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Olixar RoadTune Universal Hands-free In-Car Kit with FM Transmitter Reviews

Wirelessly transmit music and hands-free calls through your car's stereo system, featuring a dock and charging facility all with the Olixar RoadTune Universal Hands-free In-Car Kit with FM Transmitter.
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 4.2 stars from 338 customers

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Very nice
Bought one for my 4s and works awesome... the only thing I would say they should improve is the jack that plugs into phone... had to wire a different plug after several times of unplugging and plugging in... i wired a different one in and has been working like a champ ever since. I like it so much i want to get one for my new phone... best product i have tried so far and I have also tried others... #1
This is the best of its kind I've had and boy I've had a few!!
I use it with my iPhone for my music & the sound is brilliant like being in a disco. It also doubles up as hands free so I can chat to all my friends or video myself singing whilst driving along!!
Love it, as good as an in car system!
Works good for my iPhone 6s Plus with case, good sound and holds Secure. Phone works good though the speakers and I can charge also
Best of its type
Does everything I wanted it to and more. Great FM sound, easy hands free, works well with Google Maps, tops with the new HTC. Charges as well!!
I am disappointed with this product as you need both hands to attach and unattach the phone also no instruction manual in the contents
MobileFun Reply
Hi Pat

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this accessory. Please contact our Customer Services team if you are struggling.
It does what it says it will do!! Love it!!
Finally a product which lives up to expectation. Love the combination of charging, hands free phoning and music from iPhone to car stereo. Really appreciate the holder - which is flexible - so I don't have to take my phone out of its flip-case. (Case flips down) I have struggled with other brands of transmitter & this is the best!
Only downside is the minutness of the tuning buttons & screen - can't see while driving. And I accidently press them when I press the device into the socket.
Highly recommended!!
Great Product works well
Great product works well. Only problem it requires 2 hands to get the phone in the bracket, the holder fits very tight. However once in you know it is not coming out until you release it.
Good selection
The product should not have a cord. It should charge straight to the phone.
Very Happy Customer
This product was just what I needed and works perfectly. Reception is clear and I love the hands free phone feature. Now I can answer my Samsung phone without turning my music off.
Works great but fitment in my VW Bora is a little tricky
Works great but fitment in my VW Bora is a little tricky and could be for other car makes too.

The bendable stalk cold be longer to allow more suitable positioning. The best I can manage results in me catching the clamp part of the device with my hands when changing gear and also with my knee when resting.

It is also difficult to reach the on/off swith as the lighter port in my car is sunken into the center console.

Other than that. It works great!
Doesn't charge iphone
This product does not charge an iPhone so you will need another device to keep your phone charged which makes it pretty useless.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Adrian

Please contact our Customer Services team and we will see what the problem is.
great hands free mit
Great little hands free kit once you've set it up. Tune in the desired Radio frequency and don't forget to save it to one of your programmed channels to make it easier when receiving a call. You simply press a button rather than fumbling around looking for the channel. Clear sound through your Radio.
The Best
...item for mobile Android...live it...I want another one !
Happy with Purchase
Happy with Purchase
Great device - works great
Great device and fast delivery by MobileFun. The device works for virtually any phone.
The product
RoadTune Universal Hands-free In-Car Kit with FM Transmitter arrived in good packaging and is working just fine. I am happy to have the Car Kit and will use Mobile-Fun.com again
Mechanically, this is a strong and well-built device that doesn't lose its footing in the cigarette-lighter mount. Tech-wise, it's perfect, broadcasting Pandora or my recordings seamlessly. So long as you have the volume on the device turned up, the speakers put out the tunes as if they were from a radio station. Highly recommended.
Great Product
This device is fantastic. I've had a FM transmitter before, however, this one is far superior as it minimizes the static of stations when traveling through through different counties when on the Motorway.

The customer service and delivery were also amazing.
Excellent product
This product is exactly what I have been looking for. As a technophobe this item did exactly as it said. The transmitter was even tuned into radio channel all I had to do was pre set channel into car radio. Would definitely use Mobile Fun again. Staff very helpful and excellent delivery service.
Easy to set up
This is the best hands free I have used by a mile,good clear conversation while on the phone and your music is at hand as well,easy to set up first class.
Oxilar roadtune universal
I bought the Oxilar for my Challenger 4x4 for those times the radio isn't an option. My iPod worked perfectly as did my iPhone 6 plus. Would recommend to anyone looking for a sturdy tuner to give this a try. Holds steady, good sound, can orientate anyway you like to view the screen. Money well spent.
Does what is should
The RoadTune works as expected. Easy to put and take the phone from it. Suffers from the same problems as all the other FM receivers: lack of free channels. Quite difficult to see what channel is on when not watching from straight angle.
Good Goosenck
1. Can't get a clear sounding channel.
2. Have to turn volume way up to hear incoming calls and that just makes the static louder at the same time.
3. Gooseneck works well to have my phone visible and hands free as a GPS.
Great product - Galaxy Note III
The holder fits my Samsung Galaxy Note III phone, even in its chunky/padded flip open case with the front flap of the case situated behind the phone so that the screen is accessible. I was able to find a spot in my manual 2005 Mazda 3 hatchback to position the phone so it doesn't interfere with hand movement between the steering wheel and gear stick when changing gears, although it does increase the degree of difficulty of adjusting radio volume and operating a/c. Holds the phone up well, no issues with bumps or cornering, but you need to *ensure* that the cigarette lighter docking of the unit is fully engaged before driving off, otherwise the weight of the phone makes the whole thing fall over dangerously/distractingly. Both playing music and making telephone calls works well. I have set the "empty" radio station I am using into the memory of my car radio, and if listening to the radio on a different station when a call comes in, I just press the preset button of my radio to switch stations to take the call. Very happy with my purchase. Also works well in my husband's Honda CRV (2013).
Good service decent product
Easy online purchase
prompt delivery
simple but robust product
works well for its price
No more boring car journeys !
This device has been a real find . I was getting increasingly frustrated with precious time being lost in car commutes. My car had no auxiliary port, and blue tooth the other apparent option was a lot more costly . Being a big fan of audio books I desperately needed to find a solution . A friend told me about this option and sent me the link . I ordered shortly afterwards having watched the video review . I received the item I remember correctly the next day.
Where I struggled initially was figuring out how to manually set my car radio; but a study of the car manual soon resolved that. Being a technophobe I had reservations , but my fears were put to rest. It was easy to set up, and soon enough I was listening to my mobile audios on the car stereo system. What I like best is the sturdy case holder and ease of use.
This has definitely been worthwhile purchase for me , and I would genuinely recommend it to others.
Works well
It works well. My music plays through the speakers of my car as do any phone calls I make and I'm told it sounds clear on the end of phone calls as well. I had one issue when it was plugged in for power and playing music, Siri kept turning on on my iPhone and my phone was displaying a message that said the product might not be supported but it continued to work. It doesn't do that when the power isn't plugged in though.
Charging issue
This is a great product and very simple to operate. Only problem is the charger does not fit an I Phone 6. Had to swap with an existing USB cable with IPhone 6 connection
Great value for money item
Had the item for a week or so now and I would recommend it. I drive a bmw 3 series car and although it takes a few adjustments to find the right spot for it to stand away from the gear stick (is a bit fiddly getting into the cigarette lighter socket due to the angle of it from the lid of the lighter). The AUX connection and radio transmitter works perfectly, It sounds perfect if you turn your phone volume right up and then moderate the car stereo volume, it sounds crackly if you do the other way around. USB charger works ok, not exceptionally fast but the phone is playing music too so it does the job.
Fm transmitter
Recently purchased this item, very happy with it
Just what we needed
Bought this for my wife's Mustang, and it works with both her iPhone 6 and my Sony Xperia Z Ultra. Radio reception is crystal clear. Great product!
Some Good, some not so.
As a mounting bracket, this unit scores 10/10, the plug fits tightly in the accessory socket (many are loose) and the goose neck holds position (many have a "memory" tendency which causes them to straighten out). The clamp also works very well on my iphone4S.
The two problems I've found with performance relate to volume and the display screen. The radio volume needs to be turned up high for the FM transmission and is then too loud if I switch to any other use. The display is vertical and only readable front-on but my accessory socket is low and horizontal which means I have to rest my head on the centre console to read the display.
Overall, good in its price range.
Great product, just need to get the right angle
It is easy to set up and does exactly what you expect it to do. It charges my phone slower than my actual charger but it keeps it topped up on a long trip.

Only reason it lost a star is that in my car I have founded it difficult to get a position for it without hittting it every time I am changing gears. I have eventually found one but I can't access the screen easily. It isn't major issue for me but the only flaw it has.
Best all in one
it's the best all in one kit for my 6 inch phone in the market ATM. And at very low cost compared to many other products! Well done Olixar :p You guys should sell this product to Australian electronic retailers, as they are selling rubbish units for 70$. Some stores like Jaycar and big W have similar products but they don't fit a big 6 inch screen phone. Thanks
Pretty good product
I have used a couple of FM transmitters before in my car (albeit cheap ones). This FM Transmitter seems to be the best quality one I have used. Sound is perfectly clear and I have been told that phone calls answered through this are clear too. The only negative about the unit is that I currently own a Note 4, and the unit struggles to hold up the phone due to the size of the phone. I had to make some minor changes to the unit to support the phone by using a cable tie. This was a bit annoying since they do say that it should fit the Samsung Note 4, which it obviously is not strong enough on its own to support it.
Works well
This is a great tuner and works well with radio.

Only draw back is; its fiddly to get the phone in to the grip. Would be perfect if there was a way to open the grip from behind with one hand.
I've used expensive one of these and this one is the simplest to use and great build quality, I would recommend this without hesitation
Well worth the money
This is an excellent gadget if you looking for the easy and cheap option of handsfree in your car.
Good product but not for merk slk 10plate
If you have a mercedes slk 2010 then this isn't for you as the cigarette lighter is in the passengers side by there ankle and no good having your device there
Another Pleased Customer
Product arrived as stated and performs excellent for me.
Great Music player and hands free Kit
This was a replacement unit as the original one must have been faulty. It is pure plug and play, straight out of the box. There is a good range of adjustment by using the gooseneck support. The quality of sound is crystal clear, and I do a lot of driving all over the UK. There are a few areas around the country, where the signal receives interference, but it is simple to retune with a couple of clicks on the device. I have to compliment the customer service in getting the replacement to me promptly. Very satisfied customer.
Great Little iPhone 6 Plus Accessory
I purchased this to listen to my music library in my 1998 Pontiac Firebird Formula and it works well. It was a little tight of a fit between the auxiliary outlet and the parking brake handle but after a few twists and turns both the unit and the handle do not obstruct each other. The music comes through the car's speakers clearly as well as speaking on the phone. My iPhone 6 Plus fits snugly in the holder and I'm sure it's not going to fall out. If you're looking for an excellent accessory to play your music library or speak on the phone while driving, then I recommend this unit.
Fantastic Product!
This Roadtune Device is perfect for both playing music and taking calls whilst on the road. The device is easy to set up initially, the music quality is perfect and the device is easy to use.

I use the Roadtune with an iPhone 6 and its fits absolutely fine. The microphone that plugs into the headphone jack on the mobile is good quality and makes talking on calls very easy whilst driving. The 360 degree angling is an excellent feature so both driver and passenger can adjust the music playing.

Very good product with amazing value!
just what ~I wanted does exactly what it says on the tin would recommend this to anyone.
Great product
I've had this FM Transmitter for about two weeks now, it's works great.
It's of sturdy construction, handles my iPhone 6 plus with ease or my girlfriends Samsung Galaxy S5.

The added USB port charges the phone quickly with no interruption to the FM transmiting. And best of all, the call quality is excellent, it comes through the speaker a little quiet so you need to turn the volume up but they can't tell on the other end that you're on hands free. Just be sure to turn the volume down after the call or your music will come in extra loud.

Overall, I highly reccomend this product.
I am very ecstatic about the purchase of this product it seems to work very well and functions as listed. the only problem I have with the products is that the grand X max phone will not fit into the device with the case on it otherwise it works great especially for a phone the size of the grand x max. I think it needs to be about 1/2" wider & would be perfect. Also LCD screen is hard to see at angles great service. Device took just over a week to get to the states. Thanks!
Road Tune FM transmitter
Works well, hard to find a FM transmitter for my Samsung S4 that works!
Works well but has a limitation
Plugged the headphone jack into the iPhone and sure enough with the radio tuned in music and satnav commands came through clearly and the phone charged on the move. However the iPhone 6 uses the lightning connector so an additional cable has to be bought to charge the phone. Also with a USB cable attached the neck is nearly 2 inches wide which I found to be limiting if your charge point is recessed in a tray rather than on the dashboard.
Does exactly what is says on the tin!
I bought this product a) to securely hold my mobile device in a suitable position and b) to allow me to make hand free calls through the car's speakers. The added bonus is that it also allows me to charge your device and also play my not inconsiderable library of music.

Tuning the unit into your car's ICE system is simple. It took longer to find out how to manually tune the radio than set up this product.

The instructions are simple an easy to follow and in true 'bloke' I didn't refer to them until after I had finished the set-up.

All in all a robust, efficient and cost effective product that does exactly what it says on the tin.
I was worried that maybe this was something I didn't really need; you know, when you buy something at Christmas time and don't give it a lot of thought. I own an older car with a sound system that's tied into the climate controls so updating the otherwise excellent sound system was impossible. By getting the Roadtune I now enjoy my phone's navigator, music library in full since its all piped in to the car's speakers. All at the same time I can place calls and the phone is charging!!! I now enjoy my phone and car more because of the Roadtune. Thanks guys!!!
Happy with it
This product took a long time to be delivered but we're happy with it and the value for money.
Excellent product. Great value. Highly recommended.
Good solid fit into the lighter socket. The gooseneck and dock rotation is nice and firm meaning that the phone stays still when the car is moving (many/most shake). I have an iPhone 6 so I've purchased a short connection cable to go between the phone and USB port on the side. My biggest fear was that my nice new leather case would be scratched, however not a mark after two weeks of yanking it out single-handed. Reception through the tuner is good though you will occasionally get interference from other stations if you’re on the move, a problem easily solved by putting three presets into the stereo and changing as required. Incoming calls automatically stop the music and the call sound quality is good. I was also amazed that the music through this unit/tuner is considerably louder than that from songs played from the car’s usb/datacard storage, so much so that I can now drown out my wife complaining about my driving without losing any music clarity. Probably worth buying for that alone. Delivery time to Thailand where I live was acceptable and customer service excellent when responding to my enquiry. Thoroughly satisfied.
Great holder for the Galaxy with connector for charging, but no instructions on how to make the so-called bluetooth/channel system work, so it doesn't work as a hands-free, just a holder.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Kati

The accessory doesn't have Bluetooth, instead for the hands-free functionality, simply plug the 3.5mm connector into your phone's headphone port.

Hope this helps.
i like
I bought a few things from them bought a phone reciver and works get so send off for two more for family
Not suitable for car
I should have paid heed to the previous reviewer who said this wasn't suitable for their VW Golf. In the Golf the cigarette lighter is tucked into the ashtray area so plugging this device in is very awkward and blocks the gearstick. Will try it in my mums car and if not suitable will return it. Seems very good device but not a goer for my vehicle.
Excellent Product that saved me money
This is a great little product that would only benefit from a longer and more flexible arm to allow it to work in both cars I have access to.

I was looking at a HTC hands free kit so this has saved me money too!
quick delivery, poor instruction sheet, eventually got installed to my 2006 vw touran, in car sound great when listening to other person, but other person has great difficulty hearing me. do i have to hold phone up to my ear to talk to other person or is there something i need to do. bery small display on unit as it sits horizontal and very heavy for cig.connection,
Handsfree and music player all in one
Wasn't to sure when I seen this item but I thought for the money I would give it ago, wow! When I recieved it I went to my car to put it to the test BRILLIANT springs to mind it's a must if you travel and want to be in control of what you listen to with the added bonus of handsfree for your phone making your journey not only enjoyable with your own music but also TOTALY safe you make and recieve calls 10/10
Hands free kit
This is a great product that works great with my handset and I use it daily.
Packaging is good and delivery was fantastic. Worth every penny and more.
I have to give this device a 5 star rating as I simply cannot fault it. The RoadTune looks great, functions brilliantly and is very simple to set up and use.

I can't belive how cheap this quality product is and the in-built mic for phone conversations is fantastic.

Defiantly one of MibileFun's best products.
Great Product
Very good product. Sound is very clear when receiving calls.
Just What I was Looking For
I have been looking for the "right" mobile phone holder for my car for a long time. I dont like having it on the windscreen as it gets very hot. Both these products do the job admirably. Now I can see my screen for navigation without worrying about the phone melting in the heat.
Phone holder
This phone holder is ok but the lead to couple it to my Sorento music system is too short and will not reach
Great service
Ordered a Olixar RoadTune Universal Hands-free In-Car Kit with FM Transmitter, have found it works great, very convenient.
hands free for car
Very easy to put together and install not very good with tec stuff but if i can do it anyone can. Only thing i found was that the instructions were so tiny that i found them difficult to read
Good build quality but woeful sound quality
I bought this for a MkV VW Golf - it's a little bit of a squeeze as the lighter socket is pretty close to the gearstick but it's manageable. The build quality is pretty good for the price and I find it handles the weight of an iPhone 4 reasonably well.. However - and perhaps this is because the FM aerial in the Golf is quite far away from the front console? - the quality of the transmitted sound is absolutely dismal. Either the other reviewers have godawful stereos or this is an issue with the layout pf the golf - the signal is noticeably weaker than the major FM stations, frequently breaks up and is very low quality. I will keep this as an expensive charger and because it is well-made but if I had heard it beforehand, I would not have purchased. From my POV it is not usable for listening to music and I don't bother to plug that part in any more...
Straightforward and easy to use (I'm in my mid 30's). You need your phones own charging cable to plug into the USB port on device and you're away! I live in Central London so quite frequently have to re scan to find free radio stations, that's my only criticism. I drive an '04 VW Polo and this gadget works a treat, very clear for calls, music and using phones sat nav. Would definitely recommend to friends who don't have handsfree, or music connecting kits in their cars. Amazing product at great price.
Good quality product
Have purchased a similar product before but this is by far better made. Quick & easy to set up & looks good in front of the car.. Competitive price which makes this a must buy for your car..
Another gadget from Mobile Fun that does what it says on the box.
This gadget gives you your own music via your car stereo, hands free calling (almost, you need to press the accept call button) and an in car phone charger. It just works, and for the money you have almost the same car comms system as Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar and the rest.
Great Little Product
This is a great little product. So simple to set up and use.
Very clear sound when using as a hands free device and no feedback when used as an FM transmitter.
I was apprehensive at first as it was so cheap, but I have had it and used it every day since I bought it and can't fault it.
Postage was nice and speedy too!
I would highly rate this product.
Hands Free In Car Charger
In Car hands free charger that works through your car speakers also handy for using your sat nav on your phone.Highly recommend item from seller.
Fantastic. Finally an all in one product and a great price.
works great!
Great Product Quick Deleivery
Worked exactly as expected, no messing about just plugged in to cig lighter socket, chose a frequency and away it went.
Great piece of kit!!
Had my doubts as I had seen a number of this style of handsfree kit before which were very poor quality. I didn't need to worry this looks and works great top quality and excellent clarity.
Bargain product!!!!!
I bought this transmitter to send/recieve phone calls in my car, and to be frank, the quality is undeniable! The calls come through the car speakers crystal clear and the holder is strong and firmly holds my iPhone. For the price this product is at, it's a must have for drivers! :)
A device that works without fuss or perplexing instructions.
This device will not work a cigarette lighter that is horizontal as the weight of the device and phone will pull it out. I will be returning for a full refund.
Dead handy
As soon as connected my phone and tuned my radio to frequency on the device I could listen to my music very clearly. Then when I phoned my wife on our home phone both she and I could here each other very clearly.
excellent 10 out of 10
It does everything I wanted love the hands free facility,and crystal clear music through my car speakers.
Great Device
This really did the trick. Having tried several ft transmitter devices and phone holding solutions, this product really hits all the right targets.

Another good product. ...Thanks Mobile Fun
Great item
I use this mainly for keeping my phone charged whilst using the gps. It is very easy to use. Due to the centre console on the mini it is at an angle instead of straight up if the metal arm was longer it would be perfect.
Works like a dream!
Once connected to the charging socket in my car. I plugged the microphone into my Sony Xperia Z1 phone and it was recognised instantly. It loaded my music player app. The sound is powerful and crisp through my speakers. I was worried about spiral arm at first but it holds my phone securely. Job done.
hands free
Good product the only problem is if you won't to listen to radio on the car you can't receive calls? but a Verry good product.
Great little device
None of my cars are Bluetooth capable so I wanted something for hands free talking and playing my own music lists. This device works perfectly. I can charge my phone, listen to music and talk hands free. It holds my phone firmly. The only drawback is the connection into the cigarette lighter socket which is not steady but somewhat intermittent. Other than that, it works! After I purchased the first one, I bought two more!
Doe's not work i get nothing but static.
I will be returning product it will not work on any station, all i here is static and a little sound out of one speaker. Over all i think customer service is Good and i would purchase other products when needed.
I am so happy with this product I needed something that I could use my phone hands free/hold my phone/ and listen to my music as all my music is on phone plus it charges it as well which was an added bonus so easy to use so so happy with this thank u so much mobile fun!
Great product
This holder is very easy to set up unlike previous products I've tried and has the great added bonus of the FM transmitter. The only down point is that the charger accessory isnt suitable for a iPhone 4, it has a 5 connector. I'd definitey recommend it though.
MobileFun Reply
Please note. This product comes with a Micro USB cable.
Great Product
Not quite what I expected as it was much better build quality than I thought it would be. It is designed to hold tight in the 12v Socket and not to vibrate or shake whilst driving and does a very good job. The FM sound is also better than I though of course it isn't perfect as none of them are but its so easy to work and to flick around the channels on the move. the USB Charger is a treat too! Good quality supply unlike many others. All round a,good quality, problem solving, very good for the price, buy.
Brilliant Device
It's been said before bit this product does exactly what it says on the tin. Holds your mobile firmly in place, suggests an FM signal, you tune your radio to that signal and save it. Plug into the jack socket and away you go, play all your music through your car speakers! Brilliant. A fantastic piece of kit at a great price !
Has brought car into the 21 century!
I was only looking for a phone holder/charger so when I realised I could buy one with fm transmission this was an added bonus. Very easy to set up, the gooseneck means my wierdly configured dashboard is not a problem, and the sound quality through car speakers is brilliant. My daily commute has suddenly taken a very positive turn. Great value for money, arrived really quickly.
Very good device
The materials are very good, the signal is very clear and it sounds perfect in calls. Thank you Mobilefun!
great product
i have an older car and needed something to accommodate my mobile phone. the "roadtune universal hands-free in-car with fm transmitter" has suited my needs superbly.it not only holds my phone but also charges it at same time and the reception through fm radio is crystal clear. i would highly recommend this product.
Not good for face fronting cigarette lighters
I have been looking for a good radio transmitter for my Samsung galaxy s5 for months and although this is the best one I've found, unfortunately I have a front facing cigarette lighter rather than one that faces up and so the holder falls every time I connect my phone to it so therefore cannot use it while I am driving :( really upset as it is the best one I've found. My car just isn't compatible with how it fits in
Not quite working right
This is pretty much a plug and play product but for some reason it is just not transmitting to my head unit. I can see it play and pause my music on my cellphone, it charges the phone, but alas no transmitter connection. Using a Samsung Galaxy Ace Style phone, I haven't figured out if it's a phone setting that's the issue or a bad transmitter. I'll have to try it in a friends car and see if it works on his radio.
MobileFun Reply
Hi, we're sorry to hear this. If the RoadTune still isn't working correctly after testing it in another car please contact our customer service team via customer.services@mobilefun.co.uk, we'll be able to assist you further regarding this issue.
FM Transmitter
Best one I have ever had, and I have try a few. This one works really well and the price was even better. I love my gadgets and can't stand something that doesn't deliver but this one was a stand out.
Great Product and Service
I'm very pleased with the service MobileFun provided and the product is exactly what I'd hoped it would be. Bravo.
Almost perfect
This almost perfect and was extremely easy to set up. Also, the price on this one is great when compared to similar functioning models.

Aside from everything else that I really like, the only things I do not like are:

1) The post that is inserted into the lighter socket is too long. Even when fully inserted, it still is sticking out past the connector springs.

2) The volume does not match the radio. To hear a call through the radio speakers, you have to crank up the volume. If you forget to turn it back down before disconnecting after the call is completed returns to radio, it blasts you out of the car.

3) I wish the power cord and speaker cord were built into the nest instead of external plugs. (Understandably, this would require a specific nest for each phone connector type instead of this generic USB port type plug. Probably why I can't find one anywhere.)
Does what it says it does.
Works a treat. Flexible stem could do with a bit of extra length for cars with sockets low down on the centre console. Holder tends to get in the way of gear changing. A bit of contortion and it's sorted. Otherwise perfect.
Top Class Top Vaule
Being disabled you always seek items to make your life easier and this does just that. What value every thing is beyond exceptation I be first to recommend it
A very good product
This product is amazing as it is mentioned in the specs.
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