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PDair Leather Flip Case For Blackberry Torch 9800 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Stylish Leather Flip Case from PDair for the Blackberry Torch 9800
  • Mobile Fun ID 27159

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 4.6 stars from 23 customers

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Well worth the extra money
I was contemplating buying a cheap cover for £5 from one of the many independent small high st outlets. I'm so glad I found this one instead. Although it cost 4x`as much, the superior quality is obvious, including the sturdy quick release belt clip. Now I'm happy to wear it all day. Highly recommended.
Just what I have been looking for
This is great product good quality leather, perfect fit on the phone and gives a bit of class over the normal Blackberry case. Ordering this product was easy with mobilefun delivery was very fast even although I ordered this product on a Saturday it arrived on the Monday. Great service.
finally a good quality case
having tried numerous cases I've finally found a good quality soft leather case to match my phone and delivered to my home in less than 24 hours after I placed my order. an excellent shopping experience.
First class quality
Lovley quality case in soft leather. Perfect for the Blackberry Torch. The magnet in the top is fantastic as it turns the phone off when you close the case and means you do not accidently make calls when its in your bag/pocket! Excellent service too arrived the next day.
Just perfect
I am so impressed. Not only did the case arrive within 24 hours of my ordering it, but it fits my phone superbly. I am delighted. My phone is well protected and looks very smart without being bulky.
Having trawled through all the cases available, I know I have definitely picked the right one for me.
D Pair Leather case Blackberry Torch 9810
I read the reviews about this case before ordering and I have not been disappointed. The case is very good quality,Looks great, a perfect match for the phone. The front cover when closed puts the phone in sleep mode, before that I was always catching the button in my jacket. The only minor gripe is with the add on belt clip which is again well made but stands off the case and seems to put a lot of strain on the case back. To be honest I don't think many will use it anyway, including me.
PDair Leather Flip Case For Blackberry Torch 9800
All was fine for service/delivery etc from mobilefun. The only problem I found was the case has a slight design issue. It may have been an individual case (I always seem to end up with the faulty items) but I solved it. The top left back case was slightly bent in too far and was putting pressure on the screen lock button. This inevitably messed up the phone and was very annoying. I just simply bent this part of the case back and all was well. No problems since.
perfect for the blackberry torch
What previous reviews did't mention was just how good the belt clip option is. It is simple to attach to either a leather or fabric belt and is very secure. The clip device is excellent ( just a trace of silicone grease was put on the release clip was needed) and the result was that it will detach easily by pressing the button, and just clicking it back when required. I especially like the way when closed the real leather case puts the phone back into standby turning off the lights. The case is beautifully made in soft well stitched leather and the magnetic button clasp is totally secure. As usual the service that I received from mobile fun is very prompt (got it the day after ordering. It is perfect for my working needs as a surveyor and I use it every day.
PDAir Blackberry Torch Cover
Excellent quality cover, fully protects my Blackberry Torch from damage and has internal magnets to power phone down when closed which saves battery life. First class product.
PDair Leather Case - Blackberry Torch 9800
Perfect fit for the phone.
Good quality leather.
Appearance is excellent.

Overall, it is a perfect case for the Blackberry Torch 9800!! - You will not be disappointed!
Next day and perfect
The casing is a perfect fit and it exactly as expected. What wasn't expected was placing the order 5pm and getting it delivered the next day! Brilliant!
Solid, good quality easy to use
I bought this a week ago and really like the quality and feel of it... well padded on the front with space for a couple of business cards - good protection for the screen - once opened, it is easy to slide up the screen to get to the keys, and when open or closed, the phone feels safe - good fit into the grips around the side. The popper is magnetised so shuts easily - and it also came with a clip that is optionally fitted - so if you want to clip it onto a belt... I chose not to.

The only thing I have any issue with is that the camera holes are not quite in alignment but not a major problem because if necessary I can push the phone over a bit and hold it whilst taking photos...

Overall, this is a good quality case that feels like it will protect my new phone for the two years that I have been forced into taking on my new contract, so that at the end I will be able to sell the phone on in a pristine condition!

Prompt delivery from MobileFun - came well packaged and by courier.
Fits like a glove...
Not only does this case protect my phone, but it also fits my Blackberry Torch like a glove. This PDair case exudes quality and enhances my smartphone.
Leather Phone Case
I bought 2 cases previous to this one for my new Blackberry Phone & they didn't fit the phone as good as this one does. It's excellent value for money & i've purchased 2 more for friends of mine.

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