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Sorry, but Pama Plug N Go Power Portable Charger has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Pama Plug N Go Power Portable Charger

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Charge your device wherever you are with the new universal Plug N Go from Pama.

  • "Excellent Product"
  • "Peace Of Mind"

Most Useful Customer Reviews

5th September 2014
Excellent Product
I already have a Mk1 Pama power pack and decided to get another. The Mk2 appears to be even better than the original. They really do work, charging phones, tablets and dash cams multiple times (how many depends on what you are charging). Great product and good company to order from.

28th January 2011
Peace Of Mind
What an excellent gizmo. Having the peace of mind that you can charge your phone anywhere, when ever you need to is really great. The charger is the same size as my phone and I can use it to charge my Jabra headset too, so two birds with one stone. Nicely made and so easy to use, worth every penny.

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Why Buy?

  • Huge 4000mAh capacity powerpack
  • Maximum output of 1000mA
  • Small, portable size
  • Comes with 9 different tips for universal compatibility


Huge 4000mAh capacity powerpack

Give almost any device a full charge with the Pama Plug N Go Power portable charger. With a 4000mAh capacity, it's powerful enough to charge anything from an HTC Desire all the way up to a Samsung Galaxy Tab. With most modern smartphones having a battery capacity of around 1500mA, this means you can get more than two full charges from the portable charger before it needs recharging. It also features a 4 LED power indicator, so you always know how much battery you have left.

Maximum output of 1000mA

An outstanding feature of the portable charger is  the fact that it has a maximum output of 1000mA, which means you can use it to charge tablet-style devices like the iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab, and even power your HTC phone with the satellite navigation turned on.

Small, portable size

Measuring just 115 x 65 x 9mm, the Plug N Go Power is a truly portable emergency power source. Simply charge it up when not in use, put it in your pocket with the included cable and required tip, and you'll never be caught with a flat battery again.

Comes with 9 different tips for universal compatibility

Included with the Plug N Go are 9 different tips which make the device compatible with practically all phones, media players, cameras, and more. The portable charger itself can be recharged via the included mains charger or USB.

Key Details

  • Charger Type: Emergency Charger

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