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OtterBox iPad 4 / 3 / 2 Defender Case Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Drop-proof your magical, new must-have gadget with the OtterBox Defender Series for Apple iPad 4 / 3 / 2.
  • Mobile Fun ID 34705
$71.33 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 23 customers

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Great protection and not too bulky
Great case arrived perfect and well packed. Great protection and not too bulky.
Total max Protection
It is probably the best total protective case you can get for the ipad. My husband carries his around with him all the time, travels abroad, uses it at work. Its been dropped and knocked and squashed but the case has maintained the safety of the ipad inside. Now years down the line and old skuffed and chipped he wanted a new one and Mobile Fun was the only place I could find it and came up just by searching iPad otterbox. Brilliant.
Otterbox defender
Having looked at various sites offering these particular cases, I was concerned at the number of badly disappointed customers. The common thread however was that they bought cheap, and obviously, bought a fake. If it looks too cheap it probably isn't the genuine article.
The one from Mobile fun, was ordered one day, delivered three days later as promised, it is the genuine article, fits the I pad perfectly, and, whilst it has added a little bulk, it has added a huge amount more protection to a fragile device.

I'm not going to describe it, there are loads of such out there. Fitting is straightforward if a little fiddly, take care removing the silicone outer shell; after that make sure you clean the I pad screen and the inside of the screen protector, it's intensely irritating to find you have trapped a bit of dirt between the two having fully assembled it; ( as I did). The two halves of the plastic inner shell go together easily, it's then a matter of carefully replacing the silicone outer, ensuring that the silicone ridge that adjoins the edge on the screen protector part is fully seated.
Worth taking a little time to do it.
An excellent product.
Otterbox vs teenage hormones
I decided to purchase the Otterbox defender case for my 13 year olds I-Pad 2, last week. He has broken two screens on his I-pad over the past 15 months, costing him 180 euro from his savings. While it is only 5 days since fitting the cover, it is already paying dividends. It was easy to fit and seems very durable, just what he needs. It offers some protection to his screen which was better than none and does not appear to have impaired the touch screen usage. The cover which doubles as a stand is great as an outer casing. It is a little bulky but at this point in time durability ranks over style. I myself use an Otterbox Defender case for my I Phone and find " it does what it says on the tin". Put it this way, Otterbox has drastically reduced the number of rows I regularly had with my teenage son regarding his I-Pad. I would recommend this product to any parent and teenager trying to conserve their savings. 66 euro vs 180 is a no brainier. Buy an Otterbox sooner rather than later!
top birthday present
i bought one of these for my sister in laws biorthday. she had bought and used a series of ipad covers but found they lost there ability remain upright on the stand. this cover and stand is looking a lot more promising
Best case ever
This case is good strong and compact offering superb bomb proof protection for the iPad without being ugly and bulky. Very practical and a must have accessory.
Otterbox thumbs up
Great purchase, great case can't beat the protection, style and design...bought this over the griffin due to the removable outer shell, which acts as a stand as well as a 2nd shell and screen cover..
Bought from mobile fun, because this is the genuine otterbox, if you want a cheaper version, buy one off amazon, that was my mistake, I've had both so I know, and the cheaper otterbox is going back , because there all fake, third party rubbish from china.
Genuine otterbox, and even the serial number on box is genuine, just put it in web browser.
200% genuine...thanks mobile fun..
Probably the best case around
Four stars given instead of five as the only issue with this case is the slight give in the silicone covering. Otherwise very high quality and complete protection. Bought this after buying a counterfeit copy elsewhere and returning. Mobilefun are genuine stockists for those in doubt; there are many fake Otters out there.
probably the best all round usable case for a ipad on the market it protects and is functional would recomend this to anyone especially if you like me as my ipad lives in a rucksack allways on the move. and it turned up before 10 the next day good service mobilefun
iPad Otter case
Great case, excellent service, item was as described however the Otter iPad case has one draw back in that the case is too thick for any connector, & is a nuisance to use as such, requiring an extension fitting. Other than that it is PERFECT
A very good product
Expensive but,well worth it to keep your valuable I/pad safe. Fast delivery' very pleased
Otter box defender for iPad
Excellent service.
Ordered Saturday and arrived Monday .
Perfect for my iPad especially when grandchildren are around.
Thrilled with product.
Total protection
Just got the otterbox case for my iPad easy to fit,peace of mind for me it gives Total protection for my iPad thanks otterbox and mobile fun for excellent sevice
Having just got the latest i Pad 4 I decided I wanted a case that would protect it from ANY DAMAGE. My friend had recently purchased the Otter Box for his i Phone 5 and what I seen helped make up my mind. I had to wait almost 2 weeks as it was out of stock. This sort of told me that I was making the right purchase, as The Otterbox was obviously highly sought after. When it arrived I was impressed right away. Even the packaging screamed quality. After reading the instructions it only took me a few minutes to fit my device inside and start using. Although I don't want to have any accidents I am more than confident that my i Pad 4 will be safe and secure inside the Otter Box. I am due to upgrade to the latest i phone later this year and will certainly BE BUYING an Otter Box for my new phone. My friends sister got the new i Pad for Xmas and I have recommended she get an Otter Box. I have also advised a couple of my Army Friends who are due to deploy to Afghanistan to purchase an Otter Box for their respective devices. Cannot praise this Protective Case enough - IT CERTAINLY TICKS ALL THE BOXES AND NOT ONLY TALKS THE TALK, BUT ALSO WALKS THE WALK. IF YOU VALUE YOUR DEVICE - "BUY AN OTTERBOX!"
Superb protection in the construction industry
Working in the construction industry, I see a lot of builders, roofers, etc., buy the latest shiniest phones and gadgets only to ruin them after a week as - well honestly - you couldn't trust half of them with a stone without them breaking it. I've tested this case out and once again Otterbox is splendid - better than all of the competition. I'm pretty sure you could drop test this the same way we drop tested the iPhone 4 Otterbox case - by dropping it from roof level - and no doubt it would survive unscathed. The only slight issue I've had with this one is some Newton rings (rainbow effect) under the quite sensitive built-in screen protector, however simply drying it out solved that issue permanently as there was too much humidity in the air during installtion. Great product guys - and the new iPhone 5 case is even better!
Just the job
I use my iPad quite a bit for navigation when I'm out walking and this case is the Mutt's Nuts. I can chuck the iPad into my bag in full knowledge that it is safe and sound. It gets even more abuse when the kids are using the iPad for playing games on but I can let them use it knowing that no harm will come to it.
Good protection
This is a good quality case for my iPad , it s so much more protected and I don't worry about the kids handling it now cos sure it wouldn't hurt it if it was dropped now! Also the stand is useful. Only downside is that it makes the iPad quite heavy
Love it as much as my iPad
I bought and paid the import of the original iPad 2 Defender direct from Otterbox on the day of release and loved it.

This new one has bettered perfection and is simply superb!!!

I love it, the device protection I superb and the tilt and type or view dual angle cover is brilliance.

The built in screen protector is fantastic and offers zero interference.

This backed with Otterbox's international no quibble warranty which is faultless, is the sprinkles on top of the cherry, on top of the icing, on top of a beautifully engineered cake.

Buy, invest and enjoy!!!

I can't recommend further :D

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