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Olixar enCharge 2000mAh Portable Power Bank - Blue Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Olixar enCharge 2000mAh Power Bank in blue is the perfect companion to ensure your smartphone has enough charge to power your app usage throughout the day and even features a built-in torch.
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 4.6 stars from 123 customers

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This little powerbank is literally a life saver. I can charge my phone while its in my pocket. It charges up my phone sooo quickly and came real handy in my times of need. I love this and have suggested my friends to buy this as well.
Does the job
The 6s is my first smartphone so don't have past experience of back up chargers (all my other phones you could just use a spare battery) - but it puts 80% charge into the 6s which seems OK to me.
Excellent little unit
Ordered this Item on a BOGOF. really impressed with the product. Well put together and has been really useful. Quick to charge and provides an excellent mechanism of charging my phone. really nive tht I can charge the batter on the phone wile charding the powerbar
Excellent charger
Small and easy to handle,works exactly as advertised,keeps its charge well. Very pleased with my purchase.
Thank you.
olixar power bank
in a word EXCELLENT, exactly as advertised
Great product
Great product , loved it ! bought for my wife , she is so happy . very good gadget and keep her iPhone charge round the clock !
A must have item for people OTG
I must say I was sceptical but this powerbank gives me one full charge and sees me through the day without having to hook up to a pc or power outlet. I can even make calls while it's juicing up my phone. It's a lifesaver especially if I get caught up in traffic or meetings.And it's small enough to carry in pocket or small handbag.
Useful little device as an emergency charge for low power devices, excellent build quality, and handy extra LED on the front. The string cord itself to attach is a little flimsy, or at least doesn't look/feel safe to carry about in fear of snapping but overall, excellent!
Money well spent
I wanted something for my partner who works long hours. His smartphonr bsttery barely makes it through the day if he is not in his office. So I started looking for a powerbank. He was delighted withit and it gives him at least another full charge with power to spare. He can also take calls with the powerbank in his shirt pocket when he is on the move. It's a great gadget and a lifesaver especially for people who don't have time to look for a place to recharge their phone. Tremendously happy customer. I hope this review helps people decide.
Ideal for on the go people!
I bought this for my partner who has a hectic job and is often out of his office and can't charge his smartphone. He was delighted to discover that it juiced up his phone in no time at all and gave him at least another full charge. Also he can charge his Nokia Lumia on the go and take calls with the power bank in his shirt pocket. Even his CEO was impressed (he has the same phone) and asked him where he bought it from. It's a great product and also makes an ideal gift.
Great product.
Neat & Compact, came with cable supplied which fits my S6 Edge.
Charged my phone to 60% straight from the packaging with indicators showing how much charge is left.
When recharging indicators show charging progress.
All in all a great deal especially with Bogof offer
Quality Product - Great Offer Price
Arrived as promised with full updates throughout. Comes with short cable and charged my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to 60% straight from the packaging. Indicators make it easy to see how much charge is left and when you recharge it afterwards. BOGOF deal makes it an even better deal
great charger
Does what i says on tin!! Charges mobile when needed easy to carry lightweight with a built in LED torch as well. Would recommend using a getting a USB wall charger if you have no PC apart from that flawless performance and was buy one get one free when i got mine! Bargain!!
Portable Power Bank
I ordered a couple of these before but gave them away to friend / family so I thought that I would get another couple. I have given 1 away again but intend to keep the other for myself. Superb little product and great delivery turnaround as usual.
The best
Don't know which was the best, the charger or the supplier. Either way 5 stars for each. Bought two of these really powerful little gadgets. Enough charge and more for a flat iPhone battery. Arrived before the time stated. Her indoors nicked one but I have the other one hidden in the car...not telling you where in the car, just in the car. I have used it a few times now and fully happy. Doesn't take long to charge the charger so it's ready to go as soon as you are. And, it's a smart looking piece if kit too with blue LEDs to tell you exactly how much charge you have left. Buy one now ! Or maybe two, but hide one from you know who !
Does not work
Bought other items from this source previously and always been satisfied. I thought this would be useful to have this gadget with me when I travel to top up my phone charge.Having managed to fully charge the Power Bank I attempted t0 transfer a top up charge to my phone via the short cable provided without success. Perhaps it is as well it also has a torch function which works, i now have a pretty expensive torch to go with my stack of torches.
MobileFun Reply
Hi George

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this item. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist.
Quite and convenient
Conveniently small
Charges up quickly
Charges phone quickly
Won't quite fully charge iPhone but close.
Useful bit of power kit.
Great product - Charged my Iphone 5S consistantly 75%. Sure gets you over those high power usage moments such as gaming or maps and navigation when out and about. Seems to charge anything such as Bluetooth speakers and headphones and powers the high velocity desk fan also sold by MobileFun. Neat little torch to help get your keys in the lock after a few beers too. What's more, it was fully charged when it arrived!
Does the trick but just as good as a pocket warmer
I got this (and another on the recent "buy one get one free" offer) and to be honest it hasn't disappointed. My son's iPhone is constantly running low so he appreciated the second one possibly more than me.

My only gripe is that it gets REALLY hot when charging my phone. I'm not kidding when I say that it chucks out more heat than a solid fuel pocket warmer I used to use when I was out fishing.

Overall though I'd recommend it. I find the torch handy, it's easy to use and charges quickly and it's saved me having to find a charging point.
Not working.
The item loads fine from the mains but does not transfer the charge via the short cable supplied to my phone which is not much use.
MobileFun Reply
Hi George

Sorry to hear you are having problems. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate.
Super item
Super item, have needed a portable charger for a long time, (as I get older I have forgotten more and more to keep my phone charged properly) and being diabled I really need my phone for obvious reasons. This portable charger is the bees knees as far as I am concerned, really fast at charging my phone, perfect
Not able to charge galaxy S5 the only thing that works is the torch
MobileFun Reply
Hi Tim

The power bank will charge the Samsung Galaxy S5 absolutely fine. Please contact our Customer Services team if you are still have issues.
Great item
This item is great, I bought this for my daughter who has an iPhone6. As expected she can drain the iPhone battery easily within a day and this charges the phone while she is at school or out on yet another sleep over!
Well worth the money and great that I got two for the price of one!
Handy accessory
I found it to be a really handy accessory to make sure that you never had to suffer your mobile phone running out of power. Great little product and well worth the money.
Better than a money bank!!
This is a great product and an exceptional offer, one not to be missed. Kept one for myself and gave one to a friend who will benefit from its use whilst at university our thanks to mobile fun.
Nice little gadget
First time I used this, I charged my iPhone 5 from 0% to 95% charge
In 90 minutes, even though it didn't fully charge the phone I am more then happy with this small charger
Worth it
Great little power pack. Great value for money. Highly recommended. 5 stars.
Well made, small, light, it works
This is the second one I have purchased from MobileFun, and not because of a problem. (First one 'borrowed' by my son)
Will almost, but not quite fully recharge my iphone 6, which is fine!
Always take it with me when I know I might run short of phone battery life.
Well made, small, light, it works, nice and blue.
Perfect Purchase
Bought this for my husband this Christmas and it is perfect as he works on a 3 x 12 hours shift and was running out of battery before the end and now he does not have to worry that we cannot keep in touch during that time, especially if there were to be an emergency.
Bought the portable charger as a gift for my daughter. She tells me it is an excellent product, and not only will it charge her mobile in an emergency or when the power is used, it will also charge her portable router as an added bonus!
Useful gadget
Bought this for emergency use but have not yet had an opportunity to use it. Olixar is a well known brand, the product looks sturdy and Mobile Fun is a trusted and reliable supplier, so here's hoping!
Our 3rd Power Bank
We already had two. Keep one in the car. One in wife's handbag. Bought a 3rd one for sister-in-law who is always forgetting to charge her mobile phone at home.
Great power bank and great supplier
Came in good time, was as described (and purchased from MobileFun before) and was appreciated by the recipient. Excellent supplier of mobile-related everything. A+++
Great Idea and Product
I have been after something like this for some time as my previous mobile needed recharching more often than the mother in law. It's ironic that I now have a new phone which seems to last forever on one charge, however it came into its own when we were on holiday. I don't know what it is about European electricity but it's as if it knows that a UK phone needs charging and it thinks " stuff you pal, no charge for you". It either takes an age to charge or just doesn' t bother so this little beauty was a life saver. Great product at a great price. Shipping and customer service spot on. Thanks.

So good I bought another!
This compact and rugged piece of kit holds enough power to charge my 5S smartphone up to 50% full when flat in about 8 mins.
So I bought another one.
FANTASTIC ! 2nd purchase
Charges my iPhone at 1% per minute. That nit bad for such a small, handy, power bank. So good this is my second purchase.
My best companion!
Well, I thought I'd buy myself one of these delightful portable chargers as it was just what the doctor ordered for my busy life of meetings! One daughter spotted it, so I ended up buying 2! Older daughter flew into London and has taken mine back home with her.
So I now need to buy another!! Means NO worries about ever running out of battery time! Absolutely perfect fit in my handbag, too!! Brilliant!!
An amazing little device
An amazing little device. Only had it a couple of weeks and already it's come to the rescue in a flat phone battery emergency! Great value for money.
This charger works well and is very competitively priced. It is small and fits easily into a pocket. Used with an iPhone 5 with a battery not holding charge for too long this charger extends the effective use of the phone considerably. Quick to charge and useful side light display shows when it is fully charged. A very good product.
Fantastic Equipment
Very useful no matter what your mobile usage
A must have gadget!
I bought this portable power bank as there are times when out for the day or on holiday when your device (I have an iPhone 6) just runs out of battery. I have been thinking about buying one for a while and as I was going away I ordered this one. May I say it has been a godsend. Half an hour gives you 20% and and hour and a half will nearly charge it all the way. The torch is handy as well. I was so impressed I bought one for my daughter. Mobilefun delivered the item within a couple of days. I love also that you can pay by Psypal!!
Gives some boost to phone.
This is a neat, lightweight device which also incorporates a torch. It gave my phone about 40% more power so it is not very powerful, but was enough to ensure my phone lasts a long day out in London. Good value for money.
Powerful piece of kit
This is powerful yet small piece of equipment. I think the torch on it is a brilliant addition. Have not yet used it to power a piece of equipment but I am sure it will be tremendous. Like the idea that it comes fully charged.
jolly handy device
It is really handy for when I go up to London and need my Samsung phone to stay charged all day. Great little buy.
Too Good To Miss
I saw the Olixar enCharge 2000mAh Portable Power Bank, being offered at a very reasonable price, which was too good to miss. I've now used the power pack twice now, and besides being pocket size, and that it sits comfortably in your inside jacket pocket and that it really is straight for to charge your phone and also just as easy to recharge the power pack, the actual charging of your phone is surprisingly very quick. Well worth the money
The Charger suits my requirements.
I am quite satisfied with the quality and operation of the charger.
Can you supply an adaptor or lead that will allow me to charge my MYC5-3 phone from this charger?
Jim Maguire.
MobileFun Reply
Dear Jim,

I'm afraid we do not stock an adaptor for that device to allow it to connect to the Sagem MYC5-3. The power bank is designed to work with phones that charge via a USB cable.
Ideal back-up charger
An ideal product to carry a sizeable amount of 'charge' in your bag as a back-up for any number of devices! Its so easy to charge and use and its seems to hold the charge well too! Excellent value for money and would highly recommend it.
Olixar enCharge 2000mAh Portable Power Bank
This is a great little gizmo, perfectly sized for pocket or bag and possibly the most practical thing I currently own! Quickly puts a very decent charge back on my phone when I need it and I now never leave home without it - highly recommended. (Haven't tried it to full capacity yet so can't comment on top charge capability on my particular handset, but am totally impressed with performance so far... ).
Smart phone charger
I like the charger but was a bit disappointed that the charge does not last very long in it. I was hoping from full charge I could get a few more hours out of it. So you have to charge that as soon as you take your phone off which I might add does not charge that fully.
smaller that experience
The best to take on holdays with u and will tell friends and family to buy one
Olixaar Rapid I-Phone Charger
Fully charged I connected Olixar Charger to my Mobile Phone which had 7% use left.
Within half an hour the charge display read 44% on my Mobile for use.
Elixar encharge disappointment
An expensive disappointment, giving only low charge, after a couple of uses,unsuitable junk.
Bag your own phone charger
I wanted something to recharge the phone on long walks; this is smaller than I expected, rather more a very large PP9 battery! Easily charged, it fits in a pocket no problem, but i shall have to find a small bag to keep it and the USB/ mini charger together, fluff free. Haven't had to use it yet, but at 2000 mha I expect to get at least 1 phone charge from it.
Great little Power Bank
Very pleased with the Olixar it brings a lot of confidence in using my mobile anywhere without fear of it running out of charge.
Good Value
Good value pack
Very disappointed
What a very disappointing item. I ordered the first one and after the first charge of the phone, the item would not then recharge.

Order the second one and it only charge 20% before it went flat.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Michael

Sorry to hear you are having issues with your accessory. Please ensure you have the latest version of iOS installed on your iPhone 6 and check the charging cable is working correctly.

Please contact us if you are still experiencing issues
Very good item
Very good service

Very good item

Delivered before date stated
Brilliant power bar
Bought this in a bundle for my daughters iphone as she was always running out of charge when hanging out all weekend.It is a superior power bar to the free EE one I received & the added bargain of coming with 3 usb leads,car charger & plug at a great price *****
Got to love mobile fun. Always have such awesome gadgets and prices. This Olixar power bank accessory kit is top notch. The leads are brilliant and long the incar charger I love and the power bank itself is just powerful enough to tide me over till I'm in the car or house. Would deffo recommend
A brilliant portable charger

very good
it get my phone up to 95% for 10% left in battary it holds it charge well its very good if you get stuck some were and your phone is about to go flat it should get your phone to over 90% charged
Best good item easy to use I recomend this item
Very Good but but I need MORE power
I read the reviews and it looked like it could charge an iPhone 5 a few times. So thought it should charge an iPhone 6 plus. however it only charges it to half charge. This is pretty good as that would last a whole day. But I would like a portable charging device to charge the battery of my phone to full charge. This is good as an emergency charge device.
Compact and effective
This power bank is smaller than I had expected, and yet it still provides a full charge to my mobile phone. In my opinion it represents good value for money.
Concerned about your phone battery dying? Stop that now...
Extra power at a good price, no more fear of the phone battery dying during a long day away from a plug socket. The blue indicator lights give perfect feedback during the charging process and the built in torch is a useful bonus. Could be slightly bulky for carrying in a pocket but ultimately it is worth it so you can use your phone without fear. USB to Micro USB cable was included.
No Good for the S5
Was impressed when it came, until I came to use it, yes it plugs in, yes it charges, until your screen goes off, then the charger turns itself off. works well on all other galaxys, but tried on 3 S5's and does the same on all. Disappointed, would return, but thrown away packaging!!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Lorraine

May be worth checking the cable, this may have a fault causing this issue. Please contact us if you require additional assistance.
This is my second purchase of this product, but this time I've got the blue one instead of the original black so I know which is which.
Just as good as the first one I bought - but prettier (blue). Now keep the black one in the car. The blue one stays at home. Covers all power-down emergencies
Great Portable Power Bank
Very pleased with the power bank. It came in a bundle with a dual usb car charger, cables and mains charger - making it really good value compared to the price of the car charger alone. The power bank is small and a neat black colour. In around 20 minutes it powered up my Nexus 5 to give a couple of hours use when I really needed it and whilst so far I have not left it charging for longer than this period I am sure it would give a much bigger charge if I did because there was still a lot of battery power left in the bank as shown by the useful green indicator lights.

The power bank is re-charged by laptop/pc etc or mains charger using the supplied small usb cable. It is very simple to use. It also has a surprisingly bright torch light too.

The delivery from Mobile Fun was very efficient.
Handy Robust Power Bank
This is a very handy and robust power bank, it keeps its charge for several days and quickly charges my mobile, would definitely recommend it.
Great product!
So glad I bought this...very portable and charges my phone when it's dead.
best little charge
having had a few of these charging devices this is by far the best will recharge my iphone 5 3 times without having to recharge the power pack would recommend to all
Very useful power supply
Seems well made and very compact size. Comes with its own USB/ mini USB charge lead. You will need to carry your own device to USB lead to download the power. Recharged myiphone 5s from 'Red Battery' to 80%+ in a fairly short space of time. A low cost answer to a heavy usage day.
portable power bank
Good size, works well
Useful device
Well made useful little device. Carry it with you when out and never fear your phone battery going flat. It charged my Pebble watch in half the time it takes in my laptop USB port. Gives peace of mind.
Useful Little Gadget
A power bank small enough to put in your jacket pocket with enough oomph to recharge your phone - oh and it doubles as a torch as well! What could be better?
There's not a lot more to say really, I have an HTC so the lead provided to charge the block from a usb charger plugs in the other end to charge my phone .. bonus
Only two (minor) niggles, as one reviewer has said - a carry pouch would be useul and the instructions do not tell you how to turn the torch (hence the carry strap) on (double click the power button) . M
Portable Power in a little package.
Smaller charge than some but in a nice small package. Charged up Apple 5c no problem but couldn't fully charge Kindle. There are bigger portable chargers out there but this one delivers a fair amount of charge at a good price and in a nice small size.
Great smartphone companion
Great little gadget that will keep you from stressing about losing your battery. Its pretty small and easy to carry. Was able to fully charge my iPhone 6 with no problem.
was a bit sceptical about buying this product,i bought two,one for my son and me,and it has been fantastic,has worked exactly as described,even though i only got to use it three times,as my older son keeps pinching it,he,s 29,so either he or i will have to buy another one,would recommend this product to all my friends
Power Bank
Good product with prompt delivery.
Small but perfectly formed:)
This portable Power Bank is quick and easy to use when your phone is running low on juice. If you don't have time, or forget to charge your phone, the Power Bank is a life saver and is small enough to pop in a pocket or handbag. Despite only having it for a week, I wouldn't be without it now.
Neat idea but a bit bulky
Nice and neat,but doesn't sit in your pocket neatly with phone.
Not sure what the hanging loop is for, don't think you would walk around with it in yourhand. Would have liked to see a carrying bag and longer charging cable
Excellent product
This power bank is exactly as described. It is small enough to fit into a pocket or handbag. It is easy to charge before leaving home giving a full charge for my mobile phone or Kindle when necessary.
It works
It gave my Nokia 920 about a third of a charge which is more than enough in an emergency. The built in torch might be useful. It would have got 5 stars if I hadn't had to type the device name in on this form. Mobile fun sort your web forms out, if you make it easy more people will review.
Great compact charger
This device charges rapidly, great little charge indicators and I managed to put 20% charge into my iPhone6 in 10 minutes.
The Little Black Box That just fits in your pocket in case of emergency
This little portable power bank is ideal to take with you anywhere you go,, sometimes you forget to charge your phone, with the little power bank just connect your phone and away you go, it's so versatile i you can use it anywhere another great phone product from Mobile Fun, it is a very handy item to have with you Thank You
Portable Power Bank
This power bank is a life saver,I've got a Samsung Galaxy S4, my battery was running extremely low and I wanted to use my phone not just to make & recieve calls but to use the app to find out when the next bus is due when I was so anxious to get home, I'd like to recomend your website & this product to my family & friends, Thank You Mobile fun and keep up the good work!
power pack
Portable Mobile charger
As I travel a lot, I wanted a mobile charger.
The only negative about the Olivar is that once it is fully charged, it only brings my charge on the mobile phone up by about 35% before it is depleted. I was hoping that it would charge my phone at least 100% once.
Great service
These make fab Xmas pressies. Service from mobile fun was excellent. Easy online shopping and received in the post 2 days later. What's not too like! I'd def re commend mobile fun.
Perfect answer to keeping devices charged on the go
I already have a large power pack but wanted something small enough to put in my bag that was light, portable, and easy to use. The Olixar enCharge comes with a little hanging strap that you can thread through the rings on the strap of your handbag or 'manbag'. It has a short micro USB cable to connect to your phone or tablet when you need to charge it on the move. I haven't needed it for my phone yet but have used it for my kindle fire and it gave a reasonable charge in a fairly short time. I used the charger for my large power pack to charge the Olixar enCharge as it doesn't come with its own charger. Ideal for taking to festivals or anywhere else that doesn't have anywhere to charge your device. An essential item as phones run out of charge quickly if you play games and use the internet. Highly recommended.
Perfect size for travel.
Very speedy delivery, ordered Monday pm rec'd Thursday am and came already charged. Have yet to use it on 'dead phone' but sure it will be fine. At last I won't have to leave my book half read on coach trips ! Sure I will recommend to everyone who asks.
All Singing all dancing
It also has a handy torch which is very useful, it has lights to show you how much power you have used and when charging, it has a USB cord which you switch around for charging phone or charger it has an on/off switch
Ideal item when you work away from home 2-3 days a week.
Small, powerful and essential emergency charger
It's small, it's light and easy to carry around with you, it charges your phone up quickly and it doesn't take long to charge up itself, ready for the next time you need it. Recommended.
Great charger
Don't leave home without it, I will never have a flat battery again, you will not be disappointed
Don't leave home without it
Great little mobile charger, wouldn't leave home without it, I will never have a flat battery again
Perfect solution
This is exactly what I was looking for and does the job just as I had hoped. I wanted to be able to recharge the phone when away from mains or car 12v socket, such as when on a day out. The supplied USB connector is used both to charge the phone and to recharge the Power Bank. It can even serve as a torch! Much cheaper than a duplicate phone battery, and you don't have to prise the back off the phone.
A life saving device!
On a recent trip to London, my iPhone 6 Plus ran out of battery and I managed to get an 87% charge into my spare iPhone 5, using my newly acquired Olixar enCharge 2000mAh Portable Power Bank. My iPhone 5 also had zero battery power at the time. This can literally be a life saving device. It charges up quickly and is small enough to be almost unnoticeable in your pocket...
and all for a great value price.

I have to award this 5 stars!
At last - a Charger worth the charge!
I have found s-o-o many times that gadgets advertised as a portable mobile phone charger have fulfilled only one of those descriptions ...they have been portable. But none that I have used in the past have actually been able to hold its own charge - let alone impute that charge to another device! But not any more! This little beauty does exactly what it says on the tin! It feels great in the hand and has a real substance to it. It is quick to charge, holds it well and most importantly, will actually charge your mobile phone when you are away from a mains connection. It also has a very effective and useful little torch which even if not used as a torch is a good indicator of the current charge strength in the device. It's a real winner and I didn't mind the charge for this charger at all. Well worth the dosh!
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