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Olixar BlackBerry Priv Screen Protector 2-in-1 Pack Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your BlackBerry Priv screen in pristine condition with this Olixar scratch-resistant screen protector 2-in-1 Pack.
  • Mobile Fun ID 56194
$8.10 inc VAT
 3.2 stars from 11 customers

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AVOID - instruction are nonsense and installation ridiculously confusing and ends up with bubbles and marks
I could not be more disappointed. The instructions tell you to pull TAB 1 then pull TAB 2 which would be fine IF there were 2 tabs BUT there's is only one sticker / tab and it is not labelled as tab 1 or tab 2!!!! How stupid is that? These guys can't even write instructions that relate to their own product properly.
There are some tiny diagrams but they are so small they are impossible to make out anything useful and even with a magnifier they are so badly drawn that they are meaningless and no help at all.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Frazer

Sorry to hear the instructions were incorrect. We have passed this information over to Olixar to investigate.
Don't buy
Absolutely terrible. The covering material is crappy, not nice at all to interact with or view, the adhesive is just beyond miserable at sticking to the phone (I don't think there was an even coating of it), and freaking bubbles just everywhere.
What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get! Glad to have come across the product at MobileZap. I went thru lots of websites, but glad that I selected the product on MobileZap. The product I received was exactly as advertised on the website. And came within a reasonable time as well. MobileZap had a local Australian contact number wherein I called and they could advise me shipment status.
Wonder of wonders
NO LONGER DISAPPOINTED (See my review below):

Wonder of wonders, after having had the screen protector on my PRIV for the last few weeks and having tried several times to take what I hoped would be the top layer off without success, finally it started coming off on its own!! I gave it a helping hand and now, voila! It is what I had originally hoped it would be!! Much slimmer than previously and, except for a few bubbles of air, it looks really good/ I am therefore happy to upgrade my ratings from 2 to 5. Thank you!!!!
Unfortunately, I found this product to be disappointing. It is so much thicker than I even considered it may be! What I would like to have had is a screensaver that is really thin and which clings to the window of the mobile (my new BLACKBERRY PRIV...like cling film would do. I have tried to separate at least the top half from the lower half, but unfortunately it didn't do anything. If this is unusual for this product, I would very much like to know about it.
Good but not hassle free
This probably is the only screen protector that sticks well (more than well) on the Priv. It cowers the curved edges which itself is amazing.

There are some issues that really frustrated me. The installation is not that simple unlike other screen protector. Due to the nature of the material, it can have bubbles and the ones that won't go away that easily. Some do disappear over time. It's certainly not bubble free installation as advertised on the website.
The feel is a little rubbery but improves overtime.

I think buying 5 pack is a relief as I stuffed up the first one really bad.
fits the screen perfect
Because of BB Priv has curved edges it was quite difficult to find right screen protector. After few mistakes I finally found this little wonder. It fits the screen perfectly, covers it all from edge to edge. Yet because of the one of the protection films (that matte one) is a bit thicker it makes the application really easy, without air bubbles and without the actual protector sticking to itself instead of the screen. It is really good product, so far the best I have found for my BB. The shipment was also very quick. Highly recommend this product and this shop, I would definitly buy again.
BlackBerry Priv
Really great product. Good value and great service and postage. Fits the curved screen of the Priv perfectly.
Best Screen Protector
After trying out several screen protectors, I have found this one to be perfectly made for my blackberry priv covering all edges and exactly to the description. Highly recommend.

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