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PadPivot NST Ultra Portable Universal Tablet Stand Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
PadPivot is the perfect tablet stand for at home and on the move. Extremely portable and adjustable, the PadPivot NST is a lap and desk stand for your iPad, tablets and e-readers.
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 4.5 stars from 107 customers

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This is a clever device
This is a clever device as it moves to whichever angle you need. The big downside is that it loses the stickiness after a while so won't stay attached to my tablet.
Great Portable Stand!
This stand is great for sending e-mails / going on line and viewing films on my iPhone 6s Plus. Can be use on my leg & stomach while laying on my bed with great field of view. Would recommend this stand for Mobile phone users and at a great price too!
So good I bought another
I bought my first one as a gift for my son. He liked it so much he bought another and so did I. It is a really versatile little gadget and I use it a lot. The main benefit is that it stops me bending over in bad posture especially when using the pad on my lap. I can sit up straighter with it supported on my leg. It also frees up both hands making things flow more smoothly and I no longer have to break off to rest and stretch the hand holding the pad upright. It folds up into a neat little package that slips into a pocket or purse. I've just bought a second one for myself so that I can leave one at home and have the other constantly in my bag.
Highly recommended.
Great product, excellent quality, does what is says!
Great product, excellent quality, does what is says! I would highly recommend it!
I personally would not recommend this item
If I had reviewed this product in the first few days after purchase I would have given it 5 stars ... but ... unfortunately after a couple of weeks it stops adhering and ipad falls off easily.
I followed exact instructions for use and cleaning to no avail ... I personally would not recommend this item.
Totally useless - PadPivot NST Ultra Portable Universal Tablet Stand
Don't waist your money, don't buy this stupid item that you will throw away in two days anyway. This portable universal tablet stand doesn't hold your tablet. Your tablet fall of again and again because the tablet holder doesn't connect good enough (yes, I have removed the plastic-cover from the pad holder)
Excellent device
Absolutely brilliant piece of equipment, holds my iPad perfectly & now can watch films in bed with iPad in this device instead of trying to prop up, also compact for storing when not in use, fully reccomend!
Perfect Pad Pivot
My wife suffers from arthritis inher hands,sse finds it painful to hold her ipad when reading an e book.I noticed the Pad Pivot on Mobile fun and advised her to get one it was perfect for her.it's such a clever design that I bought one too,so did my daughter and my neice,everyone love's it.it realy does what it says on the video.Buy one you Won't be sorry.
Happy with my Pad Pivot
just a short note to say I am happy with the PadPivot and thatthe reviews are accurate - it's portable which allows use at Uni, as well as being a design which allows a more permanent location for my Ipad at home. All in all a good result!
great little sub station
well seems like this beauty has grown on me. great to have phone next to workstation and usable without having to pick it up. if using my iPad on lap is great to beaibe to put on leg and use as a separate item.
a great piece of design
very useful
A few Hitches
I own two of these so generally they are of use to me as they are very transportable and well made. The shape is great for holding your device on your leg although I haven't found I've used the strap as it just seems a lot of messing about. When it does hold securely to the pad it's great but these for me are the issues . I think it's to expensive for what it is. The pads do not remain sticky for long enough . When you invert the pad to rest the phone against it, it doesn't fit easily . A few design modifications and it' would definitely be a great product, without them , average
A well designed tablet stand.
This phone and tablet stand is amazing, its such a well designed product.My wife loves it she has got arthritis in her hands and finds it painful to hold her tablet for any length of time, so this stand is essential.A very good product.
Worked well for a while!
At first I was quite pleased with my pad pivot, however, within the first two weeks of using it, it stopped sticking to my iPad. I was sent a replacement 'sticky section' and have been happily using it for a few months. Unfortunately, the plastic ball which allows it to swivel in all directions has now worn so much that it will no longer stay in any one position. This makes it unusable, except as a stand for a table which is not the main reason I bought it. Overall a great idea, but not made to last!
PadPivot Perfect
Took PadPivot on an overseas holiday. PadPivot perfect in all sorts of situations where I couldn't simply lie the phone or tablet on a table to keep a hand free for a pen or cup of coffee.
Quick and easy to use
Light to carry takes up no room and is totally suited for tablets of all sizes. Can be used in all positions and is useful as a stand at night for early alarm. no complicated fitting and unfitting and can be used in a flash.
Not worth the money
At first I thought this very expensive, for what it is, stand worked. Further use I found that my iPad slipped out of the stand when being used on my thigh. Damage to the iPad could become even more expensive. Overall not worth the the cost.
Seriously useful stand
Seriously useful stand. Good both portrait and landscape. Big enough for standing an iPhone 6+ portrait and hold a full size iPad perfectly steady when pressed against the sticky pad. Am about to buy another few. Kids love them too.
Amazing idea Padpivot
This is a great bit of kit it is so useful my iPad is so much better to use now and so simple to use and folds up so you can put in your pocket or bag ready to use when needed. Mobilefun are one of the best sites I have used quick delivery and great service and good returns policy. They are the best best.
Great gadget
So good I bought a second
Must have
Absolutely great for anyone on the go in bus train or home just great
Study Aid
Excellant for stability on narrow shelf beside me, so I can use it hands free to listen to study/lectures.
But not as useful as I had hoped as I haven't managed to make the grip plate work but I don't really need that facility
Handy little gadget, especially good if you use your tablet for viewing YouTube etc..
very good service
excellent product
Does exactly as it says on the tin.. very versatile
Tablet stand
Brilliant little device. Nicely made. Bought 4 more after receipt (for stocking fillers).
Great Buy
I got this as I needed a good stand and have not been disappointed. This device can support multiple positions to support any device size.Was so good I even bougfht one for my mother , she love it. Result :)
Review Number 2, 5 stars
As you can see below, this is my second review. Bought Pad Pivot for myself, which I think is really good item. So many different types of tablets and phones in different positions ca be utilsed. My husband realised he must have one as well. He also is very pleased with it.. Very good itemand rreasonably priced., what more could you want.
just what I wanted
At last something I can use to stand up my tablet so I can watch tv and films. This does the job perfectly
Just as described
The Padpivot allows the iPad, and other devices to be positioned various ways. Unlike cases which can be configured to provide a stand their variation in viewing angle is very limited.
Is was looking for something which had minimal front projection so that it could abut an upstanding on a table. This it does to perfection.
Usefull piece of kit.
Works well & folds away smaller than I had thought.. All Good
Fast Efficient Service
Good price, good service and good delivery.
Perfect viewing.
Padpivot is a great little unit that is so versatile for my ipad mini with retina display. It is user friendly and makes viewing easy.
The pad pivot is excellent, it's so versatile, it can be angled in any position you want,it's sturdy,doesn't wobble and can be folded up neatly and carried around without taking up much room. It does everything it's supposed too.I'm delighted with my purchase and would recommend this item to anyone.
Well, when I ordered this I felt as though I was taking a bit of a punt. I have used stands and stick-on devices before which always disappointed due to poor build quality and suction etc.... but not this one!! It really is superb at what it claims to do, fantastic for either portrait or landscape mode (really important to me with the nexus 7 and ipad air having been designed to work well in portrait position, lots of stands and docks only work well with one position). I thought I would not bother with the suction pad and leg strap, seemed a bit of a gimmick but tried it and was amazed at how well it actually worked even with a 10" tablet. It works best here in landscape mode for 10" and well in both positions with a 7", the main thing though is that it holds them without any feeling that it might slip, great design. Something that I suspected would be tried and thrown aside has become my number one tablet accessory.
So Good I will have to buy another or myself
My Daughter told me that this is what she wanted for xmas. So like a dutiful dad I did as I was told. I ordered one.
When it arrived I was intrigued so I thought I would try it out on my kindel. I was impressed it does what it says on the packet, and so easy even an old fool like me can use it. Now I want one for me.Still santa might bring me one if not I will have to buy one
Bought one of these for myself in September and am really impressed with it. My son visited last weekend and he was equally impressed, Father Christmas will now be bringing one for him.
Small,neat,portable and does exactly what it says on the tin(Tin not included)
Excellent piece of kit and holds just about any device you could want it to.Stand it up on the holder between the legs of the device or stick it on the swivel pad. Folds up into a nice portable unit that can be used anywhere. Also comes with an adjustable strap, apparently for putting round your leg which the padpivot then sits on very comfortably, allowing you to tilt and swivel your device safe in the knowledge that its not going to fall off. Handy for kids in the car with tablets, knowing the device isnt going to fall off the 1st time you have to slam on the brakes. I had a problem with mine. The pivot ball just snapped one day. Followed Mobilefun's returns process, had it parceled up and posted to them free. A new one was sent to me within a few days... you can't argue with that for customer service. Truly superb and so rare these days. Despite the problem i had I'd highly recommend this. Probably one of the best tablet/phone stands on the market today.
Very useful
Very useful stand, good quality for the price.
Fantastically Engineered Stand
When I ordered the pad pivot I wasn't sure what I would get a lump of plastic or something useful that was the question.
We'll my five star rating answers that! It really is worth the five stars. On arrival it appears to be plastic hinged either side with a central universal joint.
Following the instructions I put the backing on the iPad and a spare on my S3 then started to use it - what it works great on a desk on your knee/thigh in fact most places.
Looking deeper congratulations to the brains that thought the principle through - very we'll engineered easy to use versatile and with plenty of adjustment I use this most of the time to be comfortable when using my devices wether at a desk or in meetings without desks making notes etc. - folding it away protects the pad from dust and dirt prolonging the life of it. It's lightweight too!
I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants a comfortable adjustable Stand/rest for any smartphone or pad type device fantastic and once used invaluable as an accessory at a realistic price for something well thought out and fantastically engineered, well done to the designers!!!
if it came in a tin it would do as it said
An excellent item, tried all the positions, works well in all of them, good with my phone too
It does exactly what it purports to do
Excellent gadget. Much easier for my grandchildren to handle when using the iPad! Easy to use and very versatile would recommend to friends and colleagues.
I bought this device a couple of months ago, I was initially quite suprised at the size and look of it as I had assumed it would be bigger but it is very useful as a multifunctional stand.

I would say that I tried the "on knee" approach when I first got it but found it not brilliant, it did slip around a bit and I thought holding it on my knee was a bit pointless when I had to support it with a hand anway.

That aside as a stand for positioning my iPad in various different angles it has been invaluable. I never have my iPad far from it and the fact it folds down makes it perfect for travelling etc.

I would say it is expensive for what it actually is, but it is proving to be very durable and no signs of wear and tear yet!
Pad Pivot
Great service Pad Pivot very versatile & so useful. thank you
Tablet Stand
I have looked at several stands for my Ipad mini but none seem to be very portable.I noticed the video on Mobile fun and from the demonstration it appeared to do what I required.
Excellent service from mobile fun arrived on the day they said. I have been delighted with this product holds the Ipad mini very secure light and folds away.
I have received the
PadPivot NST Ultra Portable Universal Tablet Stand Today,

It is great
thank you
Haven't received yet
I would like to write a review, only when i receive the stand, i was expecting to received with 5 days as it was mention- it is been 10 days already
Perfect design for the job
Suitability for supporting I Pad either landscape or portrait viewing; easy to assemble; portability; robust.
Perfect! Use it all the time and highly recommend
I wanted a tablet stand that was up to the job and not likely to slide around. This is prefect and even though I initially baulked at the price I have no regrets in my purchase. I use my tablet more than a laptop now and this allows me to work at a table and reduces risk of rsi from holding mobile or tablet for any length of time. Some people were concerned about using the glossy sticker you use if the back of your tablet is textured, don't, it doesn't leave any residue and can easily be removed or moved. In normal use I found I use the prop aspect in preference to the adjustable mount. Definitely recommend this product is you want stabiliby and reliability.
At last the perfect stand
I have used many stands for my various tablets and each has it's faults.
Finally this PadPivot can do all that I want it to do and better. It is solid and versatile, what more could I say except I'm really pleased that I bought it
After seeing the recording showing the use of this item I decided to give it a go and was really pleasantly surprised on how really useful it is. Whether I use iPad on a table or my lap this item is fantastic. Great buy
Does what it says on the box..
A great value for money bit of kit, easily portable in your pocket and takes no time to set up..now I just need a bluetooth keyboard to go with it!
I bought this item for my mother to use with her IPad. The item was delivered as specified, and its ease of use was exactly as promised, truly excellent. IPad is much more accessible whilst on the stand, rather than use it flat on a table.

I would recommend this fantastic item for any IPad user, it's easy to set up, put away and its compact size means you can take it with you anywhere.

Excellent service, would not hesitate to purchase from you again.
fantastic piece of kit
Versatile and practical Tablet Stand ideal for everyday use. Good value for money
Luv'in it
Even though on these types of reviews I generally say that there could be room for improvement, however, on this product I can safely say there wasn't - in my view it was top notch in every way :O)
just what i needed
does what is says on the packet, sturdy sits comfortable on leg and the desk stand is brilliant, just what I needed
Pad Pivot. Brilliant . Service. Brilliant
Simply brilliant, so easy to use.
Ordered it Friday afternoon, received delivery 8.30am Saturday morning.
You won't beat that anywhere.
Thank you.
Neat and Useful little gadget
This stand is a clever design and folds away to easily fit in the pocket. It will hold a notebook in either the portrait or landscape positions and with its suction adhesive will accommodate resting the notebook quite safely on the knee. I bought two, one for my daughter at University (she thinks its brilliant) and one for me for business. Regretable the screw thread on one of them broke after three uses but I think it must have been faulty. Mobile Fun replaced instantly without any quibble and paid all cost of postage for the return and the replacement. Both have worked OK since.
The stand is excellent. it's very compact and also very sturdy. the building quality is good. i could adjust the stand to different angles as well. For using it on my desk is perfect. My first thought is paying £24 for tablet stand is quite expensive. But when i got it, it's really worth the money. really recommend.
Useful accessory
Very useful and convenient stand for my ipad. Versatile in how it will hold the ipad at many different angles both as a static stand and while seated.
Excellent Stand
Compact and holds the tablet steady. Couldn't ask for more although a bit expensive!
Pivot stand
I am just getting used to this now. I am sure this will be a good asset and will use often.
Universal...mobile stand
Hi...I just wanted to say this folding pocket universal stand is fantastic...I use it in various positions and with various devices although it was bought for the Samsung 10:1.

How can something so small turn a brilliant the whole use of a flat pad into user friendly and flexible.

Sheer brilliance!!

I will be buying at least 2 more to have in travel case and laptop bag :-)

Well done team!

The only stand you'll ever need
Some very clever mathematics and engineering went into this little beauty!

I love tablet computing! I believe it has finally levelled the playing field and allowed millions of people who otherwise would not use a computer to get involved with a simple interface and enjoyably experience.

Enter the PadPivot! With every shape and style of cover, stand and mounting device under the sun claiming to be the best or most versatile it's hard to know which one to go for!
I use my PadPivot for my iPhone 5, my iPad 2 and my iPad mini! It has a fold up design that makes it ideal for the commuter, it is very sturdy on the flat making it great for desk mounting / storing when not in use, and has a curved under side that allows you to balance it on your leg (sitting position) or the arm of a chair. It also comes with an elasticated strap that can fit under your leg and fasten to eithe side of the PadPivot.

There are two mounting styles employed on this unit, 1: open PadPivot out and lean your device against the upper section, or 2: utilise the upper section as the dynamic multi angle tilt rotate and manoeuvre device that it is!

This upper section has a peel off protector to reveal a sticky pad that attaches to your device and has a ball socket connection to the base allowing you to choose multiple viewing angles or wiggle and steer during gaming! (The super sticky pad is a synthesised polymer modelled on toddlers fingers after two minutes of I cream cone handling! I think you'd agree, very sticky indeed!)
PadPivot NST Ultra Portable Universal Tablet Stand
Looks like it will do the job I bought it for. My wife is enjoying it using her tablet.
PadPivot NST Ultra Portable Universal Tablet Stand
This is the second household purchase of this item.
Extremely user friendly and able to help use the tablet in all sorts of eventualities
Really useful
Found it really good on desk or on knee but since I couldn't get it attached to my mobility scooter, and found the string thing fiddly, I gave it to another disabled friend of mine who has the use of both arms and hands.
Just what I wanted
Works exactly as it says it will. Really useful to have on you and easy to carry around.
Most Useful Accessory
Bought one PadPivot after reading a review. Perfect stand for many devices, for use anywhere,particularly on an aircraft. Friends and strangers alike admired its functionality, so much so I have purchased 4 more to give to friends. clever design.
"Anything to make life easier"
An item which impressed me when I watched the video of the "padPivot". Compact, neat and useful, tried it with iPad and IPhone, looking forward to using this especially whilst on holiday.
PadPivot NST Ultra Portable Universal Tablet Stand
Excellent piece of kit. Folds up nice and small when not in use. Holds iPad and phone securely.
Excellent Product
The item is comfortable to use, it sticks well enough not to damage Or leave a trace on the gadget. Can be use anywhere at anytime. Stands and adjust well with the leg, table etc. Recommended; can't regret buying the item
A device that works
Well it arrived in good time after being unavailable for a while.
Amazingly simple but it's capability match the "how to" video perfectly.
Good for the desk and great for train travelling.
But one while you can.......
Words fail you? Me too!
Its hopeless. At best its an unstable desk stand. on your lap its hysterical. The first swipe and its on the floor (or caught by its owner in my case as he knew what was about to happen). Again, IT looks to solve a problem that doesn't exist. I give 2 stars as a very expensive and unstable desk stand
Excellent piece of kit
I am so please with this piece of equipment as it allows me to use the iPad cover I bought which has my dog's photo on it. The front bit of the iPad cover is quite floppy, so you cannot use it to stand it up. This universal tablet stand allows me to stand the iPad up to use either on my lap or on a table. It is brilliant and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be able to use the iPad almost hands free.
Don't believe the video
Maybe I'm a divvy but this magnetic pad just ain't magnetic enough. Waste of money I'm afraid. Brilliant video though
Bought this to make it easier to work with my iPhone/ipad in meetings etc. Previous options have been bulky this works - watch the short manufacturers website video to really get the various ways to use it.. I had a query on a way to we it. Not a problem, just wanted some help. The response from Pad Pivot was speedy, extremely helpful - even included a photo to help. It was also responded to on a Sunday when I did not expect an answer until the next day. Top dollar customer service PadPivot, well done.

In short, a very light but solid piece of kit that fits in a pocket and is highly portable but does a proper job.
Bought Padpivot to. u with Samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 really pleased with it, very fast delivery, will def use Mobilefun again!!
PadPivot NST Ultra Portable Universal Tablet Stand
I got this to see if it make it easier to hold my i-Pad I have found it great, so much easier as my joints suffer holding the i-Pad for more than a few seconds at a time. It is so much easier to rest it on my leg or the arm of the chair or just about anywhere. What a great item (PadPivot NST Ultra Portable Universal Tablet Stand) Thanks. HD.
Best Accessory
I liked the look of the Padpivot on the video, ordered one an d I must say it has lived up to all my expectations. It is neat well made does everything it says it will and I couldn't recommend it more highly.
It actually works
A simple but very effective stand. Considering it's size it is also very sturdy. Not too sure about the pad though.
Really, useful product - I'd recommend it.
I love this little gizmo - I sit it on the arm of my chair, tilt the screen to the perfect angle and relax without getting neck strain which I sometimes suffer from after looking down at the screen too long. At first I thought the price was high, but after using it for a couple of days I think it's worth the price tag. It holds my tablet securely, which is essential, but I think its the portability that I like the most. It folds up neatly and goes with me wherever I take my iPad. I'd certainly recommend it.
Brilliant compact stand
Perfect for holding the ipad at just the right angle.
Brilliant product I bought this for my Sony phone I was so pleased with it that my husband bought one for his galaxy s3 and also bought me another one for my tablet, I have also got another one on order for my daughter for Xmas
After watching the video about this item I just had to buy it.
I use it all the time and in every way that the video showed it can be used too. The sticky pad is brilliant and stays firmly in place. Easy to use on the train, sitting up in bed, whilst cooking and preparing dinner and just about any other occasion you can think of. I am very pleased with this product and have told all my friends about it too.
A useful gadget
This device can be used along with the Apple Magnet Cover. I have a hard plastic back cover on my iPad and have found you can only use the Apple cover in the landscape position. The Pad Pivot now allows me to use the pad either portrait or landscape, and in at a better slant for viewing videos etc. I also use it with the additional strap (supplied) on my thigh when sitting on a settee or armchair. On the whole a good product, but I did think it was a little expensive.
Of all the gadgets I have bought for my IPad this is the most disappointing. It hardly balances on your thigh and if you get it balanced you have to sit perfectly still to avoid the IPad falling off. The elastic strap is difficult and fiddley to get round your thigh. It also detaches easily when not being worn and is easily lost. I have found it twice but soon I will lose it permenantly!
It works well as a stand on a table but so does the iPad cover!
Very expensive even at the discounted price. Not worth the money.
So, so useful
This product is a simple but really effective bit of kit. The stand works perfectly and I actually though I wouldn't bother with the leg strap but the whole assembly (iPad and stand) were so stable I was amazed. I had to sit in the same chair last week for 4 hours and during that time the device sat on my knee and I could use the screen as confidently as if it was on a solid surface.

Well done whoever had the bright idea for this. Thanks for a very versatile accessory.
Perfect for all tablets, eReaders and even Phones - for any situation
Love it. Thought it was a good idea when it first came out in KickStarter, but never got round to ordering one.

Very cleverly engineered, and works a treat as a desk stand and a portable stand. Used it one whilst on the sofa, just using it on my leg instead of a pillow. Can adjust the angles well (but not to all desired angles though). Very portable and have even used it with my Galaxy Note and old iPhone 4s.

Does everything you want for a stand and more, only negatives, would be the sticky part is not as sticky as those found in Clingo products, but does ok, depends on what finish is on the product or the case.

I regularly use a leather Folio case for my iPad 3, so a bit of a chore getting it out, but would say it's worth it.
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