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Official Samsung Galaxy S5 Qi Wireless Charging Kit Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Wirelessly charge your Galaxy S5 with ease using this official Samsung Qi Wireless Charging Kit which includes an S5 wireless charging cover, wireless charging pad and Micro USB cable.
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 4 stars from 9 customers

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good job!
Excellent product
Awesome item..
My standard charging point wasn't working, so I purchased this item, put the new cover on sat the phone on the charging dock and my phone was charged in no time!
Works perfectly loving it
Handy, but...
This is a neat bit of kit that allows the phone to be charged without having to plug a USB cable into the phone. This is particularly useful with the S5 as it has a waterproof USB cover that you have to keep opening and I'm sure it will snap off over time.

There are a few points to be aware of: The first niggle is the flashing LED on the charger pad. While it's helpful to know if it's charging the phone, it's not ideal for the bedside table as a result!

The second issue is that I have a case on the phone. With the case on the pad seems to be rather sensitive about where the phone is positioned for it activate the charge. The phone can tell the pad is there and tries several times to start charging but unsuccessfully. Moving the phone a few millimetres seems to do the trick.

The third issue is that it doesn't seem to monitor the phone once it has charged it. Once the phone is fully charged, it stops charging. I've had a number of occasions where I put the phone on the pad at night with maybe 90% charge and in the morning it's down to 85%. I can only assume it fully charged within a few minutes and then has been slowly discharging all night. It's unlikely your phone will completely discharge over night, so not too much of a concern if you use your phone as an alarm, but it's annoying setting off for the day already down 15% charge or so.

Finally it's quite pricey for what it is. I know it's "official" but it does seem to be quite a high price.
Wireless charging kit
I bought this kit and I am sorry I purchase it very slow and sometimes it stops and your phone is the same bad by for the money
Works exactly as described.
I've found that placing the phone in 'portrait orientation' to the pad has a better charging effect, but regardless, really happy with this purchase.
Wireless charger
Works great, easy to use, just drop it on the pad. The problem is that the wireless charging back is bigger than the standard back, which means that protective or flip covers don't fit. Convenient charging but no protection.
chargerand case
looking for something better the back case is plastic not like the original case and the charger pad is very slow do not think it was good for the money I spent
wireless charging kit.
I found it has worked really well. I just used my mains adapter along with it's original white cable plugged into the charging pad. Then with the charging cover fitted, it works very well. Nice to be able to answer a call without having to unplug during charging cycle and then pop the phone on the charging pad to carry on charging.
This is an awesome addition to the Samsung Galaxy S5, it has a high IP rating and although the Samsung is a quality product in it self i was concerned at opening the charger grommet every day for its life so this is a quick convenient way of charging your phone, looks the part, does what it says on the tin, quality product and highly recommended by me..

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