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PDair Leather Flip Case for Nokia Lumia 920 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone with this stylish and protective genuine leather flip case by PDair.
  • Mobile Fun ID 37602

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 3 stars from 2 customers

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Not great
The case it's self is pretty good & robust but the camera lens does not line up with the camera hole, so you have to remove phone from case to ta me pictures.
Good Case
I bought this case after my previous one had broken. The phone fits securely within the case and there is little chance of it slipping out. The case is well made and has the look of a good quality item. The fastener of the flip lid is reliable. There is a belt attachment clip with the case, but I do not use this, but it seems well made and secure, yet easy to unclip if needed.

My last case had a camera lens port so that photographs could be taken without removing the case. However, I found that the lens tended to get dusty etc in my pocket, so I opted for this case as it keeps the lens covered. GTo take a photo, you have to remove the camera form the case, but I find this, on balance, to be a safer option than having the lens permanently exposed.

All other controls on the camera are easily accessible when it is in the case, and there is a hole in one end of of the case so that you can use headphones. A hole at both ends would have been good to allow charging of the phone whilst the case is closed, but this is no great hardship.

Overall, the case seems to offer secure protection ( I carry large bunches of keys in my pocket too) and I am happy with it. I have dropped the phone a couple of times since using the case and there have been no ill effects as the case is well padded and made. Although, the phone is itself built like a tank!

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