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Olixar Magnetic Windscreen & Dash Mount Universal Car Holder Reviews

Dock your smartphone effortlessly and with precision thanks to the Universal Magnetic Windscreen & Dash Mount from Olixar. Extremely easy to install and fully case compatible, this really is the best way to view your phone while you drive.
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 4.6 stars from 160 customers

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Compliments my iphone nicely
I did a fair bit of searching to find the right iphone car holding device using a magnet and using the central (but redundant) CD player slot made a lot of sense to me.
Device was easily assembled and set up and certainly holds firmly to support the weight of the phone, including along rough dirt roads.
I really like just touching the phone onto the magnet and it holds immediately. Hands free phone calls and being able to just scan the screen at any convenient time makes things far easier.
A big thumbs up for this product.
not bad
magnet wasn't very good thru my case but that could be the case's fault. I was able to use it on another device where there was no case to interfere with connection. in that case very strong magnetism.
does not fit inside CD slot. the part that's supposed to go in the slot very thick. was able to make it work though. not problems so far.
Very useful
This is great tool to house your mobile while driving. Sits easily in your vents, easy access to phone and for charging.
Ordered and the arrived shortly thereafter the magnet works best with just the phone. I left the case on my phone and it has ridges and the phone feel after a short time. I used 5 minute epoxy on the magnet and now it's working well
Good but not good for vertical vents
Excellent for horizontal vents but very poor for vertical vents as it easily falls.
Dose what it is supposed to do.
I am fully satisfied with the product and will be recommending it to friends and family.
Very neat phone holder
Neat and tidy unit, fits on central vent of my Toyota Auris above the audio display. Have to position carefully on magnet, as in certain positions magnet turns screen black/blank or puts into a very basic screen shot. Reverts when moved slightly on magnet. Holds phone securely.
Great prompt service
Works great
This actually works. I drive a pickup and I've spent too much money trying to find something that really works. Nothing has ever really worked. But this does. Its great!
The Oliver Magnetic Windscreen Mount is great. It is small and compact, a big bonus. But the magnet system even holds my large Huawei Mate 8! And it is so easy to attach and unattached your for with the magnets! Perfect.
The best
This is seriously the best phone dock ever. I absolutely love being able to get in the car and throw my phone at the magnetic dock. I can easily shift the phone, turn it around, take it off, put it on.
And I got a cover with a built in piece of metal so I didn't even have to stick the included metal plate onto my phone.
I've tried quite a few different docks in the past and this one is far superior.
I also prefer attaching the dock onto my CD player rather than the air vents.
Great little gadget
I was worried that this wouldn't work through the leather case of my iPhone but decided to give it a go anyway and hope for the best. Pleased to say I'm delighted..... not only does it work fine but I didn't even need to stick the magnet onto the phone, merely slipped it between the back and the case so no problems with disfiguring the handset. The portability of the holder is a bonus as it means I can use it in whichever car I'm driving and it's literally a 2 second job to clip it into the air vent.
Great little gadget, does exactly what it claimed.
FINALLY! I have found the right mobile phone device holder. I am not mechanically inclined but was able to figure out the set up without instructions. It inserted so easily into the CD slot and holds very securely. The CD's still play with easy access. Most importantly, the phone is readily visible, easy to access, positions easily and holds and releases my phone with one hand! The price was VERY reasonable and I don't expect to have to purchase another holder EVER!! It is every thing you advertised and better. Thank you.
Excellent product
I bought one of these for myself and the wife was so impressed that purchase number 2 followed shortly after. Great little gadget that in my opinion is better than the Kenu air frame that I have previously used. As per normal excellent service and product from the Mobile Fun team.
What a great device
What a great device.Have spent more on an inferior phone holder!! Phone out of the pocket on to the dashboard and visa versa. Thought that the magnetic field might affect the phones performance, doesn't appear too. Definitely worth investigating.
very good
Good quality product, easy to use and does what it says it does! Just what I needed to use my mobile phone for satnav and hands free use in the car.
A really good product, holds my phone easily and extremely easy to use. I like it a lot.
Very happy
I have the big iPhone 6 Plus with a wallet style case with card slots and this holder works perfectly. I put the magnet card which is very thin into one of the card slots behind my phone case front cover and so when I open the case and flip it over, the case locks on the phone holder's magnet which is very strong. Using the cd slot was really easy and it looks great. The only negative was that it used up one of the few card slots of my phone case and at times I forget about the magnet and slot a credit card back in and then find that the phone doesn't attach to the unit anymore as the magnet has been covered, but that is really my mistake and not a fault of the item. I would definitely recommend highly!
It didn't fit!
Worked well in my wife's Volvo but wouldn't fit the the CD slot of my VW Passat!
Didn't fit in CD player slot!
Great product but didn't fit in CD slot in VW Passat CC! The slot was two narrow for the holder to fit into.
Really good product, very easy to use and practical.
Does the job well
Grasps the heater/air vent well and the magnet is very strong. My Samsung S7 Edge doesn't move. If I use the additional battery case, the magnet still holds firm, but spirited driving can cause the heavier phone to move. If it had a ball joint between the clasp and the magnet, this product would be perfect.
Gfeat in-car mobile phone holder
Exactly as described, this silmple holder is perfect for
my needs. Will be purchasing another for my husband's car.
Excellent product and service
Looked online for phone holder , had a query re the magnetic capabilities having a case on the i phone 6 plus , contacted the support online came back with answer literally in 1 minute with reassurances that it will work , product ordered and delivered in no time,Love the web site layout and presentations will well done guys , plenty more gadgets to be purchased from you
I would reccomend this to anyone looking for a mount for phones
Mobile fun as usual quick delivery and a perfect product as described on the website. As the new law for not using phone whilst driving this is perfect to put on the dash right in front of you to use gps/sat nav. The mount sticks on perfectly without falling off. It is magnetic and in my opinion its better than most windscreen mounts. I would reccomend this to anyone looking for a mount for phones.
I was happy with the purchase
The product was very good.
good product
Works just like it should.
Simple but Effective
Vent mount is about as easy an install as you could hope for. Just push onto vent, job done. Also easy to remove and reposition. Magnet sits neatly between your phone and case, and holds to the vent mount with enough force to ensure it does not break free.
Great and unobtrusive solution for mounting your phone either in portrait or landscape.
Really glad I purchased this item, would strongly recommend
Simple and most effective
I've tried several car holders for my iphone but this has been the simplest to install and serves the exact purpose I bought it for - it's neat and the mobile stays put when driving - no need to remove it when not in the car - great little holder
Compact and functional
I am always on business trips and on the roads. Had the little car holder in my handbag and I can use it on any rented vehicles. It serves its purpose well and highly recommended.
Works really well
I have in a Ford Focus 2016. Works really well. Good looking also not those bulky vent or windshield devices. Really happy with the purchase.
Can be adjusted to suit the space to give a clear view of the mobile phone
This item is easy to place in the cd slot and can be adjusted to suit the space to give a clear view of the mobile phone. The magnet may not hold the phone fully and need to be aware if gear stick is close to the mount as the phone will be dislodged.
Wish I'd bought one sooner
At last, a way to have my phone visible to me whilst I'm driving. I've bought so many other types (the ones that go in the cigarette lighter) and they've been useless. The magnet on this one holds my large Samsung Galaxy tightly even with the magnet attached to my phone case being right down the bottom of the case so I can still use my wireless charger. This has changed my life.
Great product
Easily fitted and works well with all cell phones
Excellent Product , just what i needed.
will shop again , thank you.
Great product
By far the best phone holder I have ever had. Simple to install, non obtrusive and relies on magnetism rather than suction cups so it is totally dependable.

Excellent value and service.
This thing I bought is really really fun
Don't get it if you have a slidey device on your vents. One such example would be the Toyota auris
So simple and easy to use.
This works better than any other phone holder I have used. No need to take my phone out of its case, it just sticks straight on. It's not bulky, and ugly, it is pleasant to look at when not in use. It is safe as it doesn't impede my view out the windscreen like other holders do.
Exactly what I was expecting and works great.
Neat and functional
Neat, functional and does not affect the interior trim of car. Powerful magnet - works well with my iPhone 6 Plus
I have this fitted to a Yaris which has quite small airvents but it still works fine. It's a really neat design and will be easy to take with me to use in hire cars.

I have a case on the phone and so haven't needed to actually stick the magnet to the phone as the case keeps it in place. Not sure if I'd use this product if I only used a bumper case as I didn't want the black magnetic didc on display. The other advantage of not having to stick on the magnet is that I'll easily be able to transfer it to another phone.
Brilliant product and good value too
This comes with 2 metal plates so you can use for 2 phone. Also the suction cup has has silicon which means it can stick to virtually any surface
Great product
This car mobile holder is excellent there's no claws or clamps to get in the way or to alter you just stick the phone on the magnetic base and of you go. Putting a charger in to your phone there's nothing to get in the way
Excellent product and fast delivery
Product is great quality and the delivery was super fast, even during the festive season where mail is slower than normal.
I will definitely recommend this company to friends.
Great, easy fit in otherwise useless CD player. Have bought one for my wife as well.
Very happy with order. Definitely a strong buy recommendation.
It does the job
Works, but is slightly awkward in Ford Focus 2013 as air vents are vertical. Therefore a bit near steering wheel. But as I said it does the job.
Great product
Love this! Comes with 2 magnet stickers , so can use with 2 phones. The magnet base can be moved around vents very easily. Good strong hold- phone doesn't budge when you are touching the screen. I would highly recommend this product.
Fantastic phone holder the best I've ever bought have bought two more since for daughter and a friend
Have tried many phone holders and most have been a disappointment but this is by far the best.
Received the part on time within a week.
Very swift and straightforward to deal with.
Best holder I've found
I have an iPhone 7 plus which is a big phone. I have tried may of these things with little or no success until I discovered this device. It is extremely simple but works very well indeed and holds my phone perfectly. The only downside is that the magnet is so strong that when I remove the phone it takes the vent mount with it. Small price to pay for a very good product. I would recommend this to anyone.
It's the dog's balls. If you're buying a phone holder for your car - any holder - buy this. It's a matter of getting into the car and just tapping it on. Really. That's all you need to do. Highly recommended
If you're buying a phone holder for your car - any holder - buy this. It's a matter of getting into the car and just tapping it on. Really. That's all you need to do. Highly recommended
Good to know that holder takes case as magnet can be fastened to case and not phone if required, well pleased.
Great product
This is very easy to use and great product
Very good
I tried 2 other similar products previously which didn't work, but this one is great.
The best car phone holder bar none!
The magnetic holder is the very best phone holder I've had bar none. I just get into the car and tap the phone onto it and away we go. No amount of shakes or bumps will detach the phone. Highly recommended. It really is the dog's balls!
Good delivery. Does the job as reported.
Great holder
This is a great wee holder very yousfull & very handy to fit . My phone dosed slide all over the car .
Car mount
Hi car mount is really good and the magnet is really strong I have been using it for the past week and the phone never fell from the mount. Would really recommend it to anyone
Awesome magnetic phone holder
Great little bit of kit. Strong magnet clips into the cars air vent and doesn't move around like other car phone holders. Phone simply magnetises onto the holder. And doesn't budge. Not even whilst cornering. I think it's that good I ordered another 1 for the wife's car. Very happy with my purchase.
Best car holder I have found
In threw out two other phone holders because I liked this one so much better. And it is easily moved to another vehicle
Good works well
Does just what it says on the box.
Very useful.
A very useful gadget to securely hold any device - phone, satnav whatever. Easy to fix and use. Items can be readily attached and removed and while attached can be rotated to any desired position. Thoroughly recommended.
Absolutely Brilliant
I have had a lot of phone holders, I'm in sales and spend a lot of time in my car, and this by far is the best one I've ever had! It was super easy to set-up and it holds brilliantly. It also looks clean. It simply works! Definitely recommend it. The only dissspointing thing is that I didn't find it sooner.
Searched for a long time to find an easy fit that doesn't wobble.
Excellent well made solid product. Search over!
What a brilliant, simple invention & keeps windscreen clear of obstructions
Cannot believe what a simple cleaver invention this is, must be in my top 5 of the best gadgets I've ever purchased. The simple design makes it so easy to fit in my CD player & lock in with no problems. It's so good showed it to family & there now purchasing 1. Cannot wait till you make attachment to fit 2 devices.
Excellent Product
Discreet, easy to use, very sturdy. Great product.
The best car phone holder
Absolutely brilliant car phone holder. My dash has a stippled effect but the sucker adhered perfectly first time and has not come off as yet. Both the magnet and sucker both stick ridgedly to the dash without wobling or moving whilst going over speed bumps etc. Great quality product I was so happy I bought another one.
Very good
Very good service and product just what we wanted for our car .
Good and Bad
Firstly I would like to say the magnet is great and very powerful it doesn't move or fall off. However I was a bit disappointed with the design as the rubber fins have split in just a week now my only defense is to say I use it in different vehicles taking it in and out each time this could be part of the reason, but other than that it's great Thanks
Great product phone must be removed from cover
I like this mount but found that my phone had to be removed from its case which also doubles as my mini wallet. The mount easily supports the phone alone. I will have replace the screw as it touches the volume knob on my FG Falcon.
Nice convenient easy to use
A very good product. I found it easy to install and remove if I wanted to use the cd player. It is a stable and well made item. It allows the mobile phone to be placed where it does not block the view.
Really great will shop there again
It was great
Great Product
Great product & customer service from this organisation will definately be ordering more products from them.
The product & service was first rate, will be ordering more products from this company which i've done in the past.
Best phone mount
I was looking for a phone mount for my new car. I wanted it to be sturdy and solid, neat and not damageyet car. This fits perfectly. The magnet holds the phone really well and I doubt it'll ever fall off. The mount doesn't interfere with any of the displays on the dash or centre console and is neatly positioned in front of the air con vents to keep the device cool. My tip would be to place the magnetic near the bottom of your phone so it doesn't cover the radio display. It is also very easy to take out on the off chance that you feel old school and want to play a cd. Very pleased with this product.
It's great value and a MUST HAVE!
I've been using the MobileZap now for just over a week and I am loving it.

It's so great to be able to finally see my phone up high whilst driving and not being distracted and taking my eyes off the road.

It's great value and a MUST HAVE!
This is a really good phone holder nicely designed and small and compact
Good quality
Good quality and description is perfect, would recommend.
Discreet way to mount your iPhone in car
Providing you have the right type of vents in your car, this device is really effective. You do need to put a small self-adhesive magnet on the back of your phone, but it's far easier than having to place it in a cradle, and doesn't obstruct the view out of the car.
Excellent holder. Magnet is very strong and grip holds vent very well.
Def recommend.
Good but has a major flaw
The product performs exactly as described. I've only had it less than a week at this point but no issues with the mounting. I was worried about the magnet not fitting under the backplate of my phone however that was a non issue.

I do have a couple of issues with this however. One, which could be easily improved on has to do with the windscreen clearance. If you have a decent sized phone you may need to have the magnet slightly above center for it to fit. In that case using the keyboard at the bottom of the screen (pushing) may cause the phone to fall off.

Another major problem I had was that the magnet seems to affect the GPS signal of my phone. Since navigating was the main reason I decided to mount my phone on the windscreen it is very frustrating. I'm going to play around and see if I can get around this somehow.
Best I've had.
This is such an effective smartphone car holder, small, easy to install on the aircon vent and strong magnets to hold my iPhone 6 Plus with case. One of my best decisions to buy it.
This is by far the best mobile car holder. It works by a simple magnet attached to your mobile or to a case. The base sits on the dash board comfortably and when the mobile is attached to it its very sturdy even on bumpy roads. There is no faffing about trying to get it into a spring bound cradle you just slap it on the base and you are ready to go!
This a brilliant phone holder
This a brilliant phone holder and would and will recomeand keep up the good work in suppling good products
Value for money & effective
After buying a number of different mounts for my phone in the car finally one which is simple to install and does the job perfectly. Small price for great result.
Small but perfectly formed!
The Oxilar Magnetic Vent Mount Universal Smartphone Car Holder is extremely discreet.
Although small in structure, it is mighty in power and effectiveness confirming that in some cases size IS everything.
The magnetic connection is touch sensitive and the phone is securely held at any angle enabling use as a Sat Nav or Hands Free phone without the need to remove it from its case and leaving the controls readily accessible.
This button shaped device.exceeds expectation and is so simple in use.
Thanks for a great low-cost solution to my problem.
RA Barham-Hall
So simple yet so marvellous!
I get lost, frequently. My satnav is hopelessly out of date so I recently started using my iphone maps. I have bought about 4 holders now, all of which are useless and broke quickly and I finally took to propping up the phone on the dashboard with varying degrees of success. In the direct sunlight recently my phone overheated at a challenging junction and switched itself off. Helpful, not. Found this gadget whereby the phone can get the aircon on it to keep it functioning AND I can see the map!! It's brilliant and took a nanosecond to "install". Use it all the time and chuffed to bits. A very happy, hopefully not lost, lady :D
Fantastic product
Fantastic product it does what it says it stays where it should and holds my phone perfectly no matter what very reasonably priced buy this you won't regret it.
Great little gadget
It's exactly what it says it is, a magnetised thing that fits any car vent and can be used to support any smart phone. Love it.
Not Bad...
the device will work quite well if the magnetic pad is stuck directly onto the back of the phone without a case added.
I have a relatively thin case and the magnetic pad will work, but the vibrations in the car makes the phone slip down, it needs to be a bit more powerful..
Holds my iphone securely even over speed bumps
Would have been 5 stars if not for the very tight fit into my cd player, other than that an excellent product. Holds my iphone securely even over speed bumps.
So simple!
Works brilliantly. Using it with Samsung J7 and stick on plate. No issues with grip for me. Bought another one for the other car :)
Best purchase this year!
Having bought a large phone I found it difficult to find something that would hold the weight and size of the phone but this does the trick. My car fans don't point in the best direction but that's nothing that let's this product down!
I am very happy with this item. We have used it for the last week while on a mini break. Worked far better than our expectations.
very good
This unit attaches firmly but not destructively to the CD slot.
A metal plate attaches by strong glue to the back of the smartphone.
This plate holds the phone firmly via a strong magnet to the unit.
Overall it works well.
ps The metal plate will prevent wireless charging
Amazing idea, executed amazingly.
A brilliant handy product for anyone who has a phone and drives. So almost everyone. I love the idea of it and for me it was perfect because i never wanted a big holder to clutter up my dash. works perfectly, and with my car having stiff suspension it handles the roughest of bumps well. Only downside is that my cars air vents are sat at a strange uncommon angle so it sometimes sits a bit loose. No fault of the product though. I will be looking to purchase the same holder again just with the stick on magnet. so i can sit it right on my dash. this should be more secure.
Does what it says, but blocks wireless charging on my S7 Edge
The item came with no instructions, but you soon work out what to do with 2 steel plates and the mounting block, even if its not immediately evident that you need to put a steel plate on the already installed magnet in the mounting block. (Why didn't it come pre-installed?)

After mounting the steel plate on the back of my Galaxy S7 Edge it interfered enough to prevent the phone charging on the Samsung wireless charger.

Would be a good piece of kit if you don't want wireless charging.
Does not do as described.
Very easy to use. No fiddling to attach the item to my car vents. My phone cover is very thin see through plastic. Yet I have to remove it other wise the iPhone sails downwards n ultimately falls off into the passenger footwell. Defeats the object. Remove the cover and all is well. Not what I was expecting to be frank.
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