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Olixar Retractable Dual Lightning / Micro USB Charge & Sync Cable Reviews

Charge and sync your Micro USB and Lightning devices with the awesome and versatile retractable 1m cable from Olixar in black. Coming complete with dual tips and connector caps, this cable offers a practical way to keep your cable tidy.
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 4.5 stars from 29 customers

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excellent and strong
brilliant work well with my job
excellent and strong
brilliant work well with my job
Good product
Quick charging and compact.
Very good as described
Great device and excellent people to deal with
Very useful
Thoroughly fed up with tangling cables. so delighted with these. Seem to work effortlessly and so much neater. Do just wish that the ends tucked in completely when recoiled. But overall very satisfied.
Retractable cable
The best and very durable cable I have bought. The plus pont is that it can be used for Iphone as well as mini usb.
Excellent product
This is an excellent product to have. Very handy and is an ideal item to have when traveling. The retractable cord makes it easy to store and also takes up very little room which is also very convenient. Would highly recommend.
Something very wrong with this product
Only given 1 star because no facility for zero. I have, since last year, purchased around 12 of these retractable cables as part of the 4 in 1 set. Most were for presents. All cables have now failed. I sent 3 back at the beginning of the year and finally, after many months, received replacements. These were all faulty and so returned The replacements were used for the first time this week and again 2 not working. Same problem every time. First get message "not suitable for this device" (Apple) and then 'NOT CHARGING". I have tried in many sockets and on many devices, but THEY SIMPLY DO NOT WORK!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Paul

Sorry to hear you have had such problems with this item. There are a few things you can try if you have issues like this, particularly with iPhones... 1) check there is no dust, dirt or debris within the iPhone port or on the connecting cable /
I certainly cannot recommend these cables
This is the second one of these I have had. The first had to be returned because it took too long to charge my device. This replacement is a little better, but not much. I certainly cannot recommend these cables as they are not lightning at all
MobileFun Reply
Hi Kelvin

Sorry to hear you are having problems. Can you check the charging source, is it powerful enough? If you are using a computer for example, the charging rate won't be very good compared to a standalone mains charger.

Hope this helps.
Olixar Cable
This is the second one of these I have had. The first one decided, after only a very short time to not be a lightening charge cable, it became an ordinary speed charge cable. I am afraid that this one, albeit at the moment faster than the first one, is slower than a standard cable I got with my Samsung watch.
Compact & Convenient
Such a good little device we purchased two: one for the car and one for travel.
Compact little charger
I was a little skeptical about this charger but it is great. Does what it says on the tin. Ideal if you're someone on the move.
This is just what I wanted. It is small enough to leave it in my glove box and the ends have the protective caps, it extends if required then I can use it or charge my iPhone, portable wifi and battery charger, without the bulk of all those leads. It works successfully on all those items. I would thoroughly it. Wonderful.
Useful gadget that fits both mine & wife's iPhone when charging out & about in coat pocket from power bank.
Happy with the cable
I'm really happy with the USB cable i have tried some other cables but this is the best
Great Product
This is the 4th or 5th retractable USB I have purchased this year. Olixar Retractable Dual Lightning / Micro USB Charge & Sync Cable is the best of them all! The cable is thick, quite flexi and durable. Easy to pull out and retract. I've had it for couple of weeks, and so far I'm very happy with my purchase. I'm optimistic it will last me a long time.

I like the iPhone attachment that accompanied. I actually have a Samsung Galaxy, but it will come of use for friends in future. Overall,
Olixar Retractable Dual Lightning / Micro USB Charge & Sync Cable was worth £11.99.

My first fourretractable usb were from Amazon, with exception of about one which still works, the rest were complete false economy!
Compact and useful.
This cable is very handy and makes it easy to charge or sync your device without having to mess around folding the cable away after use as the rotary dispenser allows you to pull out any length of cable upto the maximum length. There's a lightening adaptor too so you can use it with multiple device types - perfect to carry in a bag, coat or as in my case the car.
Best cable ever
This is so easy to use, it is also very fast at charging. I would have spent hours waiting for my Samsung tablet to charge with the standard cable whereas this cable will charge it so much quicker
Very pleased with the product
Very pleased with the product. I have bought many different Chargers in the past but non of them compares with this. It is robost strong durable and lightening quick charge. I will recommend it
Compatibility issue
In the details about this cable, it says:

"iOS 7 and later compatible

This Lightning charging tip is fully iOS 7 and later compatible - so no warning messages, just hassle-free and super-fast charging."

I'm running iOS 9.3.2, and unfortunately, I'm still getting compatibility warnings when I plug it in to my iPhone 6.

MobileFun Reply
Hi Richard

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this cable.

Can you please ensure the USB charger you are connecting the cable and phone to is powerful enough to charge your device. Also please check that there is no dirt or debris in the iPho
Was very happy with my purchase and so was my nephew
Was very happy with my purchase and so was my nephew which I brought this first him as he's going to university soon he liked it very much
Pretty good
Not a bad cable, and very useful because it retracts, however it is not a fast charge cable like advertised, just a normal low power cable.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Kevin

The cable supports up to 2.1A charging as detailed in the description. If you are seeing this with your cable, please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further.
Neatly folds, so there's no chance of entangling the cable.
The double connection (Lightning+USB) is useful when you have a mix of devices. Caps on the connectors protect them during transport
Small nits: When unrolling, it clicks quite loudly. When using the USB connection, the USB-to-Lightning bit could easily get lost, be careful!
Useful item preventing tangled wires. Easy to store and transport.
No More Tangled Cords!
I bought this item as I travel quite a bit (the joys of retirement) and thought it would be better than a pile of tangled cables for different devices. With its Micro USB and Lightning connections it certainly is! It is sturdy, and, when fully extended, more than long enough for most needs ... in fact, I now have three - one each for me and my better half, and one spare.
A most handy piece of kit.
An extremely useful item,particularly when travelling and your device is in need of charging.It can simply be carried in one's pocket,and does away with the almost inevitable tangle of wires which previously ensued!
I wouldn't leave home without it!
Alistair Henderson

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