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Otterbox for Samsung Galaxy S2 Commuter Series Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Incorporating elements from the rugged Defender Series with the skin-like Impact Series line to create a slick case for the Samsung Galaxy S2.
  • Mobile Fun ID 29717

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 4.7 stars from 38 customers

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Very snug fit
I was looking for a good mobile case for my Galaxy S2.it is a very smart fitting case. it comes with a screen protector which fits very well...no problems applying it....no trapper air bubbles....very good quality.

the case is very soft and has a good grip. the charging port also has a cover to close when not required. The case does not add bulk to the phone. THe phone is well protected from all sides...even the phone buttons. The phone has not compromised any functionality.

Love it...very smart case...very secure and affordable.....
Thank you
I bought an otter box, it was more money than it would have been to buy in a store but I like shopping online and this is a great place to do it. I LOVE MY NEW CASE!!
An Ideal Birthday Present
I purchased this item as a Birthday present for my best friend. I had already bought one for my own phone several months ago on his recommendation and was delighted with it. He had always wanted one himself but had never got round to getting one. It does everything the ad. says and is extremely robust and strong. Very easy to fit , looks and feels great. even the screen protector was easy to fit, which is not always the case! All in all a really excellent product.
Otterbox for Galaxy S2
Good product, silicone covers all the corners and edges, hard panel on the back provides support and protects the back. Reccomended!
A great purchase!
I'm always afraid to use my shiny new things, and as I'm always carrying my phone with me @work (putdoor and industry) I wanted to have something sturdy.
With this case you do loose the super-slimness of the phone, but it looks and feels so great still.

I feared that I would have problems with the screen-protector as I've heard bad things about it, and I've never applied one before.
But I did it myself in about 2 minutes and didn't get a single bubble or anything.
The screen didn't loose its feel and responsiveness with the protector, and with the case on you can't really tell that it's even there.

The silicone parts do attract some dust, but that's pretty easy to clean with just your fingers.

Overall a great case!
its good but could be better
Iv had cases for previous phones made by this manufacturor and have been very inpressed
but although the case is good its not up to standard compared to other cases they produce
the flaps that cover the headphone socket and where the charger plugs in are loose and dont stay shut. i also think there could have been a cover to protect the camera lense better but on the upside it feels a sturdy case and it does look good
This case is the ultimate protection for SGS II!
It is very well crafted and it doesn't add as much bulk as it would be expected to the phone!
The construction quallity is unquestioned, after a few seconds of exploration! Everything fits nocely!
I recommend it to everyone!
Nice case, tricky screen protector
Like the design of the case very much with the rubber "inner" and the hard outer shell. I wouldn't call it "ultra" heavy duty but it certainly looks more than enough to withstand everyday bumps and knocks and (hopefully!) the occasional drop. Gripes? Only that the rubbery case picks up fluff and dust quite easily but that's to be expected. The screen protector (like most) was quite fiddly to fit and despite my best efforts ended up with a couple of specks of dust underneath and thus small air bubbles - though I can live with that for now at least. It does at least cover the entire front of the phone which is nice, and retains a nice responsive touch to the screen. Four stars as I thought the screen protector instructions could have been better but the case itself is very nice indeed.
Very good case
A well made top notch product that does everything you want it to, it protects all areas just as its says
Otterbox for Samsung Galaxy S2 Commuter Series
Easy to fit and tough. The Otterbox offers an attractive and low profile case that fits well to the Galaxy S2. Having the ABS hard case on the outside of the silicone rubber shock absorber also seems to make more sense than other designs I have considered (afterall, you want the soft stuff next to the thing you are trying to protect, not protecting the spikey object your dropping it on to). None of the functions of the phone appear to be impeeded by this case and it actually makes the phone more comfortable and secure to hold. Possibly the only negative point is that the rubber at the corners can drag on clothing making it slightly more difficult to remove from or put in your pocket (just nit-picking really).
Safety Assured
I bought this for my wife because she's always dropping/dinging/scraping her new SGS2 of everything in sight. While the case does add a little bulk to the phone it has the reassuring feel of quality and protection in your hand. She's very happy with the purchase

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