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Olixar X1 Bluetooth Stereo Headset Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Olixar X1 Bluetooth Stereo Headset features high quality wireless music streaming and hands-free calling. Combining stylish design and modern technology ideal for an active lifestyle.
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 4.7 stars from 254 customers

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Very Happy
This blutooth device works exactly as described in the advertising, I was unsure prior to my use of it but I am happily satisfied and now I use it regularly.
Excellent, easy to instal and good quality sound.
Light + Good Quality Sound
Light to ware and good quality sound
To say that I delighted with both would be an understatement
Having already bought the Bluetooth wooly hat I decided that I couldn't possibly wear the wooly hat during the summer while listening to my music. I decided to have another look at your web site to see what other Bluetooth headphones you had. Upon perusing your web site I found the Bluetooth headphones which I now have. To say that I delighted with both would be an understatement. I would not hesitate to recommend you to any one.
Great value
I have just purchased my second Olixar X1 headset. The first I bought for myself and the second as a gift.The headset is very well made, not cheap and nasty, the battery lasts for ever off a single charge and the sound quality is superb. I use it for listening to streamed music around the house and for hands free in the car. The audio is particularly clear on hands free and is much clearer than my Plantronics headset which cost more than three times the price. Overall, great value for money and highly recommended.
Very Good
I have use this headset & found it extremely good, super sounder and easy to operate.

I will not hesitate to buy again from MobileFun the range of products and gadgets are great.
Very happy with this purchase.
Easy set up great sound
Great sound!
I bought these as an early Christmas present for my very fussy 13 year old and she loves them! Great sound quality and discreet as her hair can hide them which she likes, would definitely recommend
Better than I expected
Crisp clear sound. Easier button operation than some other headsets. Quicker to charge than previous ones as well. Snug fit and more comfy when sitting in high back chairs like aircraft seats. Excellent product!
Got these headphones for use at the gym - I have a problem with small ears and all the in-ear headphones fall out! Got these as the price was so reasonable - to be honest wasn't expecting too much but to my amazement they are PERFECT
Olixar bluetooth headset
Great head set, cant believe there only £20. Im not a music buff or a sound expert but this headset is the mutts nuts for me and so comfortable to wear, brill.
Great connectability - great sound
Easily connects to your Bluetooth device and is interactive enough for a fantastic experience. Would 100% recommend
Very impressed with both the Olixar X1 Stereo headphones and the standard postal service from the UK to Australia.
Very impressed with both the Olixar X1 Stereo headphones and the standard postal service from the UK to Australia.
Very impressed
Delivered by return of post and nicely packaged. Seems to be well made and fitted on my ears well, I suppose the padded cups could be a little bigger but then that would defeat the object of them being lightweight and easy to carry. They fold up nicely and more importantly the sound from them was excellent using my Nexus 7 (2012 model). For their size a very good range from quite deep bass to higher frequencies. I've never worn over ear headsets and was concerned they wouldn't feel right but was surprised how comfy these are. All in all a good buy all round!
Excellent Head Set
Sound Quality - Extremely Good
Battery- Very Good
Blue Tooth Range - Good
Very comfortable fit
Connectivity reliable
Function buttons work well
Overall this is an excellent head set, definitely a good purchase!
Worth every penny
If I had known how great these were I would have bought a couple more pair. Could use a pair in the car and a pair for the boat.
My husband is totally satisfied with the sound quality and the comfort of them, so much so that he has fallen asleep wearing them. Good thing he didn't miss the alarm or his boss would not be happy.
Excellent product
This little Bluetooth stereo head set is truly a good thing. The sound is just great. Full depth sound and no dropping out going from room to room via the phone Bluetooth connection. Long battery life and quick to charge,can recommend to anyone
Great Headset and service
I got 2 headsets ( one for me and another for my GF) and I received in a couple of days. Great service as always! thanks mobile fun! The headsets are very simple to use and great sound. Talking to the phone is also a good experience. Battery life more than 2 days of heavy use. What can I say. For that price ( really cheap) you must just buy one! or maybe two!
Oligarchs X11 Bleatooth stereo head speakers.
Fantastic great....you need these in your life.best money I've spent this year.this product easy to wear around back of head.easy to connect.also works in car. And at gym brilliant.
Works in a very good way, simple to pair and very comfortable to wear. When my wife saw me wearing it, she decided at once to order another for herself. I'm very satisfied with Olixar products and MobileFun that often is better than Amazon for my purchases.
Pleasantly surprised
What a lovely wee piece of kit! Superb reproduction with good range; I enjoy migraine-inducing bass & am impressed by the sound of which these are capable, given that they are Bluetooth connected. Very impressed. Comfortable? Uh-huh, absolutely no complaints on that front ... and they can take calls? Why sir, you spoil me.
This is the 3rd one I have purchased, 1 kept in the house, 1in the car, and 1 to keep in the motorbyke all to be used when I'm walking.
Bought the first about 3 years ago very good value, battery lasts for at least 10 miles walking, also fits easily in the pocket
Great value
I ordered the wallet for my husband who has a Galaxy Note Edge. He was skeptical since all of the ones we had seen in the shops were 4times the price and we're only cases not wallets
What a pleasant surprise when it arrived. He marvels at how perfect it is. It is also very stylish.
I don't think a day has gone by that he doesn't thank me for this.
Now we're waiting for the Bluetooth headphones. Great value and service
personal opinion
The product description was spot on, they arrived in great time, well packaged with easy to understand instructions on how to connect. My only tiny niggle with them is they're slightly too wide for me and aren't as comfortable on my ears as I was hoping for. Comfort aside, they're good quality with great sound and fantastic distance connectivity which is all enough to make up for the slight discomfort on my ears
Get one of the OLIXSR Headset before it's to late
Get one of the OLIXSR Headset before it's to late. Great product and great delivery service.
Wireless headphones
Bought these for their wireless feature, I'm fed up of tethered ear phones. However, the design is not very functional as the connecting plastic bar goes round the back of your neck, not over the top of your head like traditional ear phones. This is ok if you're stationary but if you move around or try mowing the lawn or similar they don't hold in place. Also I found if you move too far and I mean 20 yards from the playing device you lose connection quite a lot so you end up having your device in your pocket anyway. Great if sat on a lounger with your device on the table. Not what I was trying to achieve though. I do have a strong broadband package so it definitely isn't a lack of that.
Very nice headset
According to a headset great price-performance benchmark. Shooting area highly enough. I use with multiple devices. I connect to Bluetooth-enabled television. The quality of a headset would afford a much more expensive price.
Excellent sound quality
The headset is light, comfortable and produces excellent sound quality for a great price.
Performs as it was described
All the controls work fine. Easy to pair with my PC or phone. However, the padding of the earpieces is limited and the distance of the ear-pads to the over the ear loops is a little close and is uncomfortable after a short time. Perhaps the will fit better after a few uses. The sound is good with a nice level of bass.
Surprisingly Good
Pretty impressed with the Olixar headphones, much better build quality and more features than you'd expect for such a low cost item.

Generally you have to pay a fortune for a good bluetooth headset (or accept a bad quality knock off), now thanks to Mobile Zap and Olixar this is not the case!
Is a very nicely
This is my second pair of these. The first pair are still running strong, probably around 1 year old, though a little battered now as they're my gym headphones. I use this set now for a headset and it's fairly hard to tell how well they do. I can hear very well and I love the fact that I can use these for a conference call as much as listening to music but I've no idea whether the mic is any good as you don't get to hear your end of the conversation with them.

Also, for whatever reason, Skype for Business has started giving me 'your device is causing poor audio quality' recently, not sure why that's whining so the headphones are quite clearly connected. It was ok one week and the next, these messages. Personally, I suspect Skype as I don't see any issues on the headphones.

The only thing I wasn't too keen on with these headphones was the fact that they go around the back of your head (not on the top like old style) but I got used to them pretty quick and in many ways they're probably better, especially when wiping your face/head at the gym.
THey are good but.....
My main issue to start off was the headset not being adjustable, just when I was thinking of sending them back I realised the headset fitted OVER the ears. Main issue sorted. The sound quality is not brilliant, they do not fit snugly enough ON your ears, if they did, it would go a long way to cancelling out background noise.This means the sound level is NOT high enough to enjoy when outside. It is good when there is silence all around. A brilliant idea, but improvement needed
Would recommend this product to anyone
Easy to connect to my phone, comfortable to wear and very reasonable price. Would recommend this product to anyone
Excellent product and service again.
Be very carful
I bought a pair of these and they are one of the things I regret doing. They don't connect well to any of my devices there is no volume when they do and who knows if they are charged or not the buttons are rubbishy I certainly would not recommend the to anyone else.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Chris

Sorry to hear you are not happy with your headphones. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can help you.
What a difference these make
I have always had wired headphones before and was sceptical about bluetooth speakers because of price and value for for money but I was amazed at the sound quality and the price was ideal so I'm very pleased with my purchase as always
worth every penny
simply amazing bluetooth headset, bought it after reading the positive comments here about the headset and i am very happy..
1. amazing sound quality
2. amazing built quality
3. wear them for running or cycling
4. music sounds amazing
1. my voice sound bit low while using for calling
2. bit small for big face
3. bit annoying for the person who wears glasses

overall these are totally worth the money and you wont regret buying them :)
great headset
I saw these olixar x1 headset on an email newsletter I received from Mobilefun recently. I've bought a few items from them in the past and have to say I'm delighted with the service and quality of product every time.
These headphones are brilliant, I've been using them while watching films on my tablet and with my phone while out and about. They were half price and so I bought a second pair for my girlfriend.
Good, but......
Brilliant, but I do wish it was adjustable. If I keep my head still, then they fit perfect, if I move around; they fall down. Tried them whilst out cycling, the sound output is not good (unless you glued them to your ears) one side would drop, as soon as you put it back in position the other side would drop. A good idea but.....
At last blue tooth headphones that actually work and have superb sound quality.
Up to finding this pair of headphones from Mobile fun I have been very frustrated in that 5 previous pairs purchased via high street stores were not compatible with my Samsung Smart TV.
These are perfect and sit on the back of the neck in pure comfort.
Fantastic for the price paid.
Dinky in size with great big clear sound.
Hello, these headphones are wonderful for people that love music and enjoy a clear reception. The fun with them is how to place behind your ears for comfort, when studied for a few minutes it is truly worth it!
Kind regards
Francis Flynn
Good headphones but a tight fit on my head
Ease of pairing both with my laptop and my nexus 7 (separately), and the sound quality and the volume are good enough. I'm not listening to high quality music, so can't assess fidelity.
The headphones fold flat for carrying.
The controls are reasonably easy to use, though of course you can't see them when you are wearing them.
Value for money.
The neck piece is hard, not particularly adjustable and a bit small for my head.
very easy
Very good, don't hurt my ears like blue tooth headphones, will recommend this
Definitely worth getting
This headset has proved to be well worth getting from my point of view. It is comfortable to wear, the earpiece units cut out a fair amount of (but not all) ambient sound, it pairs easily with my phone, and the sound quality is very good; nobody whom I have talked to using this headset has made any negative comment about it. I recommend this device.
Fantastic head phones
fantastic head phones when you got them on can't hear anybody calling you.but everything I have bought of moble fun has been fantastic.
Compact, lightweight, comfortable & with a sound quality found in other headsets costing ten times the price
Compact, lightweight, comfortable & with a sound quality found in other headsets costing ten times the price. Impressed & very pleased with both the headset & the service always provided by MobileFun.
Excellent quality product
Didn't expect them to be THIS GOOD for the price AND HALF PRICE anyway. I keep thinking I won't buy anything else from MobileFun but they keep sending genuinely good deals.
So comfortable
These are so comfortable to wear. Easy to set up and connect. Thoroughly recommended.
Great product
Great product, great service. I've finally found comfortable headset that doesn't fall off my big head.
Brilliant headphones
These Olixar X1 Bluetooth headphones are brilliant. The sound quality is excellent, nice bass to the music being played and the fact you don't have wires getting snagged are a plus. You can also answer calls to your mobile. They also fold away neatly. Highly recommended.
Freedom from The Wire
Having previously ordered a similar product many years ago, I was very pleased to see that the quality of these similar over ear behind the neck banded wireless bluetooth headphones has been maintained. Once you get the knack of hooking the soft sponge/vinyl cups over each ear they are incredibly comfortable to wear, to the point of forgetting you have them on. The sound quality is excellent across the range and the controls easy to navigate whilst wearing. One important feature is the ability to pause a music track by just pressing the center of the earphone - very important when crossing roads or attention needs to be focused on something important. The headphones do not completely block out external sounds but are surprisingly resilient to wind noise. The bluetooth is easily paired and re-paired to Android and Windows 10, but they are not multipoint (so I ordered two sets, one for the computer and another for my smartphone). No longer will I walk away from my workstation to hear a clatter of laptop on floor. Great product, definite 5 stars.
Excellent Bluetooth Headset
I bought this product knowing that it is a quality product as I have been using one for the past 3 years. I have been using mine connected to my smartphone to listen to Radio Caroline while at work and I still get just over 8 hours use before it needs a quick recharge. Phone calls are easy to make and receive, if you drive a vehicle this is a must have. I can honestly say that this is one of the best products I've ever bought.
30th bday present
Great item brought as 30th bday present. Gd sound has a demo the other day. :)
Value for money
Headset does exactly as it says on the tin, easy to set up and use with my iphone 6.

Pros and Cons
There is sometimes slight skipping when moving to a new track (not every time)
Sound quality is great.
The product is slightly bulkier than depicted.
Control mapping is logical and normal after a couple of uses
This x1 headset is easy to use connects well with Bluetooth although you have to turn the Bluetooth on your phone. Good sounds and works well with Amazon prime music.The only negative I can think of is the range when I left the phone in the kitchen walked 25 metres and lost connection.The headset is well designed robust although pressed the multi function button and phoned some random person.Thats my fault for having so many contacts.All in Al a bargain product well worth the cash.
Great product.
Five stars for a five star product. Fold away when not in use. Great clear sound. Delivery was even early. Would certainly recommend Mobilefun.
Good loy
Got this for my G/son he had broken the j/set jack on his iPad so
I thought try Bluetooth works great Great value and fast delivery
Great Headphones
Superb sound. Stay charged for days on end. Brilliant on the bike as no wires to distract. Can also take calls when cycling.
I purchased these for my Grandson who had broken his earphone jack in his iPad couldn't get the broken piece out and therefore had no sound . So I thought try some Bluetooth headsets . Wow what a result as soon as I turned his pad on it picked up the headset straight away sound quality is fantastic and the range is great. So no ore being tied to his pad with wires he is over the moon
Sounds great!
Light, easy to use and cordless - fantastic and you can receive calls on the go!
Great product - how did I get by in the past?
Very good
Quick delivery, very good product
I bought this a s a gift and the person is really happy with them. She said that they are comfortable and useful. However had an issue with staying connected and answering a phone. Hopefully this won't happen again.
Overall I do recommend it.
Good so far
I just paired it and haven't made any calls yet, but I was very pleased how easy it was to pair
Great portable headphones.
Easy to use. Portable. Well made.
Good Quality Device
When I started using Olixar X1 I realised good quality sound of the music was being produced. I could hear every musical instrument in each song that was being played. I highly recommend it to music lovers. Perfect stereo sound.
Very good with big buttons
Easy to set up and use. Big buttons make it very easy to use. Mic is crystal clear. Recommended.
The headset is nice great sound.Would like it not to be so tight against the back of my head.
Need to be more comfortable in the back, it's to tight.
God sound
Great, punches well above its weight
Great sound, great base, easy to use controls. I needed some Bluetooth headphones that fit nice, sound great and can use when my phone rings. These tick all the boxes and more, for the price you can't get better, even if they cost double they would be worth it.
Just what I was looking for in a headphone
Just what I was looking for in a headphone. Comfortable pads on the ears. Excellent sound. Great product
great headset
This a great little bluetooth head set, would recommend it to friends, at a great price to!.
Bigger than I thought but the most comfortable headphones ever.great sound quality no interference. Mobile chatting or listening to music they are worth every penny. Fold up when not in use. Buy them!
Great little light headphones
I have used these headphones on my Nokia Lumia 640 for just over two months now.
It took a little bit of getting used to the ‘on ear’ type that these headphones are, but after a few days, it was second nature.
These headphones are very light; I weighed them at 75 Grams / 2.65 ounces. You barely notice they are on your head.
These headphones punch way above their weight when it comes to sound, both listening to music and receiving calls; the audio is high quality, they have powerful volume amplification with no distortion.
The right headphone has the controls for skipping music tracks, receiving calls etc. The controls are well laid out and easy to remember once on your head, the top two are forward and back, the lower two are volume plus and minus, the centre for calls, and they are ridged in a way that makes it quick to access each function.
As for battery life, it took two whole days of constant use to drain the battery fully.
Would I recommend these headphones….Absolutely
Best Bluetooth earphones ever!
This is my second pair because I left the first in a cab in NYC. Unbeatable on value, have recommended these to everyone I know. The bluetooth never gets distorted and the are comfortable to wear. You cannot beat the value compared to more expensive options.
Excellent Product
I am very happy with these eraphones, the soun quality is excellent
Ideal for on the go or travelling
These headphones are ideal for travelling, I use them on my Microsoft Nokia 640 and they work great. Good sound quality, nice and lightweight, listen to music and not miss a call. Battery seems to last for ages too.
Perfect stuff for young and adult
Perfect stuff for young and adult
Olxar bluetooth stereo headset
Good product , V good service , and very reliable.
Highly recommended.
Quality Sound but uncomfortable
I ordered this headset from Mobile fun and it arrived the next day. The quality is OK for the price. the connection is very easy. The instructions are tiny and hard to read. My main problem is that they are just to small and are pretty uncomfortable hey cut into the back of my ears and can only be used for about 15 Minutes before having to be removed.Battery life is good and charging is easy its a pity the USB lead is none standard as I now have another cable to carry round. With a little bit of hindsight it could have been made the same as the Blackberry, Samsung Kindle etc.
If the headset had been just a little bit more comfortable it would be five stars but unfortunately I can only award two because of comfort issue.
Excellent product for its money
I am so happy with these headphones connected no problem simple and quick last ages 10h of use per charge at least. Very happy with sound quality.
All round love this, use them all the time well worth the money I paid for them
Good Quality & Amazing Battery Life
These are good quality bluetooth headphones that pair up with both my iPhone & MacBook Air at the same time. Thus allowing me to make normal phone calls, but also Skype & web-based calls via the Mac.
Battery life is fabulous. Even with them left on & paired all day, and having had several hours of calls, the battery indicator on my phone suggests they are still nearly fully charged. My guesstimate would be several days of fairly heavy usage between charges.
Only downside, they do occasionally freeze & won't turn on or off. I plug them in to charge & this seems to reset them & all okay going forward.
Bang for buck, a decent pair of headphones
Purchased these to replace the standard samsung headphones. Thought I'd look at some bluetooth headsets to do away with the wires.

The Olixar X1 headphones were a decent buy. If you're an audiophile nut then these probably aren't for you BUT the sound is very good for the price.

Connection was easy to set up and they stay connected with the phone in the pocket, no interuptions or cut outs.

It does take a bit of getting used to as the band doesn't go over your head, it goes over your ears and around the back of your head. Very light weight as well, no discomfort.

The button controls take a little time to get used to but with plenty of use you'll get the jist of it.

If you want more, then pay more.

Excellent service from mobile fun, very quick to dispatch.

5 stars recommended.
Awkward to use if you wear glasses
If you wear glasses, it's a bit awkward placing headset on your ears as it also shares this spot with your glasses. Difficult to put on and to stay on. It can work, but bit too fiddly for me. May need to return them.
Good product, Great Price
Bought for my wife - who admits to being a technophobe. But didn't take her long to understand them, and she uses them for conference calls - comfortable and fit her small physique. May need to purchase another set for daughter, who pinches them for music...
Well packaged and easy to pair blue tooth
Dispatched by mobile fun and received in a couple of days. Well packaged and easy to pair blue tooth with my galaxy tab s. On trying out I had the same problem has one of the reviews after going away from my device it lost signal and was like a cd sticking. The head phones are okay for the money but just disappointed with the loss of signal after a couple of metres. This is my second item purchased from mobile fun and I cannot faulty them.
Easy to use and great sound quality
Easy to pair; comfortable to wear; easy to use. Great sound. I use them a lot to listen to downloaded podcasts of radio programmes. They also work well for calls and the other person hears me clearly. They do let in some external noise but not to an extent that it causes any problem. Indeed if you wear them while in a car you are not isolated from other sounds and what is going on around you (although I don't think they should be worn while driving).
This is my second pair - the first developed a pairing fault but I was sent an immediate replacement under the warranty.
Great Headphones
Bought these so I could get rid of the leads and was not disappointed with this product great design and great sound was well impressed and great value for money...well worth the buy
It's great one, l love it
Olixar Bluetooth Headset
Awesome sound, better than more expensive headphones and so easy to pair with my Sony Experia Z3,
I recently purchased this headphone and found it very user friendly, not complecated to connect via blue tooth to my phone and tablet ( Samsung TAB S), I recommend this headphone for anyone searching for easy to use headphone
Excellent Bluetooth stereo headset
Straight out of the box it worked....perfectly. I was amazed with the versatility of this item connects to everything iPad, iPhone, Motorola, Galaxy,HTC the lot. Good sound long battery life easily rechargeable,so convenient..no more wires for me.
Blues prevention
Paid with all 3 of my devices first time, instructions simple and clear. Very comfortable no sweaty ears, light and the sound quality for the price really great. Great service from MobileFun and fast thanks to all the team
What a surprising buy!
came across these headphones by chance and boy I'm glad I did, they are just great for listening to music, the sound quality of calls through the headset is amazing, and one charge really does last a long time, was thinking I would have to pay a higher price for such a good Bluetooth headset but this just shows how wrong u can be, most expensive is not always the best, so thank you mobile fun
These cannot be beaten!
i use these on average for 10hrs a day 7of these listening to music at work! & they last for 2-3days between charges! utterly impressed! very durable aswell, they have been dropped, rained on, & thrown across a wharehouse! still working!
Great headphones
These headphones are the bees knee! Fantastically easy to use, sound is brilliant, battery lasts for hours! Absolutely superb
Excellent Product
These headphones are surprisingly good especially for the money. Sound quality is pretty good, nice fit for my average sized head. Very happy with my purchase.
Great price, work first time, very easy to set up read manual to set to device, Battery last a very long time it shows on a iPod touch battery levels next to Bluetooth. Will buy again and to tell others about it.. I've had it running just over a week on about a good 8 hours a day give or take a few hours still had not to charge it. Yet i think when you switch it off it gains battery life not sure but great!!
Thanks Great Product!! There Nothing to dislike about it..
Good Headphones for the Price
I bought the Olixar X1 for use in the office, running and the gym based on the reviews. Received the headphones within 2 days of ordering using standard delivery, well packed and instruction booklet had the information required to get started.
I had problems synching to the Nokia but after removing the existing BT pairings, putting the Nokia into airplane mode then back on they connected first time.
Sound quality is good, can hear background noise but they aren’t noise cancelling and doesn’t impact the listening experience.
Controls are easy to use.
Using them outside for running, they are comfortable and again decent sound quality, can still hear traffic noise which is not a bad thing.
My only gripe was that they moved on my ear while running which caused a rubbing noise but got used to that and zoned it out. Think it may just be my ears.
Only concern I have about is the effect of sweat on the faux leather coverings. At some point these will start to flake but we shall see. All in all a good pair of headphones for the price. Good sound quality, decent build quality and comfortable. What more do you need.
No Problems
Works great with all our devices, including Android and iOS tablets, Nokia phones and PC's. Battery life is very good and sound quality entirely satisfactory.
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