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Olixar Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Curved Glass Screen Protector - Black

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Keep your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+'s screen in pristine condition with this Olixar Tempered Glass screen protector, designed to cover and protect even the curved edges of the phone's unique display. Black edges mean this is ideal for the black S6 Edge.

  • "Simply the Best"
  • ""Tempered Glass"??"

Most Useful Customer Reviews

Paul Hornsby
Samsung Galaxy s6 edge plus
3rd November 2015
Simply the Best
I purchased the Olixar curved glass screen protector and WOW what a great piece of kit it is . It's stylish and is just the simplist cover to fit . It fits perfect too right to the curved edge . SIMPLY THE BEST

Les Bowers
Colwyn Bay
Galaxy S4 Edge Plus
11th December 2015
"Tempered Glass"??
The "Plastic sheet is quite tough but definitely Not Glass! It does give good protection to the screen but is obviously not that easy to get a full contact at certain edge points. Very expensive for what you get. I had to return mine but got a local coating, same thing for half the price. Obviously a hard thing to get it on perfect because it's still not "perfect" and that's professionally fitted. I think it is probably too hard for the thickness of it as it cracks with ease. Not for me as a first choice, but that might be just me? The Spigen case was good though.

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Why Buy?

  • High-tension 9H tempered glass construction for enhanced shock protection
  • Complete protection for your S6 Edge+'s screen
  • Ultra-thin 0.33mm thickness
  • Prevents screen scratching and other damage
  • Black outer areas means this phone is suited to Black S6 Edge+ handsets
  • Curved protector to cover even the sides of your display
  • Optimal clarity barely able to notice it is there
  • Easy to apply


Olixar Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Curved Glass Screen Protector - Black

High-tension 9H tempered glass construction for enhanced shock protection

The Olixar tempered glass curved screen protector is made from a reinforced tempered glass with an impressive 9H rating, maintaining image clarity while protecting your phone's screen from scratches and external shock. Using glass, the Olixar tempered glass screen protector with its impressive surface hardness and only 0.33mm thickness is ready for your daily routine - taking care of your phone's display and maintaining its superb visual qualities.

Complete protection for your S6 Edge+'s screen

This ingenious solution to protecting your S6 Edge+'s screen involves a 0.33mm thick tempered glass protector that covers even the edges of the curved screen. The underside of the screen protector sits flat on the screen and follows the contours of your phone's screen perfectly. This covers the entire screen and offers complete protection. No more compromising by leaving the curved edges exposed and this also ensures no dirt will get in - so no more "halo effect".  

Prevents screen scratching and other damage

The Olixar range of screen protectors are designed to keep your Galaxy S6 Edge+'s screen clear from scratches and scrapes that could hamper your visibility. By creating a tough barrier between your screen and the world, any damage will be done to the screen protector and not the phone, keeping your device looking good as new.

Black outer areas means this phone is suited to Black S6 Edge+ handsets

While this screen protector can of course be used with white and gold versions of the phone, the results may be unattractive to some. Therefore we suggest that this version of the curved glass screen protector is suitable for the black version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+. If you have the white or gold S6 Edge+, we also have a suitable version suitable for that phone too. Please be sure to select the right screen protector for you before purchasing.

Curved protector to cover even the sides of your display

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ features a unique curved edge screen, perfect for viewing notifications on either side of the phone. The Olixar Tempered Glass Curved Screen Protector is designed to cover even these areas of the screen, so you can rest assured your Galaxy S6 Edge+ has 100% display coverage providing all round protection.

Olixar Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Tempered Glass Curved Screen Protector    Olixar Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Tempered Glass Curved Screen Protector

Above: The difference between the protected areas in orange provided by (left) regular screen protectors and (right) the Olixar curved screen protector is obvious.
Notice the exposed areas left by regular screen savers and the complete protection offered by the Olixar curved screen protector.

Optimal clarity barely able to notice it is there

While it's important to protect your screen, it's also vital that the screen protector does not hinder your smartphone use by clouding the screen or noticeable decreasing the sensitivity of the touchscreen. Olixar screen protectors are specially made to provide optimal clarity, while also being thin enough to keep your touchscreen in perfect working order. Once on, you will find it hard to even notice the Olixar screen protector is there.

Easy to apply

Olixar screen protectors are easy to apply, as they are custom cut for each device. Simply clean the screen with the included microfibre cloth, line up the screen protector with your phone and apply. Once on, the screen protector is practically invisible.

Please note: Please ensure any case you attach to your phone respects the curvature of the screen protector. Any undue force on the edges from a case can lead to damage to your screen protector.

Key Details

  • Colour: Black

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