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Olixar Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Screen Protector 5-in-1 Pack Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge screen in pristine condition with this 5 pack of Olixar scratch-resistant screen protectors.
  • Mobile Fun ID 52166
$10.81 inc VAT
 2.3 stars from 12 customers

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The screen protector has a mat finish appearance but it seems to be doing the job that it is suposed to!
Fits like a glove
Easy fitting, straight on no problems, looks good.
Does not work
I have applied 2 so far. Both have lifted on the lower left side of the curved screen.
does not work
Does not stay fully stuck down on the edge. Keeps lifting.
Do not buy!
I'm sure these would work perfectly on the standard S6 but with the curved screen on the edge and these screen protectors not being pre-curved they peel up on both side's with only the centre sticking. However with the edge's peeling up the whole screen protector just peels off. I will be seeking a refund.
Very Disapointed
I was really happy when I found these as there are none for sale in NZ shops. When they arrived I was so disappointed when all 5 of them didn't adhere to the right hand edge of my S6 edge, despite having a professional from a local phone shop apply some of them. Utter waste of Money.
Screen protector
The item x
Came very prompt delivery . Very disappointed with this protector as does not stay on edges at all it lifts and ends up with bubbles I gave had them a week and have used 4 . Would not recommend
No Good
I bought this expecting it to be excellent - but to my surprise it failed in every way .

1 The finish of it dim the screen and make the screen look old and take away the vibrance of the images but i thought i can live with that .

2 my main issue with this is that they do not fir the device even thou it say it does - it is to short to cover the whole screen edge to edge and when one side fits the other side curls up no matter how many time you press is down it just does not work as it should - i tried this os 3 exact device galaxy s6 edge and not one of the screen fit any of the devices at all - the product is good and good quality but is not fit for the purpose of this s6 edge - sorry mobile fun this is a fail.
Good, but edge parts keep sticking off the screen.
It is a good screen protector, but i had the same problem as any of the available flexible screen protectors for the galaxy s6 edge. The curved part keeps sticking off the edge parts of the screen. It is a problem with every screen protector for this device, no matter the company. The only solution is tempered glass screen protector. I will keep this protector until I buy the glass one.
No good for S6 Edge display
Bought this product after reading the title "Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Screen protector". I thought great, a protector that will protect the entire screen (even the curved edges) as it is advertised as such, I was wrong. These screen protectors are great if you have the regular S6 with the flat screen. If you have the S6 edge, don't bother wasting your money as the protectors do not adhere to the curved edges....rubbish.
Great Product
Love this product helps keep my phone looking new thanks guys
The screen protector has a matt finish, ruining the high definition gloss appearance of the Samsung screen. It was impossible to know this until it had been fitted and the final layer pulled back. I will leave it on only until I can find a better product, assuming it doesn't come off on its own, as it is not adhering to the curved edge and, yes, I have put it on correctly. Waste of money.
Great item
Fits well to phone will purchase more when needed. Recommended

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