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OTG Micro USB to USB Converter Cable for Google Nexus 7 2013 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Connect USB devices such as keyboards and mice to your Nexus 7 2013 and Nexus 7 2012
  • Mobile Fun ID 35915
$13.52 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 29 customers

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Not bad
The OTG cable worked great on My nexus 7 2013
you can use a couple of programs to use it like stick mount or ES File Explorer ... although searching around the web these OTG cables are a little pricey.
all in all though worth the buy as it will work and let you attach a USB thumb drive or external hard drive to view documents, movies or pictures etc
Not bad
The OTG cable worked great on My nexus 7 2013
you can use a couple of programs to use it like stick mount or ES File Explorer ... although searching around the web these OTG cables are a little pricey.
all in all though worth the buy as it will work and let you attach a USB thumb drive or external hard drive to view documents, movies or pictures etc
Perfect piece of kit!
Having read on many web sites that many of the cheaper OTG cables did not work with a Nexus 7 I was encouraged to find MobileFun with really positive reviews. This gave me the confidence to order the cable. I really did not want the hassle of buying an OTG cable which might or might not work.

I have not been disappointed as it works like a charm! You cannot beat that!!
Great product does what it says on the tin
I was a little concerned about this type of cable as there have been bad reports on certain web sites.
Anyway I bought one and together with the right app is is absolutly brilliant it even works with my external hard drive.
I could not have asked for it to be any better.
OTG cable for Google Nexus 7 2013
Although there are much cheaper OTG cables available I went for this one. Reason was the positive reviews for this and the negative ones for the cheaper cables. The tab does detect a USB pen drive with a micro USB pin but I have decided to use the OTG as the connection is more sturdy and interruption free. The cable does its job and so far I have had no issues.I took a gamble by ordering a cable almost 7 times the cost of the cheapest in the market (because of shipping charges being astronomical to India). Only because I wanted a sturdy, reliable cable. So far the cable has not let me down and I handle it quite roughly too.
Seems OK!
This cable seems well constructed and robust, and does allow me to access a USB memory stick, with the aid of 'Nexus Media Importer' app
Best OTG Cable Ever!
It really doesn't pay to buy cheap. I previously got a cheapie OTG cable for a couple of pounds-Rubbish! I saw the review on Mobile Fun for this OTG cable, and thought what the heck; I'll try it. The very best investment I ever made. The jack is fractionally longer and fits snugly into the tablet: The cable is twice as thick as the inferior one I bought, the USB connection is chunkier and snaps in the flash perfectly. It works Grrrrreat!!! The service from Mobile Fun was par excellence; they emailed and texted me on my order and it arrived as scheduled. Now I can watch movies without the twiddling pain of fiddling with the socket. Like in the film Grease-"It is the one that I want"!
Works, but Fragile
The OTG cable works, I've tried it with a mouse, a usb drive, and a logitech gamepad.

However it is already tempermental to the position it is put in. If it bends the wrong way it will stop functioning.

Each time this happens, I have to unplug and plug it back in.

This isn't a terrible problem, I use it at my desk with long cords on all of the devices, so the otg cable rarely gets moved out of position.
Meerkat sound...
See cable, order, next day plug into phone. Doesn't get much easier than that.

Simple! (meerkat noise)

Oh yes... the plugs are a good fit to the HTC One and computer sockets, and the cable is well made and of the right length.
Micro USB to USB Converter OTG cable for Google Nexus 7
Superb service from this supplier. The lead arrived almost overnight and is perfect for my needs (connecting a USB stick to my Google Nexus 7).
Would certainly use this company again - thank you.
Does the job well
Will connect just about any USB Accessory
I originally purchased this just to connect a couple of USB devices, but since it arrived, I have successfully tested it, mostly just for fun, with a Camera, External HDD, Keyboard, Memory Stick, Mini Hub, Mouse and VoIP Phone. Since it is has straight connector for the micro USB, and not right-angled unlike some, both connectors fit well and aren't loose. This is important if you normally rest your unit in landscape orientation in a protective case, as I have. This means that it is not the cheapest, but sometimes you only get what you pay for. As recommended by others I have installed the low cost Nexus Media Importer App, for browsing the storage devices, including the multi-drive HDD. However, this doesn’t work with my particular camera, but as suggested in the Troubleshooting Help, I can just use the Gallery instead. So, if you only want to connect a camera, it is best to check it out using the Gallery first.
Needed this item for some time
This cable is an excellent piece of kit so that you can connect any item with only a mini USB Port to any PC or USB stick and other items that require USB connectivity a really inexpensive must have connector
Grear Service
I required a USB adaptor for a Nexus 7. Due to the popularity of the Nexus these were very diificult to find. When I contacted Mobile they were out of stock. However, within two days they advised that new stock had arrived. I placed an order, and as promised, I received. Great communications, Great Price. Great Service.
handy bit of kit
Connectors fit well and aren't loose. This coupled with nexus media importer app u can connect hard drive and access your movies...very handy for the kids when away from home or coupled with a hard drive such as the samsung 1TB portable...kids can watch movies whilst travelling without the need of any power supply.

Can also be used for my galaxy s2 when connecting a usb stick...despite having 32gb SD card its still not enough memory for my music collection..and can be used with word docs on the move via the polaris app
A useful device for tablet pc
Although a micro USB to standard USB is not the most exciting purchase I have made, it is useful for connecting various devices such as memory sticks and mouse to my tablet.It works great and Mobile Fun delivered very promptly, great service!
Review Pestering
Very happy with the product and
delivery service, however unhappy about being pestered for a review!!
Good but too expensive
I bought a micro USB to USB converter OTG cable. The cable works well. However, I was disappointed with it because I also bought a similar cable from another firm which also does the job but at a fraction of the price.
It works!
I bought a 32gb Nexus 7 for use when travelling. The tablets has no external storage connection and so no mechanism of e-mailing photos from a camera. You also can't listen to music or watch videos from an external source. I didn't want to 'root' this new purchase as this invalidates the warranty. So using the connector in conjunction with the 'Nexus Media Importer' app I've been easily able to do all of the above. The cable fits snugly and doesn't fall out unlike some other cables. It's a little more expensive than some others advertised elsewhere but it's worth paying a bit more for something that works flawlessly.
It works
It has sturdy build quality and it works.
Invaluable peice of kit
This OTG cable for the Nexus 7 works. unlike some cheaper ones on the market it is well made, fits and does not fall out. If used with the Nexus media importer you do not have to root your Nexus and can transfer files from a memory stick easily but as yet cannot write to the stick, You can also use this lead to connect a keyboard, mouse etc. For any slr users out there there is also an app to use your camera with this lead and the Nexus 7
Reliable USB connector for Google Nexus 7
Using this cable to connect various USB devices including memory stick containing movies. Coupled with Nexus Media Importer am streaming MP4 films without DRM, to the tablet without transferring the film. Using MX player. May work with native player but not tried. Good cable, thing some do not work so well but worth the money.

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