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Olixar inVent Mini Portable Universal Air Vent Smartphone Car Holder Reviews

A superb portable car mount for almost all smartphones, attaching to any vehicle air vent and holding your phone steady and in clear view. It also acts as a viewing stand. Compact and weighing next to nothing, you can take this with you anywhere.
  • Mobile Fun ID 62407
$12.96 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 38 customers

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Big surprise
Big surprise in a little package.! When I got this item, my first thought was 'this is way too small...' I was so wrong. My LG stylus 3 sits comfortable and securely(without the case). When attached to the vent, the phone is in a convenient position. I can reach the phone with no stress at all and it doesn't fall out...at all! And it's quite sturdy too. Best buy for me!
Surprisingly sturdy phone holder
Bought for a Samsung J3, arms stretch apart to fit various sized phones and just pushes on air vent. Fits phone, seems sturdy, so easy to use and cheap. Only slight negative is that it doesn't angle so phone is quite flat and out of direct eyeline. But does job I need it to do as just wanted something to hold my phone if I'm using it to listen to sat nav.
Very simple, but affective design
Very simple, but affective design.
Fits perfectly onto the air vent.
The only slight criticism is that the spring slider is a bit stiff, but it may loosen up in time. That shouldn't put you off from purchasing it.
Does the job!
Seems well made. Functions as expected.
Solid cable
Seems solidly built. No issues to date.
Great product, pity about the delivery hiccup
The product I bought, to hold my mobile phone in the car is great, works exactly as specified, and doesn't require anything to be stuck onto the phone.

Only problem - the first delivery was lost in transit, which meant that it didn't arrive. But Mobile Fun were great, the product was despatched again, and arrived without problem. The items sold on this sight are very useful, not just gimmicy, I would buy from them again.
Good holder
This works fine with my phone. Easy to fit.
Good product
Fits in the heating vents of my bmw 330 and adjusts to take an iphone 6. Does just what I wanted
Excellent features
Ordered two to use in our 2016 Jeep. One for driver and the other for passenger. Great for no hands usage. Highly recommend for cars that don't have I phone access.
Does Exactly What It Says On The Tin.
Great product which adequately holds my phone in place attached to one of my cars airvents. Using a credit card also allows this item to become a useful stand for my phone.
Simple to fit and works a treat
Bought this for my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. It is small, simple to fit and works a treat. Very happy! Thank you.
Such a simple fantastic product
I have had a few in car holders but the versatility of this product is awesome I have 4 kids who all have phones so they use thought out the car as it can be attached to anything thin and strong enough to support the holder and your device.
Best in-car phone holder!
This item is perfect! It's minimalist, sturdy and secure! It just looks good when it's attached to the car vent (unlike my previous clunky one) and because it's so small, there's no movement, even when holding the phone! Very well built; it holds the phone very securely. Great product!
It does exactly as it says on the tin. :-)
A very practical product that works very well as described. A great pressie for a friend also that brought a smile to their face.
If it tilted as well as rotating
If it tilted as well as rotating.
I would not advise anyone to buy this product. Tried it several times on air vents and it does not fit well at all. Very loose how ever you attach it and my phone fell twice as it does not sit in the vent securely.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you have had problems. If your vehicle's air vents are at an unusual angle, it can be difficult to attach. For example, vertical air vents can be the most problematic.

Please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist.
It's great
It's great
Tilts with big phones
Holder only good for smaller phones, as the Pixel XL is tilted when mounted onto the holder
Dash phone clamp
It works!
Fab accessory!
This is a really hand accessory to have! It knocks spots off my old gel pad smartphone holder which randomly lets phones fall without warning! I would definitely recommend this item. So glad I bought two!
It fits any phone size since the can open up as much as you need, it has a strong grip to the phone and it also fits perfectly on the car air vents. It's not bulky and swivels 360 degrees, best phone holder I ever owned.
Good product
Holds my Galaxy Note 4 very well, it's a tight fit and sturdy. Will not fit if it's in a flip case or protective case.
Does what it says on the tin!
Pretty straightforward review, it does exactly as described. Such a simple piece of kit, but proves that you don't always need to over-engineer something. As long as you've got a car with air vents this will do the job, and it's so simple, even a simpleton like myself can fit without the need for instructions. Would highly recommend! A+!
brilliant simple piece of kit
just would it fit my iPhone
Very good
This is the best thing for holding phone I like it because it's small and easy to use just great
Not Bad
I think the clip to attach to the air vent should be longer. It's stable but I've had to the vent flap itself. I wouldn't have bought this if I'd known it was that short
Simple, easy to use, works.
You beauty
Ready to make full use of this little beauty
Does what it says on the tin!
Bought this because my TomTom died so I need the phone for navigating, and this little gadget holds my Nokia Lumia, in its' wraparound case, nice and firmly, and because it just fits on the airvent, there's no wrestling it on and off a windscrren mount. This smartphone holder is much smaller than expected when it comes out of the box, but it is robust and does stretch out to fit the phone. I think slightly larger phones would need to be out of any case, but all in all a good buy!
Works Great!
The phone holder is fantastic. I have a OnePlus X phone and it fits perfectly. Slides into a vent with ease. If your looking for an inexpensive holder, try this one.
Quality product and good price. Fits firmly in vent of my car.
Postage took a little longer as I did not realise it was coming from the UK.
Handy gadget
Olixar invent mobile phone Holder - has rubber grips that attach to a blade on the car'seat vent. The arms expand to hold your phone and it works with my phone's wallet style cover so I can now use my phone in place of a navigation unit.
Pleasantly surprised how simple and effective it is..well done!
Really happy with the product and was delivered in a fast timeframe.
Suited my golf buggy
Used with my phone on the golf buggy
Good quality product
It is a good quality product which is perfect for its purpose.
Good bit of kit but with limitations.
I was looking for a cheap mobile holder for casual use and this one seemed to fit the bill ok. Once clipped into the holder, which is a little fiddly to do, my S7 is held very well and then clips snugly onto the air vent. I'm not too sure how hot the mobile will get when warm air is coming from the vent but I've only used it for short journeys so far and I've not had any issues.
Just be aware that it will not fit all car vents, I got one free and gave it to my daughter who has a Mazda 2 which you cannot use it with, might be many more cars like that so check before you buy.
A suturdy piece of kit and fits easily and well in the vent
I bought this for my granddaughter so I personally wont use it but from whaI see it is a suturdy piece of kit and fits easily and well in the vent as described. She is happy with it anyway.
We love them. I bought two.
Not just for car vents, it's great for a more comfortable hold for hands. The sticky out know makes for a very versatile gadget.
No more mobile falling off your windscreen!
Sick of the suction of your windscreen mobile holder failing and your mobile landing on your lap while your trying to drive? Then this air vent mobile phone holder is a must have! It's sturdy and reliable and I would highly recommend it.
Highly recommend
Excellent little gadget that clips your phone on to the air vent in your car. Ideal if you want to use the map feature on your phone or for somewhere to place your phone securely.
Simple, solid, small and easily does the job. Hasn't moved at all since I've been using it. Holds the phone securely and the rubber clip grips the vent more than adequately. The vents on a Mk3 Ford Focus aren't located in the best position but I was able to mount this holder which gives me full visibility of the phone. The in-car Bluetooth does the rest but it's nice to be able to see the phone. Sometimes I prefer to use the phone sat nav rather than the car one and this now means I can do so.

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