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Official Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Protector - Twin Pack Reviews

Keep your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus screen in fantastic condition with the official Samsung scratch resistant screen protector.
  • Mobile Fun ID 63092
$19.44 inc VAT
 4.2 stars from 49 customers

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It great one od the best screen protectors out there for the money
Great i would recomend to anyone i dont like that i didnt have a tracking number but the product is great
Not the best
protector does not work well with Spigen case as it lifts up.
Best You can get
I was looking for some scratch protection for my screen and this product does just that. There are two protectors in the package and on the 2nd attempt I got it perfect. Perfectly transparent protector, no annoying glue on the sides (that glass protectors are famous for), works well with the bumper (neo hybrid in my case) and is not peeling on the sides. I don't think that it will provide extreme protection, but will definitely safe my screen from micro scratches. Samsung knows best it seems ;].
A star
Excellent case and A+ service.
Easy to apply
Easy to apply and seems to work fine.
I found always genuine product at mobile fun
The official product is always best and I am extremely satisfied with the service but postage charges a little bit is extra
I found it difficult to apply
Other reviews appeared good, however I found it difficult to apply and it came off after omly a few days, Deliver service top notch
Good phone protector if you don't want a case
Bought this for my phone, put it on and it fitted like a glove until I put my case back on and it lifted the edges up!
Excellent product
The product was excellent I really like it and I recommended to any one
great option for cheap protection
I've tried several other protectors and was not happy with them, or the install was incredibly difficult. I don't normally go with a film/plastic screen protectors, but I did not see a good option for a curved screen using tempered glass. The official Samsung film is surprisingly good. Install is of course very easy, I had no issues. The feel is almost glass like, and hardly noticeable. You can see a very minor haze with the screen off, but it is totally unnoticeable when the screen is on. This is a little soft, and the film does get some scratches and bumps, but I don't really mind it. the value here is excellent with the 2 pack. You probably will need to replace this every few months if you are not super careful, so having 2 is great. I have a case on my S8 as well, and have no issues. I did get some slight peeling on the edges, but it did not continue, and the film is staying tight everywhere else.

If you want a usable, reliable, cheap options, this is a good bet.
Best screen protector!
I have trouble every year trying to find the best screen protector that will fit most cases.

The official one has never let me down.
A plus top notch
Great product reasonable pricing!
Nice and good screen protector
Good and nice screen pro6
Easy to Install
Easy to install and good fit!
Good protection
This screen protector is good but not the best! I found it complicated to secure to the curved display. I removed it the next day after install because I couldn't get rid of the bubbles. Wound up going with an easier to install glass protector. Didn't even bother to try the 2nd screen protector.
Nice attempt by Samsung
Curved screens are impossible to cover properly with sc reen protectors especially with glass screen protectors. These are not glass so will contour the curvature of the screen. Fit is ok but doesn't feel as nice as glass screen protectors. Probably is the best option you have to covering the screen without the halo affects. I ended up just not using any screen protectors.
Easy to install
I was sceptical at first but I tried it. It's very easy to install just make sure your fingers are clean and no oil. Works great with Samsung case and tech21 case.
Fits my phone perfectly
thank you for shipping my items on time and for an excellent price too .
the items arrived as expected in good shape .
and it fits my phone perfectly.
Good protection but might not work for all cases.
I really like this protector. It offers full screen coverage and very nice clarity. It was easy to apply but bubbles take a few minutes to work out with the provided squeegee. If used with a case it needs to be one that has short sides because the protector will lift on the edges, mostly the side edges whereas the top and bottom have more room.
Best screen protector
Best top nice I don't have words best protector
Good film
Stuck well advise to buy
I didn't really have high expectations for this item but I was actually impressed. The clarity and precision of the screen protector was good! To top it off its really smooth when you slide your fingers across the screen.It was easy to install since it comes with alignments printed on the removeable 2nd half that you remove. I would recommend it to anyone
Fits my phone.
Received screen protector in a good amount of time since it's coming from Sweden. Fits great on my phone using a Rinke case the only issue is where the adhesive is dust will collect. But overall pretty good.
Great Quality Product , Fast Delivery
Thank You Mobile Fun, I Received the product on time , great quality product , reasonable pricing , great customer service.
Incredible screen protector
Incredible screen protector
Highly Recommended!
I tried plenty of screen protectors for the S8 Plus before trying the Official Samsung screen protector and it's definitely the best one for the S8 Plus. From tempered glass to wet install tpu films, nothing beats this protector. The clarity is amazing and the install is very easy. You can't even tell its on the phone. No touch sensitivity issues and it feels very smooth, not sticky like other film screen protectors. Mine came out perfect and it is very case compatible. Just take your time with removing the bubbles and it will come out nice. Mobilefun has the best price for this screen protector and very fast shipping too. I highly recommend this protector.
Very good
The video of the item was good at youtube. So it was easy to me buy.
Nice Quality
You really can't go wrong with this product for the price. It possesses some decent clarity, and it feels exactly like the screen itself to the touch. Unfortunately the slim case I use along with it causes the screen protector to peel upwards in some places around the edges.
Simple protector - nothing spectacular
It's a basic enough protector. Does not fill edge to edge exactly, and has an indent cut out for front camera and earpiece area. Okay as screen protectors go, but there are cheaper alternatives that for the same job.
Mobilefun.co.uk service however was top notch. Original order was out of stock and allowed me to pick any alternative. Great service
Best screen protector
Can't get much better than the official screen protector. Very easy to install bubbles are easy to remove.
Best screen protector ever
I bought the official screen protector for my galaxy s8+ from mobile fun two weeks ago. The shipping time was pretty fast, I received my order in about 5 days from the shipping date. I was able to applied the screen protector on my phone perfectly thanks to the instruction video provided by mobile fun on their youtube channel. The screen protector is very case friendly (I'd recommend you to buy the cases from samsung or spigen ultra thin). Make sure to watch the video before you apply so you can get an idea how to apply it correctly.
Its perfect screen protector for my samsung galaxy s8+.. I was try two different protectors but they was a very bad this one what I buy from mobile Fun it's Perfect
This is what you looking for for yours galaxy s8+
Good-Does the job
The installation process is hard to do, no instructions are provided. The plastic provides great clarity and responsiveness, however it does scratch quite easy
works great
great screen protector for galaxy s8 Plus easy to apply and sticks perfectly

cons does not work with the Spigen [Tough Armor] case
The screen protector is very durable and stays on your screen for a long time. It's strong against scratches, but wish they made a real glass instead of a film or a tempered glass because then it gives us better coverage than tempered or films.
I was expecting a more of a gorilla glass or tempered glass. I bought the original Samsung as I read that some of the sensors may be affected if u don't. Sucked in to paying for over priced crap. These are just flimsy barely sticky plastic. Started to peel within an hour. Prob why you get two. Probably cost 30p to make.
Easy to apply good product still great picture and doesn't affect sensitivity
Great product
Thanks again guys anorher great product
Official Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Protector - Twin Pack
Curved film that hugs the screen, need to apply in a dust free environment. Its probably for light protection of keys and coins in your pocket, I can't imagine it would protect from a fall on asphalt or other ruff hard surfaces directly on the screen. Like most film screen protectors it attracts finger prints.
Not good with a case
The material seems to be good quality however adhesive is not strong at all compared to previous spigen screen protectors, this is also useless with a case, I have the spigen tough armour case which peels of the corners due to weak adhesive.

Will be trying a spigen screen protector, hope it will be better than these.
Fits well but does not last
I bought the Galaxy S8+ Screen Protector before the installation video was released but I used one of the older videos to install it. The fit was very difficult to get right and I had to readjust it a few times to get it perfect.

Unfortunately, the screen protector started coming up on the top of the phone and was not fully sticking to the screen. I ended up peeling it off after a few days because it was collecting dust. I have tried the second one yet but I hope I will have better luck with that one.
Sticky Back Plastic
I have found merit in the super thin glass screen protectors. This is a step backward to sticky back plastic. If you are going to use this in addition h a flip case that provides you with
Doesn't stick well
The screen protector is good but the edges don't stay down. I use it with the LED cover but it seems the edges still get pulled up.

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