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Olixar Retractable Micro USB In-Car Charger With USB Port Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The ever popular Olixar retractable Micro USB in-car charger now with an added USB port for charging two devices at the same time.
  • Mobile Fun ID 33716
$13.52 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 161 customers

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great value for price
i purchased this item from mobile fun I don't know why I did not
buy one earlier no messy cables neat and tidy looks smart as well
just what I needed spend a lot of time driving this is what you want
a great item proper value for the money
Surprised by quality and usefulness of product
Really good!
The retractable cable worth the money!
Very Poor - Unreliable
It would appear that the internal contacts on the cord reel don't always make good contact. Frequently have to jiggle the wire a bit to make the phone charge up. When using the phone as a sat nav the charger only just kept pace with consumption though I can't be sure that this is not just a function of the charging system on the phone. The phone seems to charge reasonably fast on a mains charger. Also while on a long cross country drive was distracted by having to keep peering closely at the tiny battery symbol to be sure it was still charging at all because of the contacts problem. Micro USB plug was a worryingly tight fit in the phone. One to avoid.
Does everything it says!
Very smart retractable micro USB in car charger, that works incredibly well and stores away neatly with no trailing wires to untangle each time you go to use it!
Mobile Phone Car Charger
Great service from MobileZap - the charger arrived faster than I expected. Great little product and great value!!
Superb in car charger
This is a superb in car charger. You can extend the cable to the desired width so no more trailing cable! Additional bonus is that you can charge a second device via the USB port so very useful.
Excellent service and excellent item!!
just what it says on the tin
the device is fantastic no more wires hanging around the car, simply a fantastic device
Great little charger
This is a brilliant piece of tech., plugs into car socket and then with retractable cable - charges my Galaxy Fame 'phone, and also has a USB socket for anything else you wish to power!
Does exactly as described. perfect for the car, no loose cables laying around to snag anything.
My captive charger
This little device stays captive in my 'cigar lighter'.Hooray!

In the past, black chargers, with black flex, on a dark carpet, have just disappeared! They get caught up around feet or shopping, and find their way out of my car.

With my Olixar Retractable, I think my problem of loosing a charger, will be over.
Good charge, simple well designed product
The cable does get slightly in the way as it goes from my central console up to my dash but this is a minor inconvenience. The other thing that is slightly annoying is that there isn't much clearance below my phone so I need to mount it very high in the holder in order for the cable to fit in the charging position at the bottom of the phone. These are all just factors related to my specific phone and holder setup but something to consider when buying a charger.
Useful car charger
My principal reason for getting this charger was that most car chargers come with the curly expanding lead, which whilst fine in principal, always seems get wrapped around something between the cigarette lighter and phone and always seem to put a fair amount of strain on the sockets as the lead always wants to return to the rest position!

This lead is just a straight bit of wire that you can tuck out the way if required. It's a bit thin, but that hasn't been a problem thus far.
excellent customer service
Ordered this item and is fab.Dont know how survived without it.Compact and powerful and great price.
Does what it says on the box
Easy and convenient to use. Excellent value for money
Does just what it says
This is a great charger for the car no trailing wires to get caught up as it retracts after use It is also very fast at charging my phone, or tablet using the usb port. Well worth the money spent.
Great buy
I had trouble with 2 other standard car phone chargers, but this one does it! At last. The retractable wire is also very handy when using it, and for storing.
Very pleased with it so far :-)
Very neat
Does the job with no surplus wire to get in the way. haven't used the USB socket that is included but that will be a useful feature for passenger use.
Olixar Retractable Micro USB In Car Charger With USB Port.
What a fantastic little toy my wife and I both have the same phone so being able to charge two at the same time is simplicity itself
convenient handy gadget
This charger is ideal as it is compact, small and aesthetically pleasing. One is able to charge two devices simultaneously or simply charge on device. Easy to use. No tangled cords or looking for other attachments. Can be plugged in to your car lighter socket and plugged into your device using one hand in seconds. A definite need to have in the car. I was so impressed with my purchase that I purchased a second charger for my wife's car. Scored mega brownie points! !
Neat and Compact
This item is Neat/Compact. The FACT that it has a Retractable cord means necessary wires hanging around. Only time will tell how long it lasts, however appears to be a quality Product.
Well worth it
Brilliant idea, works superbly, needed an in car charger and this one with the retractable cord and USB port sold it instantly
Buy one...you won't be disappointed!
I was looking to replace my charger as I had a new phone and so glad I looked at MobileFun and found this one. All the other reviews sold it to me so thank you to all those people! Neat bit of kit. No thick curly wires to take up space in my limited car storage. Dies what it says on the packet. An extra bonus is because of the USB port we can charge a second device at the same time. Brilliant.
Great Accessory
This is a neat little car charger with a retractable cable - people who see it are impressed and want one - a good recommendation for this website
Retractable Car Phone Charger
Excellent item. Easy to use and performs exactly as advertised.
in car charger
just what i needed and works perfectly.. many thanks
Just the job
This is great - charges my phone (or anything else with Micro USB) plus an extra USB slot. I particularly like that it's a simple retractable cable which doesn't get in the way. So far so good. Hopefully it will last!
Very disappointing
I have used the charger a couple of times since I purchased it. One on a short journey and the other on a longer journey of one hour duration. In the case of the first journey my phone failed to receive enough charge to turn on. In the case of my second journey, my phone only charged equivalent of about 8%.
Good but slow
Love the retractable wire, makes for neat storage.
It takes its time though to recharge the phone; much slower than any car charger I've used in the past.
Good Product.
A reasonably priced, useful product. I found it very convenient to use in my car. The wire is thin and doesn't come in your way. Conveniently rolls back when not in use.
Good One !!!!!
Spot on!
Brilliant little piece of kit! Compact, lightweight, fast & VERY reasonably priced too.
Excellent gadget
An excellent product - now able to charge two phones at the same time. Possibly could be improved by having two retractable cables.
good communication, fast shipping
hassle free. Good product and fast shipping.
thanks you
Awesome piece of kit
There's not a lot you can say about a car charger! Its got high ampage which allows quick charging, and I like the retractable part! A nice feature! Caught my finger a few times with the speed of retracting!
Very handy and neat charger. So much better than conventional car charger with their annoying bulky (compared to this one) cables. Highly recommended!
The best purchase ever,the fact that I can charge my phone & IPad at the same time is brilliant ,also the fact that it is retractable which make it nice and compact and no wires in the way when not in use.I would recommend this purchase you will not be disappointed
It works well
A must for charging on the go people
Lightening fast delivery with tracking available ... well packaged .. Excellent price .. a must for charging your devices on the go .. 5 ***** all the way ...
Retractable car chrager with usb port
Good quality product. Retractable function operates very smoothly. Highly recommended.
Quick service - it works well - very compact
Just what I needed.
It is fantastic. No wires, after use you click a button and the wire goes away. I don't have much room in my car as it is only a little thing. It is also handy as you can charge another product as well, thanks to the USB port.
I am really pleased with this product and would certainly recommend to others.
Mobile charger
Great product, reasonable price and quick postage. I'm very happy with the Company and it's products and service.
At my age, 62 years, that which never ceases to tickle my funny bone, is the plethora of gadgets available to make our lives easier; or worse, depending on the equally plethoric garbage out there. Therefore, when I discover one that actually does not irritate me, I am wont to celebrate. “How would you do that” I hear you say. Well that is easy; I just plug it in, make the necessary adjustments – and forget about it with confidence.
The Retractable Car Charger With USB Port - Micro USB is just such a device: It does the job; it is handy; it is uncomplicated; it is user-friendly; and, I imagine that if one was to be of the female persuasion – quite cute.
The wire – 900mm-long - is more than adequate for my purpose and, being retractable, one may only extract the length required; i.e., the length not required is easily retracted into the body of the charger, thus ensuring that no excess wire is left floating around as one drives. Therefore, the chances of accidentally snagging the wire are minimised – unlike my previous charger. Furthermore and very importantly, the plug fits snugly onto the phone’s socket, ensuring no loose connection power interruptions to it.
Finally, I rarely award 5-star approval because, being of the engineering fraternity, nothing is ever that good. However, for this unit I am 5-star satisfied.
Well done to its manufactures and well done to MobileFun for its distribution.
car charger
This is one of those items that comes
along every now and again,and you wonder how you ever managed without it.Excellent design.An absolute godsend.
Excellent piece of kit.
I had bought one before and used it a lot. Needed to replace when cable damaged so decided to buy two as I was using it so much and now leave one in both vehicles.

So handy to use and excellent value for money.
The very thing.
Lovely and neat with the flexibility needed for in car use.
Car charger /USB /Retractable/Micro USB
Absolutely great product that actually does what it is claimed to do,most impressive product. Now if I could only find a product that charges AND transfers data to my computer , from a Nexus 5 Android phone I would be rapt, :)
Good value
Very good product and well worth for money. Only down side is the lead is so thin looks so dedicate..but hope it will last long.
two for one
Both my husband and I have HTC minis and do a lot of traveling and this charger is ideal as we can both charge our phones at the same time..... less arguments in the car!!!
A neat way of solving an untidy problem.
Having decided to convert a recently bought tablet into a fully functioning European sat-nav for our motorhome, i wanted to tidy up the usual clutter of long trailing cables strewn across the dashboard, which are not only unsightly, but can be dangerous in wrapping around other items. After searching for a solution for days in all of the usual outlets, i discovered mobile fun had just what i had been looking for, namely, a device that has a retracting power lead that allows me to just withdraw the amount of cable necessary for use.
As a bonus the cable is very slim in appearance giving a clean look to the dash. A further bonus is the provision of a 2nd usb port to work our 2nd tablet on the journey.
What a find....Perfect.
Perfect for what I need it for
First class product and first class service
Car charger Samsung
Excellent and good qualitiy.
Does the job it's meant to
This is the second charger I have purchased the first was for a galaxy w and worked fine. I agree with other reviews The cable is thin and after a good years use the cable frayed by the usb plug, Mainly due to where I had the phone in car, it was bending the cable. It charges well not just holding charge but fully charging my current s4. I don't like messy cables and leads in car so this is ideal for me hence buying another.
Replacement charger
Very useful with retractable cable as it doesn't get tangled up in the vehicle. Just pull as much cable as you need. Also handy with 12/24 volt for coach or car. Can charge phone and sat nav at same time.
No more messy wires
At last a charger that doesn't have a long wire getting tangled up with all the others.It is just what I wanted,neat and tidy.I would recommend this to everyone.
It works
Well it gets longer then gets shorter and charges my phone - brilliant
The perfet in-car charger that keeps itself tidy!
This works perfetly with my Z10 so will work with anything that needs a micro USB charger. Lovely blue light also tells you it's connected properly to the car.
lg car charger
product excellent, service and price also excellant
Very neat gadget
charges but also keeps my phone tethered so it cant fly around when I break hard; also can charge my hands free ear piece at same time. excellent
Great Product
This is such a great charger. The fact that it is retractable means there are no trailing wires and you only need out the length necessary. When not in use it can be easily stored in the little compartments in the centre console.Only had a short while but so far seems robust and well made. Havent used the usb yet but nice to have the option of plugging in other things at the same time.
Great Item
Brilliant item its really nice, very handy to have in the car.
Great charger
Just what I needed in a charger. Charges the phone well and having the extending cable great so using the phone as a sat nav is better as the battery is always being charged.
will not charge htc one x plus running satnav
Well made, slim cable can be adjusted to the required length but, sadly, does not provide sufficient current to maintain, let enough improve, the battery level when using Copilot Sat Nav.
I like this charger better than the last three I've had.
This is my favorite car charger so far. I appreciate the compact size because it fits neatly into my small car little storage areas. I especially like the thin retractable cord because my last curly one always seemed to 'coil' into my coffee cup holder so now I will have more coffee and less spills and finally, whenever my daughter is with me my cell can still be charging too in the extra port. Beware though - when you push the button to retract the cord hold onto it with the other hand to slow it down because it flies back and snaps you - bet you'll only do that once! I wish I'd gotten the extra USB with it as well. Overall though, It's the best yet!
neat and tidy
excellent little charger the retractable cable is great keeps my every thing neat and tidy in the car
Portable, retractable and done just the job!
I bought this product due to the retractable wire,to keep it as portable as possible. Hardly noticed it during use of charging my mobile phone whilst using the sat nav. Not your usual bulky coiled wire phone charger. excellent piece of kit!
This retractable charger fits like a dream and extends well to reach the phone. Excellent product.
This is excellent solution for charging my SATNAV and my phone.
Perfect accessory
I am exceptionally pleased with the car charger. It is compact but with the extractable cable reaches far enough to enable the phone to be placed in a safe housing whilst be charged up. And can be safely stored away without taking up any space. Excellent product. Thank you for the fast and proficient delivery.
Retractable Car Charger
The charger is okay, a little flimsy, but it works. The retractable cord is a nice touch.
car charger
Does the job and the delivery was very good.
Peace of mind at last !
Great peace of kit. Forgot to charge phone just head on for the day plug in the charger with plenty of reach around the cabin, no heavy memory cable getting in the way and still a spare USB port for your other devices. Very compact and hides in the back of the glove box until needed.
Very neat and will do the job
Purchased two one for each car.

lightweight and flexible
The perfect charging on the go
Item was in time and as expected.
easy to use strong and suitable for all my family's phones.No wires hanging around in the car.I order another one for my wife's car.
needed in a hurry
I needed a new car charger for my S3. What better place to get it, but from Mobile fun. With the new charger no more fighting for the cig lighter socket as it also came wirh a usb slot to charge more than one. Happy days. The service was quick and very reliable it arrived the next day to my Dads address. Having used the site for other products as well who knows what else I will order. The item is compact and takes up hardley a ny room. It has a niffty retractable cable so wont get tangled. And is a well bought item that is needed.
Now I am really mobile!
Speedy delivery of two very helpful products, case and charger, that aren't easily available on the high street. These have made me fully mobile. Web site enabled an excellent transaction. Thank you.
Excellent device
A perfect car charger for me and my wife. Has enough power to charge two devices while driving, and it is not too bulky to carry around. It is great that it has one retractable micro-usb cable, so only when we both need charging we have to think about carrying extra cable.
htc retractable car charger
light,fits well at charger and lead.works 100%.A MUST FOR ANY VECHILE. 10 out of 10.
keeping it positive
This brilliant charger is managing to charge my phone, very quickly despite myself using all the power drainers at the same time! My old charger could barely keep up charging with pretty much every power element turned off!
Fabulous - no more arguments in the car as to who can / cannot charge their device - Terrific product - Thank you.
OK so far...
I've had it a week and so far it has been trouble free. It does the job.
How did I manage with out it!
Versatile, compact and so very useful. Charge your phone and charge your charger while travelling. Perfect. Love it.
mobile accessories
Came on time,great handy product
greeat product
love it
Retractable car charger
Great value for money, I love it, my kids can charge there phone at the same time I can its awesome, thanks mobile zap luv ur products.
just the ticket
As described
Handy little gadget
Small, compact, takes up no room in my glove compartment. Now I am never at a loss because my batteries are flat.
Small price to pay for peace of mind. .. Very good value.
Change of phone-change of charger
Because my old phone charger had the wrong plug I sought a new charger with the correct plug.It was very easy to locate the correct charger plus I wanted one that had a retractable cord. The price was ok and the delivery time was excellent.So far only used it once,worked perfectly.Thank you.
This will be very useful
Ordered 4.30 26/9/12 - arrived today, 27/9/12 20 hours later.

What more can I say?

Tried it in car with no problems whatsoever.

Small, Compact, Very well made and thought out.
Neat charger
Useful and neat charger for your car. Being retractable means you can just use the right length of cable and you don't have wire dangling about the cockpit. Hand led shows the unit is fully located in your accessory power point. USB allows other gadget (iPod, GPS or phone)charging.
brill it came the very next day all ready using it. very fast service thank you.
Versatile and well-designed. Phone, Kindle, TomTom...
Having finally got a smart phone I was thinking how good it was that they now (except for the iPhone) seem to use the same charging lead - as does the Kindle. I was initially looking at dual USB car adapters so that I could charge the phone with the TomTom also plugged in when I spotted this one. It's just that bit neater and saves one cable having to live in the glove box as the phone cable is retractable. It's plenty long enough to allow the phone to sit somewhere out of the way while it's charging and of course you can charge two phones at once by plugging a second one in to the USB using its normal cable.
If this is what you need, buy one - I'm glad I did!
Good value and very handy
We bought this as we were going camping on holiday and needed to be able to recharge our phones in the car. It was very good value and has done the job very well.
Good product
Charger works well and I like the retractable lead. The separate USB connector will be useful. Received day after order.
Neat compact charger
Having used this a few times now, I am pleased with how little space the charger takes up, how neatly the slim cord trails across the dash and the way it retracts into the charger when not in use.

Nice bit of kit!
works like a charm
Does exactly what it says. handy size, retractable lead with a simple push of the button. has various locking lengths so pull out only what you need. handy led light shows its working plus an extra usb port for charging anything you have. Down side slightly loose in cigarette port on vauxhall astra.
car charger
good delivery time and I just plugged it in and it seemed to work OK.
I brought this product along with another type of charger (Cellular Line Retractable Car Charger with USB port - microUSB, MobileFun No: 31983)

This charger doesn't keep up with the GPS useage of my phone, whereas the other charger, not only keeps up, but fully charges the phone).
Just the job
As an sevice engineer, keeps phone charged up all day, winds away tidy in centre console, no need to charge phone at night.
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