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Sorry, but Olixar Ninja Katana Selfie Stick for Android and Apple Devices has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Olixar Ninja Katana Selfie Stick for Android and Apple Devices

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Product Reference: 53617

Become the photo ninja with the Olixar Katana Selfie Pole. No Bluetooth or batteries required, this selfie stick will be ready for any photo opportunity, while the unique styling of this device is sure to be a talking point and get people's heads turning.


Why Buy?

  • Fun, Katana design
  • Capture the perfect selfie like a ninja
  • Built-in button to capture an image
  • No Bluetooth or charging required
  • Retractable pole for portability
  • Safety locks and shock absorbing material
  • Case compatible
  • Compatible with all smartphones


Fun, Katana design

The Olixar Ninja Katana Selfie Stick takes smart pole photography to the next level and is a fantastic conversation starter. Leaving you feeling like a Ninja, this extremely fun design makes taking group selfies a fun and enjoyable experience for all.

Olixar Ninja Katana Selfie Stick for Android and Apple Devices    Olixar Ninja Katana Selfie Stick for Android and Apple Devices

Capture the perfect selfie like a ninja

Taking the perfect selfie isn't as easy as it would seem. Our arms are only so long, which means you can miss out on not just the surroundings, but even the people you wish to feature.

Thankfully, we now have a method of capturing the perfect selfie, ensuring 'everything' and more importantly 'everyone' is within the photo for all of you to enjoy that special once in a lifetime moment.

Olixar Ninja Katana Selfie Stick for Android and Apple Devices    Olixar Ninja Katana Selfie Stick for Android and Apple Devices

No need to strain when stretching your arms, simply attach your phone to the secure holder and expand the Ninja Selfie Smart Pole. With your shot positioned exactly how you want it, you are ready to take advantage of the Olixar Katana Selfie Stick's next feature...

Built-in button to capture an image

With your phone positioned further away, you need a straightforward method of telling the software to take the image without having to stretch needlessly into the distance to reach your device's screen. The Smart Selfie Pole features a built-in shutter button, allowing you to take great photographs quickly and easily.

You can also use the button to capture video as well!

No Bluetooth or charging required

Just like a true Ninja, the Olixar Katana Selfie Stick is ready for any occasion as it doesn't require a battery to charge. Gaining its power from the device's 3.5mm port, the Selfie Stick will keep going for as long as your phone has power, meaning that you don't have to worry about if your Katana Selfie Stick will last the day.

Olixar Ninja Katana Selfie Stick for Android and Apple Devices

Retractable pole for portability

You can't carry a pole around with you all day... or can you! Well actually, yes you can thanks to the Selfie Smart Pole's retractable design. Extend or retract the pole with the 7 flex sections, making it the perfect accessory to carry around with you for when the perfect selfie opportunity arises.

Safety locks and shock absorbing material

The Selfie Pole features safety locks, enabling you to position the extendable pole and the smartphone perfectly and securely.

The shock absorbing material cushions your phone, to help protect your device from any sudden movements.

Case compatible

You can also leave the case on your phone as you mount your device on the Selfie Smart Pole. Compatible with all but the most chunky of cases, the Selfie Smart Pole is ready for action whether your case is on or not.

Compatible with all smartphones

Compatible with both Android, Windows and Apple devices, the Katana Selfie Stick is the ideal companion for your selfie photography needs. As long as you have a 3.5mm aux port on your smartphone, you can use the shutter button to trigger the capture of photos and video.

Key Details

  • Bluetooth: No
  • Colour: Black, Gold, White


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