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Official Samsung Travel Adapter with Micro USB 3.0 Cable - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
An official Samsung UK mains charger for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S5. It outputs 2 amp for ultra fast charging and comes complete with a detachable Micro USB 3.0 charging cable.
  • Mobile Fun ID 41002
$27.05 inc VAT
 4.9 stars from 21 customers

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Exactly what it said on the tin.
Arrived very quickly and was exactly what the item said it was. Genuine samsung charger at a very competitive price. Very pleased. Thank you
Fast Samsung charger with micro usb 3 cable
This Samsung charger is very fast and the plug seems sturdy, unlike the one that Samsung provided with my S5. The detachable micro usb 3 cable that comes with this is a good length (145cm including plugs) and does seem to make the S5 charge faster. As it is a usb charger, using the appropriate cable you can charge absolutely anything that charges via usb and it should be fast. You can only charge one device at a time but as it's fast it's not really a problem. It may seem expensive but I tried a cheaper brand usb charger and it didn't last very long. I've been using this charger every day for over three months and I'm very pleased with it.
Samsung Chargeer
Received charger. All good. Took a little longer to arrive than expected, but charger working perfectly and as advertised. Many thanks
Brilliant Service
Ordered Thursday lunchtime, arrived Friday morning! Perfectly packaged and charger works a dream. So pleased I found this website, great service that I will tell people about! Thank you, you have a new marketing manager : )
excellent product
Replacement charger
My phone charger failed, and I needed a replacement. The same charger WITH a USB 3.0 cable was exactly as described and worked straight out of the packing. Exactly as expected and arrived when I was told it would. Thank you.
It works perfect
I found it really hard to find a samsung galaxy note 3 charger that was a genuine samsung product. Most seem to be cheaply made and tend to break very quickly (or in some cases not work at all!). I was so pleased to find that you stocked the charger, something that seems to be in real short supply online. It works perfect, thank you for saving me the stress of another rubbish charger! Definately recommend this website.
samsung note 3 charger
Great product. Will diff use this site again. Found it hard too get original samsung charger. Really happy with purchase
thank you!!
thank you so much, this charger is what i needed and it charges my phone super fast it is the genuine product. guys if your having doubts dont!! its the real deal.

thank you once again!! and fast delivery got it in 3 days thanks
Official Samsung Travel Adapter with Micro USB 3.0 Cable
During my holiday I left my charger and cable at the hotel. When I got home I needed to have my Samsung Note Pro battery charged to access my files. Mobilefun were the only company that could supply an original charger lead with the correct plug in a very quick time. i.e. nextday! Absolutley original equipment backed up with great service.
Amazing quality
There was plenty of information about the charger. Would have liked to have seen time taken on average to charge the phone it is made to charge. Charger was great quality, genuine and cheaper than other online stores.
Genuine OEM Product
Product : After a lot of research on web, upon a friend's suggestion, I bought this product and have used it for almost a week till I'm writing this review and it is spot on, charges my Note 3 way quicker than a USB 0.2 charger. It looks and feels genuine and lives unto the description.

No heating issues and I haven't tested data transfer which I'm sure will be fast.

I would highly recommend this product to those who are searching for an OEM charger which is safe for their Note 3.
Quality product
I really wouldn't look at any other charger for you Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Just be aware that although some reviews say that it charges faster than the original, I haven't found this. Especially when charging through my laptop which was so slow I had to stop and go find a mains socket instead.
Exactly what I needed
Very quick charger, excellent adapter, I strongly recommend to people who needs a Samsung adapter.
The real Deal
Don't be tempted like I initially was to buy a "Genuine Samsung Item" identical to this from an auction site. Save yourself strife and bother just buy this its the real deal from Samsung works a treat and the USB 3.0 option is now available on my s5.
I have come to the hard learned conclusion there are very little genuine items on auction sites these days, buy from a reputable dealer like MobileFun get the real item and 0 heartache.
Quality product and fit
Ordered as a second charger and cable, same product as supplied with my phone. Quality look and feel. Cable is perfect fit at both ends. Just what you would expect from Samsung.
Not quite what it says on the tin
Advertised as a travel adapter but is actually just a charger that is slightly smaller than normal. Didn't get the one in the picture - this one has an earth pin that slides up and down. That's it. However it's a good charger and charges my phone really fast so decided to keep it
Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 Charger Issue solved
I bought my Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 in the USA. I had problems getting a charger that worked with it. Not sure if it is a chip recognition issue or not. After trying a few chargers from different companies Mobilefun recommended this one. Worked straight away and charged the Tab Pro quickly. Great advice Mobilefun. Thanks alot.
It'll pay for itself in the long-term
Just like the original adaptor - it took no more than 2 hours for this adaptor to charge my Note 3 from 1% to 100%.

This adaptor is good value in terms of time and cost if you use another micro usb to charge the Note 3, e.g. when you are not at home. Because it takes about twice as long to charge the Note 3 with another micro usb.

MobileFun has an excellent customer service.
This was an additional plug and USB cable for my Note 3 and of the same style and quality as the original. Thank you.

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