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Official Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Keyboard Cover - Silver Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Experience fast and efficient typing with the slim and incredibly protective official silver keyboard cover from Samsung for the S6 Edge Plus. With no Bluetooth connection or power required, the keyboard case won't drain your batter or require charging.
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$47.34 inc VAT
 4 stars from 2 customers

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good concept
This case has a good concept and idea. I like the use of it, however, some letters on the right side of the keyboard do not work properly, so I would have to delete the letters and retype, that defeats the typing faster for longer messages idea. Also it does not work on some screen protectors. Again, good idea and concept, but some letters do not work properly.
came in time for Christmas and very happy will order from here again!
Initial thoughts are that this is an overall great idea
Was very excited about this item once I saw the first pics online. When it was finally available and after searching thru the reviews and checking the Samsung site I went ahead and made the purchase. Initial thoughts are that this is an overall great idea, but there area few things that need to be corrected... Does not actually fit well on the Galaxy S6 Edge +. Some keys need to be pressed much more than others to get them to work, and when they do work the letters often repeat. Otherwise this is a ideal product for someone like myself who misses the feel of a real keyboard and not just a touchscreen. Maybe aver an initial break-in periodit will be much better.

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