just feels nice to hold.

Confident it'll take a few knocks and will keep my phone in one piece when dropped.

You won't be disapointed.
Excellent and high quality
This is just as good as the Piel case I had for my Blackberry. Excellent fit, high quality, soft touch. Not only does this look good but it is the best functioning case i have ever had. The delivery and service was second to none. If you want a case then this is the only choice.
Piel Frama iMagnum Case For iPhone 5 - Black
I brought this case for my iPhone 5 and I liked the way it looked and what other reviewers was saying about the case.

I am really pleased with the Piel Frama iMagnum Case as it feel's nice and fits brilliantly and feel's secure I would recommend this case to anyone looking for a really worth while case to which will protect your iPhone 5 and have that peace of mind
Great case
Works very well adds a little more thickness than I expected but I'm more than happy with it works well and protects the phone without being too intrusive. One negative is the cover obstructs the camera when it's flipped over you just need to twist it to one side when taking pics..
Overall highly recommended and I love the magnet close feature if only the phone had magnet sleep too.
A little surprise
I have just bought a case(Piel Frama iMagnum) for the iphone5 but a little disapointed with the softness as compare with the very soft feel of the front cover on the ipone4; I would have been very happy if the iphone5 front cover was as soft as the iphone4.otherwise its still a nice case as compared with the cheaper models out there.
Piel Frama iPhone 5 case
Long awaited but well worth it! Tried a cheaper leather case until this one arrived and the difference is amazing. The quality of the Piel Frama case is first class and doesn't spoil the thinner iPhone 5 like some of the cases I tried. Top quality leather and the usual Piel Frama quality i've come to expect now on my third different model!
Piel Frama iMagnum Case For iPhone 5
Piel Frama iMagnum Cases absolutely ooze with class, style and unbeatable quality. Ok, so a little pricey but you get exactly what you pay for. I have a Piel Frama for my Kindle, my previous phone the HTC Desire and I could wait until they made one for the new iPhone 5. No other case maker comes close. Piel Frama have nailed the market for a luxury, leather case. It does exactly what you want it to do, protect the device when you accidently drop it, protect the screen from scratches. It just feels so good, the quality of the leather is top class. I have never found a badly fitted Piel Frama case before. Easy access to the buttons, switches and jacks. It flips open and shuts tightly closed with ease. It always raises eyebrows and I'm always getting asked 'where did you find a case like that!' Recommended... absolutely

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