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Parrot MINIKIT Smart Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Parrot MINIKIT Smart is a universal Bluetooth hands-free kit featuring a smartphone holder.
  • Mobile Fun ID 26736
$67.64 inc VAT
 4 stars from 36 customers

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A little disappointed.
As soon as I unpacked the Parrot kit, I was immediately impressed by its build quality. It is really well made from d what appears to be die cast metal. None of your plastic rubbish here! I charged it up before I started to use it and as soon as I paired the phone it downloaded the phonebook and I was ready to go. It is simplicity itself to make and receive calls and the speaker is very clear. It is very easy to navigate the menu and control things such as the volume. Now the disappointing bit. I'm sure it's not the kit's fault, but rather my phone which won't stream the Sat Nav instructions through the speaker. It is an older model using Nokia's "Symbian" operating system so it might have to do with that. It's actually a bit small for the holder as well, but I'm due an upgrade soon and I'm sure whatever I get will work perfectly with the kit. I can't fault it in any other way. It's well made, is easy to operate and it's very clear. Still gets 5 stars from me.
It's OK
I find it difficult to know whether it's on or off, especially when my phone is not in the cradle. It looks a nice piece of kit and it's connectivity is good. The extendable microphone is a bit on the short side, not needed it though as volume is quite adequate.
tinny sound
difficult to hear in car with heavy traffic noise, I will likely will be sending it back
Great piece of kit
The Smart Parrot is just what I have been looking for. Even in a noisy van you can hear and others hear you too would recommend this to any body looking for a hands free kit. The noise reduction really does work best hands free kit I have ever owned.
Just what I needed
I feeling free now driving my car!
Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!
excellent buy
This is the second Mini Parrot I have had. My only problem is the voice recognition which frustratingly repeatedly says "sorry I do not recognise that name" even though I set the unit up.
Prior to purchasing, I asked about charging for the iphone 5, however, it does not come with a cable for this - disappointed!
Parrot mini kit smart
Great product, good value for money, easy to install but unfortunately not loud enough in my husbands van so dissapointed :( excellent service and super fast delivery from mobile fun :))
I need me on the road!
Minikit for one big smartphone,very clever!
Minikit is Smart
Firstly straight out of the box, wow what a great little product.

Bought the parrot minikit because there's no Bluetooth in my car, to use on longer journeys and to enable my phone's navigation to be louder in the car (to be audible over the radio).

Got it out of the box when it arrived, it comes complete with a charging cable, the bracket/suction pad for attaching the unit and the unit itself. Put it straight on charge (via a plug - usb adapter) and had the unit fully charged in about 45 minutes.

Turned it on and pairing with my phone was easy (galaxy s2), on fitting the unit in the car its clearly audible over the radio on moderate volume when on the motorway and makes/receives calls very easily (red or green buttons). The navigation is far more audible through the parrot than it was through my phone alone.

All things considered well worth the money and I'd recommend to anyone wanting a simple device that doesn't require professional fitting.
Hands free car kit
This product does exactly what it claims to do and it does it efficiently and easily. My only gripe is that I would like it to be a bit louder when giving voice prompts on GPS navigation. If it did this I would give it 5 stars.
The delivery from Mobile Fun was excepional. I placed the order at about 4.30 pm and received the parcel at 10.30 am the following day.
This was good for a friend
I have had my parrot for over 1 year and my friend hade to have one he thinks it is magic he will tell his frends and i whuld not be without mine thank for a grate peice of kit
Good kit, has limitations however.
I had to return my first kit because the clip that secures the holder to the body only gripped on one side. Mobile Fun replaced, no problem!
The kit itself was easy to set up and paired with my Blackberry Z10. The phone fit nicely, however, because the Z10 has the usb charging port on the side, it is completely enclosed by the holder, therefore you have to slide the phone up or down to make it accesible, not so good. Also, the arm is very short and depending upon what car you drive might be difficult to find a good place to locate it. I drive a Vauxhall Corsa and found the best place was low down on the windscreen to my right. The suction pad fixed securely to my windscreen. Didn't use it with the charging cable so not sure if it would have been long enough to reach the socket in the centre console. I did however find that because BB maps use portrait setting that it didn't hold it so secure and the hinge kept dropping it down. That was a bit of a pain keep pushing it up on my journey. Nor did it play the navigation through the kits speaker which was a shame. I will have to see if I can "tweek" it to get better use out of it.
Overall it is a well made piece of kit, compact and good value, but might not be the best choice for everyone.
Fits the S4 perfectly
After checking the size I was unsure if my Galaxy S4 would fit, I phoned mobilefun who confirmed it would. Really happy, I can charge my phone, it holds it securely and the hands free is really clear and loud enough for when your going 71 on the motorway
It works
I have parrot kit fitted to other car but not compatible with 2003 range rover. This kit works well and just the same functionality as fixed parrot kit. The retractable microphone wire isn't very successful but those I have called tell me perfect audio. Good value
Parrot MINIKIT Smart
Nice product, pity the plastic on the mount is too brittle and broke after falling 2 feet on to a carpeted surface, Replace parts are mega expensive if you can find them.
Mobile Fun - they've got that right make fun of customer probs
Bought this item all went well but we couldn't get the unit to clip into the w/screen attachment. contacted mobile (ignore customer issues) fun to request a replacement part, so-far nothing. no fault of this unit but this firms cust svce is severely lacking, just like the other reviewer who had probs with their hardware so have we. If we dont hear back from this company will go back to parrot see if they care about cust issues & then to my c.c co to request a refund,

taking away the issue of the damaged clip, is this product any good, simple answer YES! it pairs instantly to our iPhone 4s, an S3 no probs even on standby. only issue is whether the phone can deal with 2 paired devices at the same time

would i recommend this product, YES
would i recommend my friends/family to buy from mobilefun, NO

here's hoping parrot care about their customers
Parrot Minikit Smart
I was really impressed to receive the car kit the following morning as it was late in the day when i ordered it.
Excellent Car kit that i use for Sat Nav and charges the phone, super clear sound quality.
Complete rubbish
This product is a total waste of money. When it first arrived it had old firmware and most of the functions didn't work. After updating the firmware; which is extremely simple, the functions work properly but it still has all the same problems as before:

1) I have a samsung galaxy s4 mini and my wife has an iphone5 and neither device will automatically pair to this thing unless you turn it off and then turn it back on. I wanted to have this thing left plugged into the cigarette lighter charger all the time (which it was) and it does go into standby but then even after waking it up with a quick tap of a button (instead of the 5 minute hold of the red button) it still doesn't pair. So the only way this can be used is if you turn it off when you leave the car and turn it back on when you get it.

2) The quality of the speaker is total rubbish. My phone's speaker is almost as loud and much clearer. I can barely make out what the other person is saying even if there is total silence. The sound is very muffled and broken up.

3) The dash board sticky pad fell off after a week and since the holder suction cup doesn't stick to the dashboard by itself, the only option was to put it on the windscreen but then it's really hard to reach so pushing the button to make a call or whatever is really difficult.

4) The mic seems to provide very clear voice to the person on the other end of the call, but they often complained the volume was too low.

All in all, a completely rubbish product.
Does what it says on the box
Work well with the mobile phone that I use. Easy to set up and install enough power cable for it to be tucked away out of sight. Only problem I had was setting up voice recognition but worked ok when I set name tags
Could i have an answer on the damage please.
I have sent an email to advise you that part of the Parrot was damaged when I opened the box - I have sent you a photo of the damaged part.
I have not heard back from you and am concerned.
Could you confirm that you have sent me a replacement for the damaged part.
Thanks and regards
Janice Culshaw
Just what I needed for the car
I placed my order on Tuesday afternoon and I received it Wednesday afternoon, Well made product worked straight away with phone,good quality kit comes with all the cables needed.
A Great All Round Product
It would be easier to list what this minikit does not do! I primarily bought it just for the Bluetooth car kit, but I now use it as a charger also. The car kit itself is loud, and pairs really quickly and is easy to get the hang of. It is quite heavy, but sticks to my windscreen with no chance of it moving - the heaviness only adds to the fact that I think that this is the best car kit that you can get as it feels so sturdy and unbreakable.
Really loud and clear car kit.
The title of my review says it all. Loud and clear with no interference, this is the best kit that I have bought over the years. Had not heard of Parrot before but will certainly mention this name to anyone who is thinking of buying a car kit.
Well Made.
This Parrot is alive and well! I have a brand new galaxy s3 and I wanted to buy a handsfree that would fit it without scratching it. I have a case and i thought that this would have to be removed when i used this handsfree - not the case, literally. The arms stretch to fit the phone and the cushioning is first class. the kit itself is a really good one. I haven't charged anything with it as I am still looking after my new phone, but i will do when i have had it for some time. I like the james bond style microphone on the side of the gripper, have used this a lot as it just recoils. battery is good and outlasts the phone to be honest. Teh sound from it is good and clear and i have had no complaints that anyone cant hear me. Very pleased and would recommend, this may be cheap but that does not reflect the excellent quality.
Pretty Polly Parrot!
Just awesome!
Parrot MINIKIT Smart
The kit is amazing. The voice recognition software is amazingly accurate and the device copies the phonebook automatically. The only thing that makes me give this device a three star is the dashboard mount. This doesnt really work at all I attached this to my dashboard waited a whole night and still it didnt stick was abit dissapointed with it as this was one of the reason I bought this. The device itself is amazing.

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