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Otterbox Defender Series for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Glacier Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with the toughest and most protective case on the market - the Otterbox Defender Series in glacier.
  • Mobile Fun ID 41196
$54.11 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 44 customers

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The Otterbox device is very good except for one major problem, try getting the phone out of the belt holder, the holder would be better if more flexible also if the latch was not so deep. The only way to get the phone out of the holder is to remove the holder from your belt and use to hands.

The design of the belt holder needs to be redesigned to allow the phone to be clipped out with one hand.
Mike Lyons
Does the job
Case is a bit bulky but once you get used to it you hardly notice its on. Spen works fine with it on and calling etc had no issues. All up a good case.
5 Stars
I have bought Otter Box for several of my devices over the years. All for 1 reason, the work!!
The protection provided from spilt coffee to dropping from height is second to none. You really do get what you pay for, and while you will pay more for them, you get the protection required. With handsets costing upward of £500, the cost of the case outweighs the cost or a replacement phone. They are quite bulky but still comfortable. It fit perfectly and the screen still operates as if it was not there. The kickstand allows it to be placed into different positions for viewing.
I would highly recommend this and Otter Box in general.
Otterbox - the only case for me
I have used Otterbox cases with a number of different devices over the years. I've never been disappointed and when it came to changing a phone, the old one was in such a mint condition (thanks to the protection of the case) that I felt I could pass it on or sell without any problems.
I don't think I would ever consider any other manufacturer.
I particularly like the fact that the case has a screen so the whole phone is well protected. Touch screen still worked beautifully.
The belt clip hard case is brilliant as Note 3 is a big device and doesn't always fit into a pocket. You can adjust orientation when it is in a belt clip holder from horizontal to vertical so its comfortable to wear too. This is also useful if you don't have a car phone holder, as it can "clip" almost anywhere in the car, you can see the phone screen and you can use sat nav etc without having to fixe anything permanently to your dashboard.
Its worth every penny, especially if you have an expensive device.

Great service from MobileFun as always.
Chunky but brilliant
Been looking at phone cases for ages. Very hard on my phone so needed something strong. It is chunky but I'm happy to have my phone out in all sorts of situations now. Also my phone should last so at the end of the contract ill have a useful phone and cam go SIM only.
It was worked great, but broken the fixer button
Bought this one in order to use it in several cases (with me, on bike and in the car (with other extensions).

It was very good to use, but unfortunately the button to fix has broken, and so I can't wear it anymore.

It did brake in normal usage, I just wanted to get it from the hard cover.

Looking into now whether it the warranty covers this problem or not. Without this problem I could rate it to 5+ stars.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Peter

Please consider returning this item back to us.
tough case
This case is very good for protection. The screen cover is great and does not delay your screen contact. The case does make the phone a little bulkier but it looks good and gives you piece of mind that your phone is protected. I will definitely buy another otter box case for my next phone.
otterbox cover
this case is bullet proof a little bit bulky but well worth the protection it provides and is a nice fit in my jeans pocket and with the built in screen saver it keeps it clean as I do outside work it also keeps it dry all I need to do is remember to not sit on it great service mobile fun...
this O.defender is well worth the money my phone looks and works well in this case they say u get what u pay for and this is simply the best i have differnt case this one is good
The best case ever
This Otter box case is just the best yet we have had a otter box case on our origional Note and the new case is even better snugger fitted two tone grey and white great combination rather than boring black the whole phone is brillantly protected. Have not used the belt clip but it is sturdy and clips in to the cover very securely.
The screen protection does not impeed the use of the screen in any way and although having a scratch issue with the origional note otter box screen protection after 18 months Otter box sent us a completely new case free of charge
How highly can we recomend these defender cases not highly enough just a great product backed up by a great service
Otter box
Dropped my note3 yesterday from 5 meters no damage to phone my Otter case has already paid for its self.
complete protection
Was going skiing and was concerned about protecting my Galaxy Note 3. This product encased to whole phone offering complete protection without making it too bulky, also has transparent face protector as well as clip on solid face protector. Very well made and designed.
More than I expected
It is a real phone defender!!! Looks very safe md protective. Confortable to use. The only "negative" point could be that it is a bit dificult to open to insert the phone, but it is done only one time.
The best a man can get
Otterbox cases are fantastic I've had at least 6 of them now and I swear by them even after a year or so of constant use the phone still comes out pristine when you want to sell it all in all I would Deffo recommend to any 1 who is contemplating getting 1 they really do protect your phone and mobile fun well there service is great ordered 5 Pmsfl Fri received by 10 am sat what more could you ask for a+++++++++
Best Case
There are people who claim the best case for the Note 3 is one that looks like an iPhone. If I wanted an iPhone I would go buy one...but I wanted PROTECTION and there is nothing better out there than my Otterbox. It not only protects it but makes it look AWESOME!!! I don't care what people with look little hands say about my Phone....it is a BEAST and I love it!!!
perfect just what i was looking for
After having dropped my last phone i now have a samsung galaxy note 3,so before i take it anywhere i wanted a case that was going to protect every part of the phone and this otterbox defender is perfect brilliant quality and just what i want makes phone a little bigger but not to much love it
You can't wrap your mobile phone in cotton wool...
But you can wrap it in an Otterbox defender case!.
Having an expensive mobile phone and being clumsy like me is never a trouble-free totally enjoyable experience. I was on the lookout for a strong rugged case for my note 3 and came across the defender series of cases from Otterbox. I have heard of Otterbox before and purchased based on their positive reputation. Mobile fun delivered my case very quickly despite the holiday period and I was impressed with the whole purchase experience. Fitting the case was a breeze with full illustrated instructions included. The included screen protector is actually part of the enclosed case and this has been a negative for me in the past on previous cases on other devices, as the screen protectors never normally fit snuggly against the phone display, causing touchscreen issues. This is not a problem on the Otterbox case for the note 3 as it fits snuggly across the entire display, so is well built. The defender series certainly makes your phone feel robust and secure, however it does add bulk and a little bit of weight to an already substantial phone. This is to be expected. Another slight issue is that despite fitting the case correctly there is a small amount of creaking thanks to tough plastic and the rubber shroud. Overall this is a great purchase. It inspires confidence to use your phone in a rugged environment and provides peace of mind should you ever drop the phone.
First Otter Box case I've had but it's awesome, feel like my phone is now indestructible, not cheap but worth every penny. Excellent service as always from Mobile Fun, thanks.
Best case in the world
A friend recommended the case to me he has it on an s4 and he wasn't wrong the case is excellent
otterbox love
Yet another fantastic case from otterbox.i have them for all my tech.the belt clip is robust and is a help when typing.the inserting of the phone is a little awkward but it's a good tight fit.the case has a clear plastic screen protector that doesn't affect the touchscreen. There are rubber lift up covers to cover the charger and headphone ports also the phone can be placed in the outer case facing outwards to see who's calling or inwards to fully protected the screen when out walking.i have dropped my phone whilst in the defender case as I hadn't fully engaged it into the belt holder and it was unmarked. this case is ideally suited for someone who works in tough environments, or for people looking for maximum protection for their expensive smartphone.fantastic case fantastic phone.

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