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Olixar TrailBlazer Advanced Pro Universal In-Car Charger and Holder Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Securely hold and charge virtually any smartphone with the Olixar TrailBlazer Advanced Pro Car Holder with built-in secondary USB charging port.
  • Mobile Fun ID 27266
$27.05 inc VAT
 3.9 stars from 447 customers

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Very pleased with my purchase
Very pleased with my purchase
the product is well except it inappropriate for my Santa Fe
the product is well except it inappropriate for my Santa Fe
Good product
Good product but unfortunately my lighter socket is near my gear shift and the holder has to be turned sidewise
Few thinks to take into account
Hi, this is a must to have in the car for your phone as it charges the phone while in cradle and you still have a spare USB plug, just a couple of things to remember about this Charger/Holder if your 12v system is next to your gear shift because the holder exits the side at an 90 degree angle it will either hit your leg or passengers leg, I used my Sony S7 in it and its far to heavy, tried it with Samsung S4 and it was fine,

The only way it would work if the holder exits from the top not the side,hope this helps.
Pretty decent
It's really good, makes using the phone maps a lot easier however I drive a fiesta so it's a bit of a fiddle to plug the thing in; that's more because of my car than because of the item though, this is a good purchase can't recommend enough :)
Poor build quality
The item does not fit comfortably into the lighter socket of my ford s max causing the power to disconnect on travel. The cable connecting the lighter socket to the phone broke after 2 days and 2 uses.

Ok for the price but would have expected the cable to last longer than 2 days. Now using USB instead.
Great when using GPS
very satisfied with product ,great when using GPS ,delivery was fast ,in all great service ,would definitely purchase from Mobile Zap in the future .
Great when using GPS
very satisfied with product ,great when using GPS ,delivery was fast ,in all great service ,would definitely purchase from Mobile Zap in the future .
The Olixar Trailblazer Advanced Pro Universal In-Car Charger and Holder is a very good piece of equipment that makes in-car communication very easy, whilst keeping your phone fully charged. It fits straight into the car's power socket and holds your phone in an easily viewed position. Unfortunately, in my car, the phone encroaches into the passenger area so is only of use when I don't have a front-seat passenger.
Good unit but maybe not for all cars
I bought this charger and holder after reading reviews on it. I have no complaints with the unit itself. It does what it is supposed to and works well. However I have an Iphone 6+ amd it is a little heavy for it making it slide round in the socket. The second problem I encountered is that I am using it in a Mercedes E type where the socket is inside a small compartment with a raising and lowering door. The door mechanism obstructs the charger because the cable isn't long enough to clear it. I dis eventually find one position where it might be used after rotating the cover on the socket and angling the unit awkwardly. It's not ideal but can just about be used. So a good unit but check your car facilities before buying in case it doesn't fit easily.
Though product was as described, holds phone firmly without damaging, flexible neck is strong/robust, lower screw tightens to hold charger in selected position, I would have liked to know that the charger does NOT fit ALL charging/cigarette portals. I have a 17 year old Audi and charger will not stay in upright position not at all ideal, though chargers USB and cable do charge simultaneously.

Disappointed :(
The holding screw just doesn't tighten up enough, allowing my phone to flop down. The charger port also doesn't fit properly into the 12v socket, its slightly too small and kept falling out. Sort these issues out and I will buy one again.
Decent product!
Decent product! Works as expected. I will say, the first one received was defective, and you guys made it right VERY quickly! I haven't seen customer service like that in a REALLY long time! I can't say enough about the EXCELLENT customer service!!!
Thank you! Well done and would definitely buy from again!
Product reference: 27266
I'm a bit disappointed with this product. It's flimsy and wobbly, and even though in the brochure picture it is fitted to what looks like a Ford Mondeo cigarette lighter, like mine, it doesn't fit well at all. Plus the phone weight will make the whole thing basically fall out of the socket. I had to make extra bracket to make it useful.
Good but could be better
Bought this charger as I wanted a charger that had adapter for iPhone 6 without having to take my own lead out with me every where. Item arrived within a few days but when fitting adapter snapped off was very disappointed so contacted mobile fun who told me to return the whole product did so had to wait over a week for new product to arrive but been using now for over a fortnight and am very pleased with this charger although it could be improved by having a longer stem as my placement of cigarette lighter is quite low so charger tends to move around whilst driving a small problem which I over came by resting it against the slightly opened ash tray works for me ! Otherwise a good little product would recommend
spot on
Very good item holds the phone well and easy to use, came in good time too would use this again
Great piece of equipment
Good quality, holds firm in socket and does not wobble. Does the job very well. The unit can be left the glove box when not in use so no tell tale signs left in car. Charges battery faster than google maps uses on the mobile.
Mobile phone holder
I was looking for a mobile phone holder.
I went to mobilefun without too much trouble found exactly what I was loooking for .
A reasonable price and good product.
I live in New Zealand and delivery only took 5 days.
Am very pleased with my purchase and would highly reccomend mobile fun to anyone looking for mobile phones or accessories.
My phone now has a home in the car!
THIS is the best car phone holder & charger in 1...! Fits in the ashtray charger like a glove, is at just the right height position to see the satnav on my phone and the extra charging port is handy when I have a passenger in the car! Money well spent!
Not as good as expected
Love the design and the way it holds my phone, unfortunately it wobble around in my socket of my 2015 model Ford Focus so can't use.
Good buy
It's a nice product holding the mobile phone securely. My car has charging point below the AC controls, so it can be difficult to position the hold.
Good buy
It's a nice product holding the mobile phone securely. My car has charging point below the AC controls, so it can be difficult to position the hold.
Oxilar trailblazer car holder and charger
I was looking for a car holder for my mobile phone and went to mobileFun website.
I found it was easy to navigate the product list and found exactly what I was looking for with no trouble at all.
The product was reasonably priced and purchase was quick and straght forward.
I live in New Zealand and from purchase to delivery only took 5 days to arrive at my door from UK and was very well wrapped.
very pleased with my product and the service from Mobile Fun. Would highly reccomend and would definately purchase from them again.
great piece of kit
Excellent quality and robustly built. Very good value for money. Fits as described with no vibration. Does an excellent job for hands free. Delivered next day. First class service from Mobilefun and just what was wanted for the car.
Flawed design - returned
This was bought to replace a 7 yr old Kensington equivalent no longer made. Unlike the Kensington this has a ball and socket joint at the junction of the power adaptor and the flexible metal rod to the phone holder. The added leverage of the weight of an iPhone 6 overpowers the friction of the ball and socket joint, even when tightened. So it just droops down. And that is before you even attempt to use the phone in situ. Tightening with a spanner very hard might work - but also might well strip the plastic thread. Mobilefun were great and easy to deal with in accepting a return. I have now installed a proper Brodit system (brilliant).
I find the mount a little rickety but totally usable. One word of warning, is that this probably targeted at Power Outlets mounted vertically. Mine is horizontal and trying to maneuver it so that it is visible, out of the way of the gear stick, and stays where it is - away from my legs - is a bit of a mission. I would say it is worth the money.
Quality sturdy product
A compact holder which incorporates a handy usb charger. A far superior product than many car phone holders. .very happy with this item which adjusts to hold the larger devices easily.
Not worth the money
Poor, flimsy construction. Supplied charging cable does not work.

Do not buy.
MobileFun Reply

Sounds like you have a faulty item there, please contact us for a replacement.
Bit cumbersome and the charging facilty I thought was built in to charger but its not you have to use a cable
In car charger
Strong construction. Holds phone perfectly without any vibration. Just make sure it will not get in the way of any controls or instruments depending on the location of your cigar lighter. Will hold the largest smartphone including its case. Thoroughly recommended
Excellent unit
Brilliant bit of kit just got a new samsung s6 edge sits in the device snugly & charges at same time & with the spare usb connection it powers my sat-nav at same time.
Slow charge
Cable supplied is rubbish - phone still losses charge when it's plugged in!
Works OK
Works OK, but head doesn't seem to engage on the arm fully - prone to falling off. May have to resort to superglue......
Olixar Trailblazer Advanced Pro Universal In-Car charger and,holder
The Olixar Trailblazer is exactly what we need for our mobile phone and other devices in,the car. However, we have a small problem, which we hope to overcome. The 12V outlet in our Subaru Outback is positioned directly opposite the automatic gear shift lever and it is very difficult to shift the gear lever from P to R and then to drive. It is even more difficult going back to Park. We have to either bend the Olixar to one side or leave iit unconnected or leave in Neutral. We have now purchased a twin socket for our 12V outlet which also allows us to plug in a reversing camera. This addition makes it marginally better, we can now move the gear lever more easily, but has the tendency for whole assembly to rotate, especially when going around a corner.
Olixar Trail Blazer Pro Universal
Great unit easy to use and a solid product. I have been checking out others but this is the most versatile unit for my use in our vehicles
Olixar trailblazer in car cradle charger
Product was as described,excellent web site,fast delivery have recommended to freind
Holds device when the roads not nice ...
This item allows one hand to install and remove device with ease. Holds it firmly even along the bumpiest of roads and tracks . Neat curly charging lead and bonus sub charging slot allows other device of alternative charger to be used whilst driving . Flexible shaft , adjustable ball and socket base gives ultimate positioning for safe easy use ... Legally . Great value for money .
In car charger/holder
It works best if the phone sits directly above the socket, however if you want it off to the side a bit, it will eventually rotate around with the weight of the phone.
Exactly what I had been looking for
Holds my phone perfectly,with the added bonus of being able to charge directly from the holder, great for emergency Sat Nav directions.
Oxilar trailblazer
Great idea as don't have to fix to widescreen and have cables everywhere.Holds my phone and sat nav ok but because it only fits in cig lighter socket the weight of device in it pulls it down and looses connection and also turns so device is laying on its side
Quality / Value
Good quality, and value for money, takes care of holding and re-charging not just my phone but I should imagine, anyone else's who travels with me, due to the changeable charge heads.
Not very good
I was looking forward to receiving this item but when I did I was dispointed. It doesn't stay up when my phone is in it. It's like my phone is to heavy for it.
Disappointing - heavy degradation after 8 month's use
Used twice a day for 8 months, the unit is no longer fit for purpose. There is a spring-loaded mechanism which pushes the clamps outwards when a button is pressed. You insert the phone and squeeze the clamps together with your fingers. This relies on a small gear and plastic teeth on the clamps which are very stiff in cold weather and have eventually given way, with the clamps now losing their grip.

For £12 (price I paid) it's not a bad purchase but I would be inclined to seek a more robust and expensive design in future.
MobileFun Reply
By all means return it as you have a 12 month warranty.
Ok but only just
Unit tends to be generally unstable especially when the weight of the phone is added. My power socket has a continuous power supply running to it which means I have to unplug the phone holder when not in use to prevent vehicle battery from becoming flat. An on / off switch built into the unit would be very useful. Wouldnt recommend this product.
Olixar smartphone holder/charger
As previous reviews have noted, the cigarette lighter plug is not strong enough to keep the unit from sagging, but I used a very small, short bungee cord to hook around the gooseneck to help support it, and so far, it has worked well. I am driving a 2015 GMC Savannah cargo van. It holds the phone well and in a position that I can easily see the screen and use the touch screen for phone calls (with my blue tooth) and navigation. So far, it works well and seems sturdy. The charging cord and variety of tips and the extra USB charging port are nice extras.
I did not get a confirmation on my order for 3 days, but it arrived fairly quickly.
Olixar Trailblazer Advanced Pro Universal In-Car Charger and Holder
Works as advertised: charges my Android phablet and holds it solidly.
Car Charger
I received the 2in 1 car charger + mobile docket some days ago but very disappointed when trying assembling them. The plastic nut used for tightening the two parts broken right away and I can not do anything with it.
In order to hold the two heavy parts like that, I think the nut must be made of aluminum or brass, not that soft and fragile plastic stuff.
This is a great product
This is a great product, that looks brilliant in the car and basically doses what it says. As always mobilefun is the place for all mobile devices. Great service and reliability as always.
Great product, wrong for my car
This holder is great and was strong enough to hold my Note 3. I think the design is really smart. It's just a shame that the position of my cigarette lighter made it awkward to change gear in my Volvo C30. I did consider changing my car, but...
Not really up to the job....
I'm writing this as I had an email from Mobile Fun asking me too, so here are my findings...

To be honest, I don't know if the holder I'm looking for exists. I use an iPhone 5s which I use Tom Tom sat nav on. The iphone is in a Lifeproof Frē case. What I need is a a device to hold the iPhone in its case in my work van with the ability to charge whilst using as the Tom Tom app uses a lot of power. I also don't want a suction holder that has to stick to the van windscreen in order to keep the phone out of the sun to avoid it overheating as iPhones tend to.

This holder promises to be all these things. It is supported by the 12v socket and the stem can be bent to various angles and positions. The cradle itself is a squeeze and release set up that could fit multiple size devices.

The problem is, it just doesn't work that well and is fiddly. It is not very self supporting and so over time it says and flops about and is all a bit of a faff. I've had it a couple of weeks now and to be honest it's either going back or going in the bin, it's just too much of a pain to set right and use effectively.

Top marks for effort but not much for execution. Sorry, just being honest.
Def handy for the car esp with smart phones that hve limited battery life - does what it says!
Not good for iphone 6+
It is a good gadget, but not really strong to hold iphone 6+ , it doen't stay in horizontal position because phone is heavy , but it working good with iphone 6.
Not suitable for my car
The device didn't sit firmly into the charging port in my Honda Jazz, meaning it wouldn't stay in place for very long. It was also not long enough to position the phone in the desired position. Would not recommend.
Great Service
The service was superb, from reading about the product,choosing, purchasing and getting it. Everything was quick and easy. The communications around this were great, I knew what was going on all the time. The product was here exactly when stated, which was very prompt. I will be using mobilefun again
Very Good
Great product and good delivery time!
I'm sorry to say that this product was certainly the most disappointing I have purchased from Mobile Fun.
The device will not hold the phone securely or firmly but is in fact very springy rendering it almost impossible to activate controls on the phone. Once the arm has been set it is almost impossible to re-align it without removing the complete unit from the lighter socket.
The biggest problem however lies with the clip at the rear that should lock the plate in the closed position.It doesn't. the slightest touch releases it and often just the natural vibrations from driving cause it to unlock and spin out of place.
Describing this item as rubbish is not a statement of emotion but rather one of fact. Waste of money.
Too flimsy
I though this looked like a good product, but after use I ended up buying something else.

The weight of the phone and dock is too much to be supported by the cigarette lighter port and it was slightly flexing the dash around the port.

The attachment that actually holds the dock is a loose fit onto the flexible post, it doesn't lock and it has a lot of play causing the phone to shake and vibrate a lot during diving. The flexible post itself, is very stiff, but is long enough that it also shakes a lot. The whole setup seems unstable.

The built in charging port with all the adapters did not work. The USB port worked ok, but I liked the idea of a small built in port that did not require an extra cable and leaving a 2nd port free.

Would not recommend.
Not too good
Not sure if its faulty but the phone holder doesn't stay attached to the arm, just slides out. My 12v socket is near the handbrake so have to have the phone in a more horizontal position, maybe that is the problem.
Should be good
Looks like a quality item and will be very useful when I get chance to use it. Just need a car that works now :-)
Good service from MobileFun
Not very universal
I thought this was a great idea in principle, however the charger is rather flimsy if you go over a bump in the road the charger stops working, I've only used it three times and it's already started to droop, not ideal.
Not Satisfied
urnfortunately i recieved this in condition the lock button between phone pad and the stick holder...and my device keeps on shaking while vehicle moves
Remarkable Product
This is a remarkable product that feeds about 5 digital devices. Handy.
Perfect for my needs
Needed a charger with cradle and got more, works brilliant !
Wish I had thought this through
The item itself it great and good idea. Am able to charge my phone, use navigation at same tome and be able to view screen using navigation. What I did not think about was the position within my VW Fox. I have trouble changing gear as I hit the phone and it falls over. Great gadget but think carefully where it will be positioned and where connection will be.
Great device: just didn't work for my SAAB 9-3
This is such a clever device, but didn't work for me or my car because my smartphone is a bit of a lump and the lighter socket quite recessed. No reflection on the charger, really.
This is where Mobile Fun come into their own. The site instantly offers a free return service, easily accessed and simple to process. With this level of service comfort, M-F may be sure I'll return...often.
An excellent product.
A well made and useful product which fitted my needs for holding my phone in the car.
I have a Ford Focus 08 plate and the Cigar lighter is set back in a deep recess. At first I thought that I would have difficulties fitting the holder, but to my surprise, because of the 'swan neck' it is even steadier due to the support of the recess. A very handy piece of equipment. Thank you.
Needed something like this for years.
It does what it says on the web site.
At last we can use the phone and/or the Satnav. in the Toyota Celica. Air vents not suitable for traditional devices and no flat surfaces anywhere for suckers.
The goose neck is a little too stiff and needs to be adjusted by just holding that part itself. Worried that the actual holder would snap off if used to bend the neck. However, lots of other adjustment which compensates for this. Prompt service.
My Son wanted this device to hold his Samsung s4.
Brilliant product does just what it says on the product.
Superb price.
Excellent delivery service and packaged well.
Thank you very much.
Not a secure fit at all as advertised
Trailblazer Advanced Pro Universal In-car charger and Holder.
I've used this product for a little less than one month. It started out nice and snug. Within a week of usage however, the gooseneck tube has become very loose, so that whenever I attach my phone (Nexus 5, not a very heavy phone I'd say) the weight of the phone causes it to slip/slide at the end where it's attached to the charger. It's not a problem with the ball and adjustable cog end, that itself is tight. It's the attachment between the bendable tube and it's base piece that get's loose. The result is I have to use my knee/leg to keep the phone in place and everytime I extend to apply the clutch the phone slips down.
Also, this is not an ideal device for using on a VW Golf (2000) or for that matter any car where the charge port is very close to the gear lever, as you have to fight with the surrounding area to put the pin in the 1.2A port.
Perfect for what it was intended and what I was looking for.
Solved my problem
I wanted a holder and charger that didn't require a dashboard, vent or window fixing and this one seemed to fit the bill. By fitting directly in the charger socket its surprisingly rigid and in my car (a VW CC) it is ideally placed close at hand and not in the way of anything. While the charger comes up on the phone as not supported - it does however work and charges my iPhone 5 fine. It also has a extra USB socket to charge another device at the same time. It may not suit every car depending on the charger socket location but as the arm is flexible and rotates it should fit most.
Good for the price
Useful spare USB port. Fits my phone perfectly. Flexible support and ball joint allows any positioning of phone, portrait or landscape.
Supported only by in-car cig lighter socket so not quite as solid support as would have liked, but adequate.
must have
when I saw this car charger it was something that I had to get. It was a very good idea everything that I needed was in there.
Exellent, thanks to MobileFun for existing! :-)
TrailBlazer Advanced Pro Universal Car Charger and Holder is excellent thing,
its so useful and practical, just what I need..
And its not too big, aestheticaly it looks great..
Great product
I bought this mount as I didn't want anything else stuck to the screen. None of the vent mounts seemed suitable for a Mk3 Focus, so this looked like an answer. It fits very tightly into the socket on the console,there is no shake or wobble in use, and the phone is held securely in place. I've had no issues with it moving. The charging cable fits well, and there are a variety of adapters supplied. As a bonus, it allows use of the USB socket to run a satnav, or charge my mp3 player.
TrailBlazer Advanced Pro Universal Car Charger and Holder
I have a VW Passat 2003 1.9TDI and unfortunately , this charger does not fit very well, as they cig lighter is close to the gearstick and the arm on the charger is not long enough to escape the gear stick.
Great Buy
Cheap and still effective. very good item, I reccomend it to everybody. I own it for about 10 days and I am very sattisfied with it :)
Very useful gadget.
This product is absolutely great for cars that have an electric socket on the dashboard console. However, if like me, your socket is on the centre console next to the handbrake and gear stick then do not buy it. I found it difficult to change gears or use the handbrake whilst it was plugged in.
This car charger and holder is genius. I've been looking for something like this for ages and now I've found it. It is exactly what I need. Plugs into the 12V socket in the dash and the arm bends up to hold either of my phones securely. It also charges both of my 2 phones or my phone and my wife's at the same time. Comes with lots of charging adapters to charge most phones currently available too which is great. Thank you MobileFun :)
Ower to your Gadgets
Ideal size and adjust-ability to fit power socket in car.
Would benefit from on / off switch so does have to be partially removed when not in use so therefore only 4 stars
The Very Item I Wanted
This is first rate not only holding the phone but able to charge the wife's phone at the same time or run the satnav IDEAL !!!!!!
Perfect for the job intended
Easily put together, robust, however flexible enough to position it exactly where you want in the car. Slightly tight fitting connector to the 12V supply.
Does what it says on the tin, and great value for money
Fantastic Product
Easy - Set up , great device just what
i needed !
Trailblazer car charger and holders
Product idea is excellent. Unfortunately the length of the arm from the plug in point is not long enough and so makes it awkward to fit in my car.
Works as discribed
Arrived quickly as does exactly what is says it will do. The only slight annoying thing is the blue light when driving at night other than that a great product.
It's a surprise
We'll brought this item for my husband for Christmas, so still in the rapper at the moment. But with only 4 weeks to go till Christmas and 13 days till his birthday this is the only item I have brought so far! So I'm sure he will like it very much, I brought as the pic looks like the same radio he has in his car, and we do long drives down to Cornwall. Looking forward to using it very soon.
Very useful, not quite perfect!
Bought as a holder for a Lumia 820 in my SAAB 9-3 estate 07 plate.
This item is pretty good for the price and prevents having long wires everywhere crossing the controls and steering wheel. The stem isn't as long as I expected, however the plug and stem appear pretty robust and solid. The phone is ideally situated being close at hand, I would imagine if you have a small screen then the position could take your eyes off the road a little too long. Whilst it didn't intefere with the gear stick I do knock it occasionally when going to change gear. The plug is tight fitting in the lighter and I imagine this is designed as such to minimise any movement, so you have to ensure it is fully inserted so as to charge. The unit head rotates and the bendy stem gives you various positioning options. Only occasionally used so far so I can't comment on durablity.

In summary it's great for the price, no wires dangling, feels solid and conveniently placed. The only real weakness is that the stem could do with being a little longer. I would recommend as a good budget option.
Exactly what it says on the box
This little beauty charges both my phones simultaneously, holds one for hands-free operation and fits on the gap under the ashtray like it was designed for it. It was advertised as a holder and a charger, and it still leaves a USB connection free for other bits like the SatNav! Cool bit of kit that does exactly what it says on the box - recommended for anyone!
i like this
i like the trailblazer advanced pro universal car charger & holder. i bought it to hold my samsung galaxy 4s and it does the job. i lie the versatility...can be adjusted many different ways. i like that it keeps the phone charged. i would recommend it.
Works Pretty Good
Didn't want the vent car phone holders because I heard they can break your vents with too much weight from the heavier smartphones. Used a cup holder device for a year but constantly having to fix the thing as it would lose it's tension. Do like this phone holder. Using it in a Toy Tacoma. Perhaps not the most convenient as the arm could be a little longer and it does get in the way of the two cup holders but I can work around it. It holds the phone securely but on some roads it does bounce. When it bounces a lot I've noticed the arm starts to fall slowly. The arm is held in place by a "ball in socket" set up and it probably could be a little more tight. Overall, it's worth it as I've freed up my 3rd front cup holder which is away from this device and I'm not potentially breaking a vent, nor am I blocking a vent, or hassling with my phone mounted to the window.
Not so good
Bought it in July. It is quite flimsy so does not stay in position for long. Also i get messages on the phones saying it is not compatible charging device. this week it stopped charging altogether. not very good quality - will be asking for a refund
Good product
I've found the unit I bought to work well with, in my own case, just one minor fault: the movable link between the charger and the phone could be longer. This variation would make viewing the screen a little easier; my car's cigar lighter is fitted out of range of normal vision. Otherwise, I'm delighted...
Amazing product!!!!
Amazing product and fast delivery
Fast delivery, excellent price
Fast delivery, excellent price
No good for the Sony Z1
Purchased it for the new Sony Z1, but the phone itself is too heavy for this charger/holder. With the weight of the phone whilst in the holder, the 'bendy' pipe from the cigarette lighter to the phone holder drops down and will not stay upright.
I would say this charger/holder would be OK for smaller / lighter phones, but for the Sony Z1 (as advertised) it's pretty useless.
Charger /holder
It does exactly what it should do, it holds my phone for viewing and charges it . easy to fit and works well
Best on the market.
Havent seen a better holder/charger on the market than this one.It's secure and doesnt rely on sticking the holder onto the window which inevitably falls off or they take it off at MOT (in my experience - obstruction to driver view). The grips open up wide enough to go horizontal and go tight enough to secure your phone. Space for charger cable. Cant fault this product.
Good prices
Very nice item, but not ideal for Note 3. Note 3 too weight.
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