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Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Mesh Vent Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
An official Samsung back housing to protect your Samsung Galaxy S3 whilst still allowing access to all of the features in a stylish black colour.
  • Mobile Fun ID 35405
$16.85 inc VAT
 4.1 stars from 62 customers

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Awesome Back cover
I really appreciated mobile fun service i got my back cover as in given time with in 4 to 8 day, and back cover is also very good in quality and properly fitted, with this back cover my Samsung galaxy s3 looking very coollllll... :)

Ok, but poor quality
So, I had this case for about 5 months. After the second month the headset clip cracked. After the 3rd month the power clip area cracked. Then last week the whole top right area broke off.

Do not buy for a long term case. short term it was great, long term it sucks.
Showed up quick... and exactly what I was looking for. I can see where the case may crack by headphone jack, but if you just remove from the bottom... no issues. If I could offer one sutg stion for the next generation of this style case... add some kind of balance so phone sits flat when not propped up. Overall... it is exactly what it appears to be.
great ideas for the case but...
It's a great idea to have a kick stand design using a coin. But the plastic connection at the head phone jack and Charging port are broken after a month. However the case is still usable.
great ideas for the case but...
It's a great idea to have a kick stand design using a coin. But the plastic connection at the head phone jack and Charging port are broken after a month. However the case is still usable.
Great while it lasted
I loved this case, but after a few weeks it split at he headphone jack, and no longer fit as snugly as it did, causing it to easily fall off. A drop of superglue fixed it for one day. A few more weeks, and the split spread to the other side of the jack. Not much good now. :(
Case Split
As with other reviewer's case split at head phone jack opening after a week.
Nice case, missing item
This is a very nice looking case, not for someone looking for extra protection. Minimal protection...great style.
I am still waiting for the Charging dock I ordered, Mobile Fun has not responded to my emails.
looks smart
I bought for my samsung galaxy s3 i have the white one i wanted to buy some protection for it as my grandchildren knock of the arm and so on it fits very well ones i have used before fall off when they hit the floor it looks very smart i bought the black one it does its job very well
Great case
The case is good quality and looks excellent on the phone. It does not increase the depth of the phone much but the little coin holder on the back does mean that the phone will not lay flat on its back with the case on.

The coin holder works well although I haven't found a use for having the phone sitting up yet. I guess it's designed for watching movies but if you do want to do that then you'll need the phone plugged in to a power outlet due to the limitations of the battery.

Bear in mind that this case does nothing to protect the screen. Hence you will also need one of those plastic clear covers. I picked one up from PC World and the combination gives me good protection without spoiling the aesthetics of the device.

All round a great product.
Galaxy S3 Mesh Vent case
The slight lip that everyone talks about that they think will protect the screen when the phone is laid flat on a table is bullshit. The reason for this is the phone's screen is not perfectly flat, it is curved. The reason it is curved is because on a sunny day you might blind yourself. Anyway, the case looks to be made of ABS plastic and grips the phone like a motherf*cker. I thought it would be softer and more rubbery so it would be easier to hold onto but it isn't. Although the textured surface of the mesh helps a little. If this was coated in a soft rubber it would be perfect. The little coin-stand thing works well but I have never used it, partly because I haven't had the opportunity but also because I'm afraid someone will slap it off the fucking table and call me a stupid wee wank (as they should because it is extremely wanky). Aside from all of this it does what it's supposed to. I might get the flipcase to see what its like, but then again these fuckers want 25 quid for it - fuck that.
Quality, stylish, minimal...perfect!
Complements my Pebble Blue S3 in form, fit and style. Doesn't add to the overall bulk and with it be a Samsung genuine accessory the cut outs align perfectly. And as always a quality service from MobileFun, order to door in 1 business day!
Very please...
I bought this case due to purchasing a cheaper option which was too loose and would detach from the phone in my pocket.

This case is perfect for the Galaxy S3, it is a tight and firm fit. The volume buttoms are exposed for easy use - overall 100% satisfied with this prodct :-)
samsung galaxy s3 mesh vent case
i bought this as a gift for my bf because this was the case he really wanted. it's a nice case especially with the coin stand in the back but i think the only thing he said that bothers him is the top of the case when he's on the phone it starts to hurt his ear from resting on it. That is the only complaint otherwise it's a really nice case.
Almost great
The case itself looks nice and is pretty good. However. there are a couple cons to it.

I don't like carrying money around. I use my credit card for everything. So I have to whip out 2 cards anytime I want to use the slot. Which it was advertised as being a good alternative to coins.

However, being that It was made with the Idea of coins. It is REALLY easy for the cards to slip out and have the phone fall over.

The only other thing that I would like more is if there was 2 slots so that it could stand straight up easier.
A very good case
This is a decent, robust little case and does its job well. The coin slot is only slightly annoying, i.e. I tend to find it's very inconspicuous most of the time.
Great Deal!
Customer service was great, once product was received it was exactly as stated. It fits perfectly on my new Samsung Galaxy SIII phone and coin-stand is great!
Mesh vent case galaxy s3
Fast shipping and a great case. Would order from mobile fun again
Elegant and slim, a perfect fit.
I have ordered several different cases for my s3 but this one is still on the phone since the day I received it. It is just perfect! It has hardly any bulk and does the job perfectly whilst being easy on the eyes. I use it with my white version of the phone so it adds that extra contrast to the design as well. A good choice as far as I am concerned.
Samsung Galaxy S3 Mesh Vent Case
i love this case. it came super fast and i super love it.
Another broken one!
Like a previous reviewer I've only had this case a couple of weeks and it has already broken. The case has a split from the front edge to the side of the head phone jack opening. I've taken it off no more than 5 times. Very poor. Unfortunately really as I like the style of this case so I'll try and get a replacement from mobilefun and see if that one lasts longer.
Great but...
Have also had this just break on me (after 6 weeks of owning it) - has broken around the charging hole and the headphone socket and this was simply from removing it from the phone - not after dropping it. Great to look at but dubious about the material used!
broke after a month
This case is good until you take it off the phone. Had the product for less than a month and only took it off to put the memory card in (about 3-4 times in total) The last time I was putting it back into position it cracked. On the top there is a weak spot around the audio jack. I don't think the material is flexible enough to survive in the long run and it is only a matter of time to see the same happen to you. It might be a one off, but there is the possibility.
Great phone
love this phone soo much.. it was well worth the wait even though i wanted the white one, the blue one is still beautiful. its a muust buy
Think before you buy
I went for this phone case for the cool ventilated design and the nifty coin slot that turns the case into a desk stand. However, I didn't anticipate that the protruding coin slot - which was quite clearly visible in all its protruding glory in the webpage images - would prevent me from being able to lie my phone flat on my desk and tap on it one-handed. The sticky out bit makes it rock about. Having a phone case that won't let your phone lie flat makes for quite a frustrating experience I think. For that reason any potential buyer needs to weigh up whether they are likely to use the phone on a flat surface more often than in desk stand mode before buying.
Stylish, yet cool
Hard case, very snug fit, adds hardly any bulk. Gives a soft yet firm velvety grip. Vents are practical and, together with the bump on the back, further enhance the style and coolness of the phone. Excellent. Love it.
eye catching case of style
robust and functional the Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Mesh Vent Case is certainly that, but is also a class apart, very eye catching and stylish whilst protecting the fragile piece of kit within.
Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Mesh Vent Case - Black
Excellent stand. Would have given 5 stars if the protection extended around the sides of the case !
Just perfect
Hi i have the pebble blue S3 which is the perfect match for the Black S3 mesh vent case. It fits so well witout making it to bulky theres nothing else out there that would look better. With the added addition of a slot on the back for you to add a coin to turn it into a stand for easy viewing of films etc nice touch samsung.
Nice and grippy
Fits perfectly, doesn't add much bulk to the phone and makes it a bit easier to grip. Protects the corners and also means that the camera lens isn't touching the desk when the phone is put down on its back.

My only problem with it is the little sticky out bit that you're meant to put a coin in to make a stand for the phone. I'm never going to use that and it means the phone won't lie flat on my desk and wobbles if I try to use it without picking it up.

If the slim clear cases had been available earlier I might have gone with them.
Discreet but tough
Perfectly suits the white S3 and doesn't cover up too much of this great phone. Don't use the stand option as much as I thought I would and only works in landscape mode. All in all, good value.
Light and easy
The mesh case is ideal if you have you phone in pocket. Easy to put on and it's very light, clearly protects all but the front of the device. A slight raised bit on the back even keeps it out of beer spills on the bar!
Only poor point is i've noticed the white stains rather quickly and looks dirty, has proved hard to clean so far but maybe i haven't tried the right product yet.
does the job
very good fit
good feel in hand
one down side / sides not covered and does not lay flat
but still five stars
As soon as i received my Samsung Galaxy S3, i knew i wanted a cover to do it justice and to protect it from scratches and scuffs,and i've found it!
Because it's an official cover, it fits like a glove like it should do and the black against the white of the phone really sets it off nicely. An excellent purchase.
The case I was looking for....but...
Exactly the sort of case I was looking for. Well made and fits mm perfect. I like the idea of the coin slot. However, this is slightly impractical when leaving your phone on a table as it wobbles. The slot is totally un noticable in your pocket. All in all, the minor detail of wobbling on a table is easy to live with.
Lovely case!
The mesh case for the S3 appears to be very tough and is a perfect fit, giving protection to the back, top, bottom and corners of the 'phone, although it does leave the sides exposed. The case allows full access to all the switches, ports, camera etc. It has a nice textured feel to the finish - reasonably 'grippy' to hold. It's also nice and light and thin so adds virtually no bulk or weight to the 'phone. The slot in the back works well as a stand by using a coin, the only downside being that it stands proud which prevents the 'phone from sitting flat when you put it on a desk or table, but that isn't enough to stop me giving it 5 stars as it's an excellent case!
Very good!!
Good idea, but annoying at times
This case protects the back of your device, while keeping it cool with the mesh design. The built-in coin stand is a very good idea, but I find it only works best with a 50p coin. Also, when your not using it as a stand, and you place your phone down on a flat surface, it's raised above the surface in the bottom left hand corner. I believe that it would have been best if there was two of the coin holders in each bottom corner yo improve the design when the holder isn't in use. Because it only has one, and is raised from the surface, you do not hear the vibrations as well.

Overall I think that it was a great idea, but could have had a little more thought.

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