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Otterbox Commuter Series for Moto G - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Incorporating elements from the rugged Otterbox Defender Series with the skin-like Impact Series creates this slick black Commuter case for the Moto G.
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 4.4 stars from 13 customers

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Motorola G Otterbox Commuter
This product is well made, fits snug, is slippery to hold with soft grip points only on the corners. The buttons are a bit firm to push and the flaps for the USB input etc look like they won't last very long at all.
Protection will be good but the phone is now a lot thicker than I would have liked.

Would I buy another one? Hmmm not sure as something with more grip and thinner would be preferred.
Robust case for Moto G. Not waterproof/resistant.
This case is a good compromise between the lighter weight cases and the ultra tough Defender version. It is a bit fiddly to fit but this just means once its on its solid and looks good.
This is a rugged case that should protect against drops and knocks but adds no extra protection against water ingress.
It does add quite a lot of bulk to the phone and sticks up about 3mm above the screen.
It does include a screen protector but this shows greasy finger marks more than the glass of the screen which apparently has a coating to resist these.
It is easy to wipe clean though.
Overall it makes me much more confident to chuck the phone in a pocket or put it down somewhere the bare phone might be scratched or damaged.
Great case
This is my first Otterbox and it seems pretty good. Easy to fit, fits snugly, seems to offer protection where it's needed including covers for the power and headphone ports. Good to hold, the power and volume buttons work fine but require a firm press. Ultimately it will need to be bounced a few times to prove it's worth!
Moto G Otterbox Commuter
Excellent product, really good quality and easy to fit.
Fab cover, dubious screen protector
The Motor G feels delicate and thin and so, hard for my clumsy mitts to get hold of. The Otterbox looks great, feels great,makes it unlikely to slip and should it do so, I am confident will protect it.
However, the screen protector is, by comparison, a feeble effort. Yes - it works after a (poor) fashion, but looks and feels clumsy and home made. Otterbox clearly has design nous and capability - come on, do better for the screen!
Sturdy case but the back is very slippery
I did write an earlier review but now that I've had more time with it, it's a bit disappointing the back cover and sides are slippery. If you put the phone on its back, it's quite saey to sweep it onto the four due to the slippery case. Ironic that it's more slippery than my cheap case!
Robust case but inadequate screen cover
The case adds some bulk to the phone but it feels it can make a significant impact in minimising damage to the phone if dropped. The cover makes the power and volume buttons harder to press. The port covers for the USB and headphone sockets seem sturdy.

The enclosed protective screen cover seems to be a generic one as there are no hole cutouts for the earpiece. I haven't bothered to put it on. Another reviewer elsewhere mentioned that their thumb kept catching the edge of the screen protector whenever they were swiping down.
Great Case
Case arrived on time, well packaged. Made the mistake of putting on the screen protector upside down ( so the speaker by my ear was obstructed) but this was my fault not any one elses. Case itself is stylish, fits well, quite easy to put on, all round 10/10.

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