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Olixar Premium Genuine Leather Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallet Case - Black

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A sophisticated lightweight black genuine leather case with a magnetic fastener. The Olixar Premium genuine leather wallet case offers perfect protection for your Samsung Galaxy S6, as well as featuring slots for your cards, cash and documents.

  • "It looks and feels good"
  • "Amazing case with great protection to the phone"

Most Useful Customer Reviews

Trefor Price
Llandudno Junction
3rd October 2016
It looks and feels good
Been using this Olixar case for my Samsung S6 for a couple of weeks now. It looks and feels good. The main reason for buying this was to protect my phone as they are expensive things to replace, right. I liked the snug fit when fitting the Samsung into the case, it is held on both long sides by plastic strips with cutouts for the switches. The phone is easy to use inside the case and feels My only problem is that I am unable to charge using the Samsung Wireless charger as the cover seems too thick, or does the magnetic catch in the cover reduce the electric charging field. Yes I've followed the suggestions and opened the cover first, but it still fails to charge. I don't want to remove the phone from the cover each time to charge it (I may damage the phone or cover), so I'll be using the wired charging method from now on.

Samsung Galaxy S6
18th January 2016
Amazing case with great protection to the phone
it’s clear that a lot of thought and care has gone into Olixar Premium Leather S6 case – the leather is firm and plainly of high quality, the stitching appears flawless, and it cushions and protects the important parts of the S6. The leather at the point where the case bends around on itself is a bit stiff, but that’s to be expected from new leather, and I’m pretty sure it’ll become more pliable with time. The inside of the case consists of rubber frame (not plastic) glued to half of the case allowing easy access for a call. The frame envelops the S6 tightly around the sides but leaves the top and bottom edges almost completely exposed – I can understand not wanting to cover the phone’s ports but there’s not a lot stopping the bare metal sections here from getting scratched, and some protection around the IR blaster would be nice. The frame (and the phone with it) is recessed slightly into the case, but anything small like keys will almost certainly poke in and hit it. Three pockets are also included on the inside, for holding credit cards or similar. A cut in the back allows the camera to poke through the case, but not enough for it to touch the desk when placed face-down. The back of the case has a press mark made into the leather, at which point it can be folded to allow the phone to be positioned at an angle for viewing videos in landscape mode. At the moment the leather on mine is too firm to stay folded and always returns to its unfolded state – time will tell if this gets easier and more practical. It’s not often that I view videos that are so long they necessitate the phone being held in its case like this rather than just in the hand, but it seems that many people do, so it’s a point worth mentioning. Two magnets are located in the case, one near the centre-edge-point of the front cover and one at the same point on the back. The magnets are surprisingly strong, pulling the front and back covers of the case together even with the plastic frame between them. The magnets also just about keep them together when the front has been folded back, even with the springiness of the new leather trying to pull them apart – again, I suspect this will become better as the leather ages. Holding the case like this when making calls isn’t the most comfortable thing ever, but it’s what you’re left with and it’s better than trying to keep hold of the slippery S6. Given the tight fit, getting the S6 into the frame can be a little precarious, especially if (like me) you’re precious about your phone, but that’s the price to pay for something that holds your device so firmly. I found slotting the left-hand side with the volume keys in first was the best policy, then pushing the power key in slightly whilst pressing the right-hand side in. As you’d expect from a case such as this, its very nature means that it will add bulk and weight to your S6. I knew this before buying so it was something I was prepared for, and the protection it affords (particularly covering the S6’s luscious screen) is worth the added heft, in my opinion. In any event, it doesn’t present itself as being quite as thick as you’d think, helped by the S6’s already slim body; weight-wise, you’ll definitely notice a difference, but if you want something light, you’ll have to go for a simple rubber frame case or a less substantial and, arguably, less protective leather folio case. Overall I'm very happy with the case, everything has been done to a good high quality and this has resulted in me been able to have this high quality case on my phone. I wouldn't have any issue with recommending it to someone as I feel it's got no faults

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Why Buy?

  • Sophisticated protection for the Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Slots for your cards, cash and documents
  • Opens and closes with magnetic clasp, for ease of use
  • Stitch finishing, making this case look more beautiful


Olixar Premium Genuine Leather Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallet Case - Black

This genuine leather wallet case keeps your Samsung Galaxy S6 secure and enclosed, thanks to a secure magnetic clasp which seamlessly holds your phone in place. This is a premium quality case with an executive style, leaving no doubt as to its quality.

Sophisticated protection for the Samsung Galaxy S6

The case has been specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy S6, so you are given the best possible fit. Underneath the sturdy and stylish genuine leather casing is a strong plastic frame that will keep your handset safe and protected. Just pop your phone into the frame and it will snap into place with a perfect hold.

Olixar Premium Genuine Leather Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallet Case - Black

Slots for your cards

This thoughtful design has it covered with 3 inner pouches specially designed to hold credit cards, cash, store cards, driving licence or anything else of similar size. It also features a document pocket for anything larger. So you can leave your old wallet at home as this case has it all covered.

Olixar Premium Genuine Leather Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallet Case - Black    Olixar Premium Genuine Leather Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallet Case - Black

Opens and closes with magnetic clasp, for ease of use

The magnetic fastener on the Olixar Premium case will ensure that once closed, your Samsung Galaxy S6 will stay safely protected within the case and will prevent it from coming loose.

Olixar Premium Genuine Leather Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallet Case - Black    Olixar Premium Genuine Leather Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallet Case - Black

Stitch finishing, making this case look more beautiful

The Olixar Premium leather wallet case features stitching around the exterior contours, which gives a premium executive finish. Added to the beautiful soft touch real leather, you are getting a product of exceptional quality that will last you as long as you will need it to, and draw a great deal of admiration.

Key Details

  • Colour: Black

Samsung: Galaxy S6

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