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Official Samsung In-Ear Stereo Headset with Mic and Controls - Black Reviews

This official pair of Samsung earphones in black will keep the party going anywhere. Ideal for use with your smartphone or tablet, this stereo headset allows you to listen to your music in superb clarity, as well as handle calls hands-free.
  • Mobile Fun ID 56133
$25.93 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 14 customers

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Used once and happy with them so far
Got these as a replacement for the original white ones. These are definitely much better. Used once and happy with them so far.
Yes great product quickly delivered
These are really the best headphones...a really good addition to the control would be to skip to the next track. Currently it's on/off and volume control...
Great Headphones
These Headphones our great fit perfectly and comfortably in your ears. Great sound quality even when volume is increased to the max. Worth the amount I paid for them, would buy again.
Met expectations!
I bought these earphones after my original ones that came with my s7 had stopped working, so I was expecting the same quality. I was a little skeptical that these were going to be real samsung earphones but the quality is up to par with my original ones so I'm assuming these to be authentic. I definitely recommend these ones. The audio quality is definitely there and they aren't outrageously expensive either.
When i received them it sounded better than my previous earphones
I have been looking for this item everywhere. I was sceptical at first but then when i received them it sounded better than my previous earphones which was a normal white Samsung headphone for S7 Edge. The bass and sound is on point. And the pluspoint is that it fits well into the ear. So you dont have to worry about it falling off your ear. It fits in nice and snug. Will definitely recommend! And is 100% original. :)
Quality, Original and Beautiful earphones
I spent so much time searching online for an original replacement. Even Samsung stores don't have it, ordered ones from amazon were garbage. This one I bought here is simply awesome. The sound is amazing, and I love the blue color. Worth every penny.
Good one
Good headset with nice colour
Great sounding earphones with the new hybrid wing tips
The quality of earphones greatly depends on how they fit into the ear canal. My original Samsung earphones supplied with my S6 were ok, not great, but did not have these hybrid wing tips. I purchased the Official Samsung Earphones in blue from Mobile Fun and noticed how much the sound was improved with the wing tips. Also these are definitely not pirates like some I've bought on Amazon. I've just ordered another pair in blue black. They work with my Kindle Fire tablet and other devices too and are one of the few mid priced earphones for Android with Mic and controls that also have volume control. The hybrid ear tips won't give complete noise isolation but just enough to experience a richer sound whilst still feeling safe and aware of environment. They'd make great sports headphones. Next I will try the blue tooth version Level U headphones from Samsung.

However, although the wing tips do fit small child sized ears like mine and only come in one size, they can make ears sore but I did a great hack on mine to fit. I used a very small and sharp pair of embroidery scissors and trimmed/shaved a tiny sliver off the outer edge of the wing and they now fit inside my tiny shell like lug-holes.

It would be great as well if Mobile Fun stocked the replacement ear bud gel tips. For those I had to go elsewhere.
Brilliant sounding earphones
Brilliant sounding earphones with easy to use controls!
good product
good quality, only problem is the cord thing is a ribbon which is easier to break
Love these earphones work ecellent with my phone
love these earphones work ecellent with my phone would recomend mobile fun to friends value for money and prompt delivery and would buy this product again
Good sound and good looks but flawed design
First of all I must say that these in-ear headphones are good looking and well constructed, but unfortunately for me when trying them on it was painfully obvious that I don't have the correctly shaped inner ears for this set. I've enjoyed the quality of all other Samsung earphones I've owned, so this is my first negative experience with their products. I can't get them to seat and stay in my ears, so I give them 3 stars for their poor design. This was a great looking and great sounding set of headphones that I practically can't use, so I say good idea with inadequate execution.

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