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Official Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Keyboard Cover - Grey Reviews

This durable and long-lasting keyboard cover by Samsung lets you type faster, while at the same time it perfectly protects your Galaxy Tab S3 without adding unnecessary bulk.
  • Mobile Fun ID 62839
$128.41 inc VAT
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Ordered item that was unavailable
Ordered the keyboard as I thought it was in stock and available. Unfortunately it wasn't and I had to wait for a few weeks.
But Mobilefun kept me informed regularly about status.
This keyboard fits magnetically on to the tablet, & seems quite secure. You then have to fold it to connect the keyboard, & this works very well.
Keyboard fits, & connects well. However, at least one of the keys is incorrect, and I had to search around to find the correct one. The cover makes the tablet more like a laptop, however, the tablet does not turn all sites into landscape mode, so you have to get used to working with your head on one side sometimes! Also, a mouse pad would have been good; as you have to use the keyboard, combined with finger movements to work around Web sites, but I quickly got used to this. On my previous tablet, I used the integrated stylus to tap on the tablet keyboard - with this, I don't, which has made the stylus slightly redundant. I am sure however, that as I find out more about the stylus abilities, it will come into its own again.
All in all, I am pleased I purchased this keyboard cover, which was also well-priced.
Perfect partner for tab3

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