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Olixar X-Trio Full Cover iPhone 7 Case - Black Reviews

Full front, back and screen protection is as easy as 1-2-3 with the Olixar X-Trio in black. With a slimline shell for the back and front that clips together seamlessly and a tempered glass screen protector, your iPhone 7 is fully encased and safe.
  • Mobile Fun ID 61445
$32.41 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 29 customers

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fits like a glove, good finish
it seems a shame to cover up a beautiful red i phone 7's poppy red metal and silver apple - however this clever rubber cover is the same deep metallic red and so beautifully slim and tactile. it fits like a glove and doesn't look cheap. the perfect cover for this limited edition phone. i'd buy it again. Mobile Fun were friendly, but lost my order and i had to re-order and chase them. it took 5-6 weeks to arrive when it should have been 2.but worth waiting for.
Great product, get admiration from all my friends, love the red and it help to protect the phone really well/
Good value, nice colour, perfect fit
Excellent product and service
excellent product and service
Amazing case!
High quality product
Awesome service, high quality product
The cover is amazing
The cover is amazing although I didn't know there was a screen saver enclosed until
I saw this so it got thrown away with the packaging but I am super happy with my new red cover its so and colourful would recommend them
At first I purchased deep red cases on various web sites. They were all bad cheap plastic not the deep red that was advertised. Some were broke. I just happened to come across mobile fun & took a look. I found this phone case hit the button & waited. It was a short wait & by gum it's a cracker. Deep Red with a glass screen protector I love it. I have had several people ask where I had got it from. When my case did finally break I was back onto mobile fun & have bought it again. It feels soft like velvet to the touch but it's obviously not. I reall do love this complete phone cover I will be buy another when thus one gives up the ghost. Buy it you won't be disappointed
Does what it says
I would have wanted to know what material the cover was made of.
Great case.
Great iPhone 7 case. Fits perfectly. Not super grippy, but I didn't expect it to be. Looks good and feels good.
This is a fantastic product
This is a fantastic product good value fits perfect slimline and stylish will perches again
Great item
I wanted protection and style for my new phone. I wanted to keep the rose gold aspect visible as I generally have black. It was quite expensive but is quality and protects entire phone with the ports and controls and screen still sensitive. It is made to fit the phone exactly and is secure. It is very well designed and is anti slip. Looks good gives maximum protection. It is slightly darker gold than the phone and is a matt finish. I would definitely recommend
Great looking case
Excellent service from MobileFun as always, case is easy to fit and looks good too. Would have liked the home button to be the same colour but other than that really pleased with it.
Not good
The plastic feels really cheep, it may look very nice but it stains quickly. Also it didn't come with a screen cleaner so when I put it on there was a tiny piece of dust and the screen has got bubbles on it. I think u should put 2 screen things with the case so people like me who didn't clean it can try again. But overall it is good looking.
Definitely 5 stars!!
Great product! I have quite a lot of phone cases in the past from different websites and this by far is the best case looks/quality wise. The case arrived on time easy to put onto ur phone and feels great when on and doesn't feel like the phone is about to fall out ur hand. Great photos and description on website which made me more eager to buy! Definitely worth it and would 100% order again.
Mine snapped in 5 seconds
MobileFun Reply
Hi James

Sorry to hear you have had problems with this case. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist.
Thin and very well made
When I first took the case out of the packaging I was worried with how thin the case looked. However once on the phone my mind immediately changed. This case fits beautifully, even down to the alignment of the holes for the cameras. The screen protector then fits in to become part of the case. Take your time fitting the protector as the snug fit means it's a one time deal!
Excellent product and fast delivery
Fits snug to the iphone 7. Feels like a quality product and the glass screen an added bonus. Quick and simple to put on and I feel at ease knowing my phone is protected.
Does the job!
When you spend £££s on a mobile phone, you must get a good quality case. I was looking for a case the offered all-round protection instead of buying individual products. The Olixar X-Trio initially had no reviews, so a bit of a risk but it turns out it was one worth taking. This slim fit case offers all-round protection and has a lovely feel to it, easily gripped with no risk of your phone slipping out your hand. Only negative would be the foreign instructions and the screen protector with those annoying air-bubbles.
Really great product
Liked the colour and design. It would be good if it had the apple logo since it's for iPhone.
Good stuff
This case i got for my girlfriend's iphone 7 anshe loved it. It works really well. The protective material is very thin but will keep you phone from stratches as well as keeping you mobile device thin and slimline. Would have been nice if there where english instructions.
Pretty but not protective
A really nice case that really hugs your iPhone and barely adds any thickness to your phones. All the buttons are easily accessible as is the lightening port. Also the texture of the cover makes it very easy grip and less likely to drop. Am not sure this case would survive a drop from any significant height but then I think it is meant to look pretty rather than be protective.
Pretty cool case!
I haven't ever seen a case like this before. It's two pieces and it covers your entire device. Front and back. This case fits perfectly and is very snug therefore there aren't any room for you to have a skin or a screen protector underneath the case. The cutout are precise and perfect and this case is the best to protect against any and all minor drops and scratches but don't count on it holding together if you drop it from waist heigh. I've had it on my iPhone 7 for 3 days and it doesn't impede your reception nor does it hinder the charging port. It's kinda like a skin but only thicker and offers a little more protection. If you're looking for a minimalistic case you have found it in this case here.
His is a vibrant phone case that totally encases the phone. Fab colour.

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