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OtterBox Defender Series for Samsung Galaxy S4 Active - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Three layers wrap your phone in pure, 100% guaranteed protection from Otterbox for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active.
  • Mobile Fun ID 40094
$54.11 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 11 customers

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Otterbox Defender for S4 Active
We needed hard cases and we got hard cases. Great big hard cases!
Got the Otterbox and the Galaxy Samsung S4 Active slipped in and when the box was secured the phone and case felt solid. And to test this I gave the phone a small drop test and yes, no problem, glad i got this case, would recommend
The case looks well made and sturdy, but unfortunately the buttons will not work when I install my phone. The home button is the only one that works, the case seems too large for the phone.
A real hard case!
I read the hype, I waited and waited for it to become available, then it finally arrived - was it worth the wait?
The Otterbox Defender case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is a real 'hard case', a tough protective shield for a phone that is already (allegedly) waterproof. Is that extra protection really necessary?
For me, yes. I spend a lot of time knocking about in the mountains of North Wales, and I mean knocking about - I need a phone that will survive drops, splashes and other accidents, and although the S4 Active is already a tough guy, I wanted some insurance.
Fitting the case was simple, operating the phone is just as easy as it was, so far so good - Up to now, I've not done anything stupid with the phone, but on the day that I do I've got confidence in it surviving.
The case feels tough, if a little 'chunky' but as a member of a mountain rescue team I need good comms, and this tough guy looks well capable of protecting my phone when I'm out on the hills.
So, if you're an outdoor person, an over-protective smart phone owner or a clumsy nit-wit (or all three!) this is the phone case for you.

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