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Official Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Protector Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Samsung Galaxy S6 screen in fantastic condition with the official Samsung scratch-resistant screen protector.
  • Mobile Fun ID 52089
$13.52 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 20 customers

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This os an excellent quality product. Very easy to apply and all the necessary kit to do so expertly. I would highly recommend this item for anybody requiring a sturdy screen protector at quite a reasonable price.
Nice Protector
Very nice screen protector - works exactly as I expected which is good.
Ideal product
Easy to apply (as screen protectors go), fits perfectly, need I say more?
Well ok then... You get 1 or 2mm of gap between the phone's bezel and the edge of the protector, but if you use a case as I guess most do, that gap is unnoticeable. Plus, if it were shaped to go right to the edge, it would be a nightmare to fit correctly! Good value for a branded product.
This screen protector made by Samsung is a perfect fit. Your fingers slide around with no problems. Easy to fit . delivery was quick it came with the screen protector.
Very happy!
Easy to fit. Holding up great.
Good communications and quality products.
The product detail did not tell me that there was 2 screen savers in each pack otherwise I would not have ordered 2 packs.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear our description didn't state you actually receive two screen protectors instead of one. We have updated the page and apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Not full coverage, but good enough
Doesn't completely cover the screen, but I guess Samsung heard the constant groaning generally about screen protectors being difficult to align properly and thus getting fingerprints, bubbles and dust, etc, in between the protector and the handset. This one was easy enough to put on with care - having practiced on several previous handsets over the years with varying results. As it doesn't fully reach to the screen edges, overlapping on the casing wasn't a problem. However, if this is all you're using to protect your expensive (one way or another) handset, it doesn't potentially look quite so great with unprotected borders, say 2mm all around. Mine did lift slightly around the top corner I had to lift to get the final positioning, and the attached sticky tab for positioning was a bit too tricky & sticky to get off cleanly for my liking (used a tissue with a tiny amount of WD40 to remove the excess stickiness - always a useful trick!). Anyway, with a clear gel case around for general protection it doesn't look bad at all and the most vulnerable parts are all pretty well protected.

1 or 2 tiny bubbles left a couple of weeks later, most coming out with the enclosed helpful bubble removing tool. A bit of lifting up is noticeable around the top contoured edges. The Martin Fields ones I used on previous handsets were a wall-to-wall finish, with the potential to look invisible, but in reality very tricky to perfectly align without case overlap and thus being a disaster as they lift, and my efforts to trim them with small scissors couldn't be as neat as a precision factory cut. I returned the spay on type of protector as the enclosed instructions advised not to use it on a rubberised surface, and my S6 has just that.

Being a twin-pack, I prefer to keep one in reserve for when this one gets too scratched and mashed from life's events, rather than use one as a "trial & chuck" attempt.
easy to apply
This item arrived very quickly.I was glad it had 2 screen protectors in the pack though as I mucked up putting on the first 1 & then managed the second 1 fine. Really thin too, I don't even notice it.
Product does what it says on the packet
Perfect fit
As the owner of a brand new phone I was anxious to have protection for it and this screen protector fitted my requirements perfectly the buying process and ease of using this company was impressive.
I can recommend this company for future purchases their list of original accessories is superb.
Screen protector
This is a great fit for the phone, it was easy to fit as well and you get 2 in the pack. Well worth the money.

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