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Olixar Powertube 4000mAh Speaker Stand - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Olixar Powertube is a portable speaker, a battery charger and a stand for your electronic devices such as your mobile phone, tablet or MP3 player. With 4000mAh capacity, it has plenty of juice just when you need it.
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 4 stars from 37 customers

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What I was looking for
The jury is still out on this one
The jury is still out on this one - a really useful concept, however, the product loses charge whether used or not over a short timeframe (at least this is what the LED indicates). The iPhone 6 has a good speaker, which is made deeper and rounder with the Powertube, so from this perspective it is good. However, I would not rely on it as a charger and for me personally, constant charging of the product outweighs the ok speaker element. At the moment my verdict is could live without, but it's been fun while it lasted.
Love the powertube great sound. Chargers my phone very fast
Useful Item
A useful item for those on the move, note speaker is only, mono and it does not work until unit is charged up.
I bought this as a gift and have one myself but a different brand. I was disappointed the quality of the speaker is not as good and volume is much lower
excellent service and after sales
Recently purchased the product. Nice output with decent bass. Also quite a backup for the size of the device. Charging itself is on the slower side but overall great product. Customer service from mobile fun guys is excellent and amazing .
5 stars overall 3 for product and 2 additional for mobile fun guys.
3 in 1 speaker
Very please with it and quick response in receiving it thanks with all your help with it I have had several items from you and all have been execelle tiff require anything else will order fromyou
Great Buy - Reasonable
Love it! You will not be disappointed.
X-Power 3-in-1
Superb Device
Ideal in support of mobile and tablet devices
I am well pleased
Great charger, sounds OK
I bought this after a mailing from MobileFun. It takes a while to charge, but that's not surprising given the battery capacity. Charges my S5 really quickly, and it a great get-out-of-jail gadget. The sound is OK, definitely nothing special, but I bought it to keep my phone going on long bike rides where I'm using navigation. Dropped a mark because it has NO INSTRUCTIONS - had to revert to MF forums to find LED meanings.
olixar power tube speaker stand
Not very good up loud a lot of distortion noise thought this might be poor quality downloads but tried phones default tune and still a lot of distortion
speaker with a difference
Mobile speaker with a difference. Wanted a speaker for when driving long distances going through different wave lengths, having no connection for my I/pod. This is ideal with a added bonus of having a stand. The extra benefit to this devise is having a battery back-up so if your phone or I/pod needed that extra charge you got it. the sound of the speaker is good and quite loud. All this and the price is good.
Very useful product
I have successfully charged my Nokia 925 twice from one charge of the power bank.I am a classical music fan and the speaker allows me to listen to my music with acceptable sound quality. I have also used it to improve the sound from my Lenovo laptop.
Delivery was, as usual, swift and the whole purchase was very satisfactory.
Very good
Inexpensive top quality sound ,great with IPhone and IPad and IPod,recommend this To. anyone who wont value for money .
Mobilefun service very good my order was on time next day
It is not strong as I thought
It could be only used when fully charged...
I am so disappointed that it could be only used when fully charge but i am impressed with the sound quality .
The good thing is we can charge and play music at the same time.
Perfect object
All in one device as stated. Perfect device I required and needed
3in1 speaker
When I saw this I looked at the reviews first and I liked them saw the price I thou rt was reasonable so I bought it. I'm very impressed with it and recommend it to anyone thinking of getting one good sound quality all in all a nice little gadget.
Thought it was to good to be true
Saw the X-Power 3-in-1 Speaker, 4000mAh Power Bank and Stand on sale and thought it carnt do everything that it claims for the advertised price. Had a good look at it and orderd it. Looking back I shouldnt have been so dismissive. It works really well and is so easy to use, its so good i just forget its there and thats what good products should do. Word of warning though. Although you can charge it up via usb cable charging time can be quite long. I recently charged mine up and it took almost 5 hours to fully charge. So use it you will enjoy it but be prepard to invest time in looking after it. Charge it over night like I do.
Just what I needed
It worked with the mobile phone samsung galaxy Ace 2 but did not work with Samsung Tab 3. Disappointed
MobileFun Reply
Sorry to hear you're having difficulties. Can you describe the issue you had with this product not working with the Tab 3 please?
good product
Power bank is very usefull, speaker is good but there are better options on the market. A bit weak but this is the only one I found having speaker and power bank in one.
Well packaged, quick delivery
Speaker for Iphone. Brilliant gadget, well designed, well packaged.
X-Power 3-in-1 Speaker, 4000mAh Power Bank and Stand
This is a handy little item if you are on the move and dont like to carry a big battery around with you.
It has the bonus of an integrated speaker. The sound output is not magnificent, but adequate for the traveler.
The only downside was that I couldn't charge the phone and use the speaker.
Plenty of power
A great power source if you are away from a charger; small enough to drop in the bottom of a bag and big enough to fully recharge my Galaxy Note 2. Sound is OK, but not as good as larger bluetooth speakers, and the connector is liable to crackle when moved.
Rapid charging to go
Very impressive rapid charging capability. Took around 15 minutes to charge the Nexus from 75% to full charge, whereas normally takes twice that.
The speaker is an improvement on the phone speaker, though not massively so, but my main reason to purchase was the charger, so not a major issue for me.
I like the facility to charge the unit and phone at same time, but less impressed with the vague instructions as to which socket is which in the unit, plus lack of indication as to when unit is fully charged.
Other than that, an impressive product for the price.

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