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Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Case - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Designed to provide superior protection for your Samsung Galaxy S3, this officially licensed leather flip case is the perfect blend of form and function. In white.
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$27.05 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 197 customers

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Just what I needed
Your product is the best. And it came with a genuine leather,not fake or counterfeit.
Keep it up!
What a Fantastic Case!!!!!!!!!
Great case
Great price
Great service
official samsung gallaxy s3 flip case
i have over the months bought four different cases for my phone,none were as good as this latest case.the others were either too bulky or i could'nt use the functions properly.my official case is very slim and quite smart.i ordered it from mobilefun.co.uk and received my order in double quick time.very satisfied.
Luxurious white protection case
When I bought the same item over a year ago, I thought it was a bad idea to buy a white case. But it stayed quite clean all those months.
A while ago I realized that the case was slightly cracked at the back. Not quite sure, if it happened because several times I had to take the phone out of the case to use it in a special holder in the car. If this is the case, it's not too good. It shouldn't crack just because you take it out of the case.
Another down-point is, that you can't charge your phone with the case closed; it has to be open. In a busy household I'd feel more secure, if the case could stay closed.
Apart from those 2 points I am very happy with it. It looks good. It feels good. It is quite sleek. Very nice item.
Looks good
Just recieved my case, matches beautifully with the phone.
The "Galaxy S3" on the front of the case is a nice touch as well.
Thank's MobileFun, good product and a good service.
Four Stars
This product is nice, snugly fitting for my Galaxy S3. The main problem is that , no socket is provided for battery charger. I had to go to a leather shop and get a slit done in order to fit the charger while charging. Also, the leather used is too much thin and there is no cushioning effect. Still, I am giving 4 stars.
Works for Lefty's
Bought this for my son who is also a lefty. He said it took some getting used to but now likes it. Much better than the booklet type case that only opens to the left.
Safe and stylish
I was looking for something to provide full protection for my Samsung S3 whilst still looking fairly stylish for work. This cover ticked all my boxes! I provides complete protection in the event of drops, keeps the screen free from greasy marks and scratches, and looks really slick. The two drawbacks I have found is that the cover needs to be open in order to plug in the charger or USB cord, and the benefits of the slim handset is somewhat lost in the robust case. Having said that, I'm thoroughly pleased with the investment and would argue this is one of the best Samsung cases on the market.
Neat design - shame about the build quality
This case looks great and, except that the charging port is not accessible when the front flap is closed, it has ports in all the right places.
However, I was very disappointed that the case cracked at the top left and right the very first time I fitted in the phone (each crack 10mm long and 1mm wide at the start) - this surely has to be a design fault.
I solved the problem with Plastic Padding filler (I was keen on protecting my phone as soon as possible) but this sort of DIY repair shouldn't have been necessary.
Stylish Protection
With such a wide choice of cases for each phone it is difficult to decide which one to go for.
Having read a number of reviews on this product I decided to try it. I am not dissapointed. It is a well made product that compliments the S3 perfectly. It is well made, stylish and practical; all the things I wanted. Well recommended
I was very happy with my stylish case, but after a month it started falling apart..... The back part which is plastic began to break and the front leather part, the sides started getting off .... After just 4 months I needed a new case as it looks very untidy and certainly not to be used anymore :(
Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip case
So many cases to choose from but in the end opted for Samsung's own based on reviews. Very pleased with the quality and looks. It is a very slim case and fits the s3 perfectly.
Great value for money
I needed a case for my new S3. Spent some time googling the options and stumbled on this flip csse.
Took a bit of a gamble and ordered one. I Was not disappointed. ....the case had a snug fit and unlike other Samsung cases the lid clips into place and does not flsp around. Highly recommended and excellent service all round.
Great flip case fits my Samsung S3 perfect & looks good
Ideal Protection
The case was dispatched promptly and recieved within the specified time.
Excellent quality case which the phone fitted snuggly into, which will give good protection.
A perfect fit
I was managing my phone with a psh screen protector only. However, after a couple of falls from my pocket playing basketball, the screen cracked. When I received my insurance replacement, I resolved to get a case that protects the screen, the corners, and looks cool, without adding too much bulk ot weight to the phone. This official leather case is just perfect so far. The grip on the case makes it even less likely that I will drop the phone in the future. Without a screen protector, I now get the full benefit of that lovely shiny bright screen too. I would thoroughly recomment this product and it's purchase from Mobile Fun - they have never been anything less than excellent in all my dealings with them.
Looks good
This case initially ticked all the boxes. It was exactly what I was looking for. Slimline, protects the screen and looks good. Problem is that after a week it has cracked in three different places around the phone. Too tight a fit? Probably as I am very careful with my stuff. If I could rate it no stars I would! On it's way back to Mobilefun.
Best I have found so far
Case is a perfect fit for the Galaxy S3 and does not add much bulk. Sides are exposed slightly but this does make the phone eaiser to operate,
S3 Case
Nice feel to the case and fits well my only gripe is that you can't charge the phone unless the front is open as the hinge part covers the USB port
Brilliant Case
I bought this case when I first got my Galaxy S111 last June. It still looks good as new and does just what it says on the tin. You can tell it is not an ordinary cheap cover and compliments the phone perfectly as well as protecting it from scuffs,scrapes and falls...mine has had all three but phone still in perfect condition thanks to my case.
Great quality item
So many phone cases are poor quality, don't fit properly and make a lovely looking phone look cheap and nasty. This one is none of those things and suits the S3 perfectly. Great purchase. The only issue is you can't charge it with the front cover on as there is no hole for the cable.
just what I needed
This cover is ideal for the galaxy s3 running and sturdy the only negative point (which is pretty minor) is that there is no hole at the bottom so it can be closed when charging. But on the hole a good buy.
My case arrived in good time and looks very smart. It fits my phone perfectly and provides good all round protection. I would certainly recommend it and would also receommend the website for value and quality.
Protected the phone
Did the inevitable and dropped my phone within its case onto concrete ground(accidently by the way). corner of case cracked but phone undamaged. Case done the job protected the phone new case ordered.Less money for beer boo hoo.
A difficult choice resolved!
I discovered that there were many different covers for the Galaxy SIII on the market and it was an extremely difficult decision to decide which one to have. I then came across this flip case which seemed to fill every requirement - It fits over the original rear cover without adding too much in thickness. It protects the corners which others do not appear to do and it flips out of the way when using the phone. The leather material gives the phone a quality feel and look. I am convinced I made the right choice with this excellent product.
great purchase
Protecting both the sides of the device and alsothe glass screen were my priorities. In replacing my old case which was perfectly functional but rather worn, the new purchase had to provide adequate protection with a fixed flap. This cover ticks all the boxes. The little tough plastic locking peg slots into place with a soft click and is easily and quickly released. The case is sleek, stylish and i am proud to own it. A fitting adornment for my fabulous new phone.
Could do better...
Paranoid about breaking my new phone I bought this and the proper samsung docking station as they work together.

The dock works just fine. Clings like a limpet and is very well made. The case however is much less so.

Having had it just over 4 months I now need to replace it as teh plastic piece the phone clips into has split leaving the phone slightly loose.

When I first got it I was very impressed with the precision of its manufacture. The holes lined up to within fractions of a mm. Awesome.

To be honest I've never got used to how you have to open it. To me its the wrong way round and even five minutes ago I opened it upside down yet again. Its totally counter intuitive.

When docking the phone you have to tuck the flap behind it to get it out of the way.

The leather on its little clip came off within a week or so and that annoyed me but I got over it. The phone has never been dropped and has only been out of its case twice when I had to take the battery out and the second time it came out I noticed the split. Not good I have to say.

In conclusion, I feel the fundamental design is flawed. It should be hinged at the top and access should be provided so you can charge when its covered. I'll not buy another as I don't feel I got anywhere enough life from it for the price paid.

IMHO do not purchase.
A perfect complement to an excellent phone.
This is the perfect case for me. It adds the absolute bare minimum to the size of the phone, looks great and fits perfectly. The leather effect inserts are a really nice touch.

The lack of side coverage doesn't affect the impact protection, the chances of a drop resulting in damage to the sides is really slim. The plus side is that all buttons are conveniently accessible, and the effect on overall size is reduced.

The phone fitted comfortably in my trouser pocket comfortably before, and still does now, but with more confidence that it won't be damaged.

If I were to try to find a negative, it would just be that you can't charge with the case closed. It's not a major problem, as you can just fold the lid behind.

All in all, very pleased with this case, looks good, does it's job, and maintains the classy look and feel of the device.
Thought it was good......
Liked it at first. I did think the clip at top was not brilliant but was ok. Has not lasted well at all. Very disappointed when it has now broken at the top & doesn't hold the phone anymore & I look after my things!! Expensive for a few months use! I have NEVER had a case with such a short life.
Stylish case
Good stylish case. Lightweight and fairly sturdy. It will mark quite easily if you're not careful, but it is white so you should expect that.
Poor quality
My first impression was that it looked more plasticky and less leather like than in the photos.

After 1 week of light use the plastic bridge between the audio input hole and the catch recess had broken and the vinyl coating on the catch was peeling off, exposing the composite inderneath.

I can't be bothered to jump through the hoops to send it back so my nice new phone is stuck in a tatty case.
Perfect to protect my phone
Reasonable price, fast delivery, brilliant!
Excellent case
This is a really smart case. It fits the phone perfectly and the closing catch works well, giving the screen plenty of protection.
just what i was looking for
very nice product & fits the phone nice & stop the phone from getting damaged
Very Feminine, Fashionable and Beautiful in White and Silver and very me!
I couldn't decide which case to buy but am so.... glad I chose this one because it fits like a glove over my lovely slim Galaxy SIII without making it look less slim or less elegant. (I hesitated between this case and the flip cover, but having seen a friend`s SIII flip cover, I definitely prefer this one. His cover just flapping loosely would have driven me crazy!

It was good to be able to watch MobileFun video demonstrations which helped me make my choice.

My partner does not like my case. (He has a very thick expensive black leather for his Apple Iphone 5 and reckons my cover will split at the fold, and is thus impracticable. He may be right! Time will tell! I have only had my case one week. His case looks very masculine and macho! Very him!

I love mine so far. It looks lovely, elegant and beautiful in white and silver, very fashionable, very feminine and very me!

The only disadvantage is having to open the case to charge the battery but that is nothing major.

Someone wrote in their feedback that the catch is difficult to open. Mine opens easily. Someone else said it was not leather. Hard to say if that is true - it looks like leather, but again, time will tell. I am glad it is an Official Samsung Galaxy SIII flip case, and if they describe it as leather, I guess it would have to be.

Meanwhile I am hoping to prove my partner wrong whilst enjoying my gorgeous new case.
Excellent Quality & Service
I have just received my phone case which was delivered to me within 24hrs! I am really pleased with the quality and the phone looks great! THANKYOU!
The case looks nice and you get used to it very quickly.
Unfortunately it does not protect your phone very well. My S3 fell from like 40 cm on the ground. There is a light scratch on the side of my S3 and the upper left corner of the case cracked (you can see visually that the phone isn't fitting 100% inside the case any more).
The corners should be made from a softer plastic (so they wouldn't crack) and the leather cover should be wider than the width of the phone, so it would protect it's side (or the phone holding's inner side of the case (which should be from rubber) should be on the entire length of the outside borders of the phone). This would make it perfect.
Finally found the right case
After buying 3 different cases of different styles finally I have found one that ticks all the boxes..... Slim fitting and stylish, lightweight and the lining is a good touch for added screen protection... Also gotta say the service from mobile fun was outrageous, ordered at work Monday at 17.00, arrived next day before 12.00 n waiting for me wen I hot home....
Great looking case!
Wow! That's what I thought when I saw this case. Same colour as my new phone and oh...so very stylish. Plenty of admiring glances and comments from work colleagues. I have accidentally dropped my phone and it did survive intact :). Two small downs are the piece of leather that joins the two large pieces could be made stronger. And the second (although this is not a down for me) is that it is a very snug fit once inside the case. Other than that it is great! One very happy customer. Oh, and it is a bit pricey, could be a wee bit cheaper.
Great looking case!
Wow! That's what I thought when I saw this case. Same colour as my new phone and oh...so very stylish. Plenty of admiring glances and comments from work colleagues. I have accidentally dropped my phone and it did survive intact :). Two small downs are the piece of leather that joins the two large pieces could be made stronger. And the second (although this is not a down for me) is that it is a very snug fit once inside the case. Other than that it is great! One very happy customer. Oh, and it is a bit pricey, could be a wee bit cheaper.
Poor quality
I have had this cover for a period of 4 weeks, and it is already broken several places. I have to get a new one, but will not buy this one over again.
The plastic seem very fragile.
A really good cover
The official S3 flip case in white is excellent for the price. I would highly recommend it to everyone who owns an S3. A very good buy and a very useful flip cover that will protect your S3 for many years.
almost perfect
very good leather case, only I do not like the bottom is not cut to the shape of your phone! I have a white Galaxy 3 and I wanted to get a white leather case, but for that very reason ... you have not got! If you can make that adjustment of the white model as I took it!
perfect but let down by durability
Very good case, has protected phone from one fall already!
For the price I would expect leather effect material around clasp not to peel after 15 days.
Superb once agian...
Allways order from you guys and you fail to dissapoint. Great product, price and delivery :). Keep up the good work.
Perfect Protection
This case sffords the perfect protection , very smart appearance would certainly recommend to anyone who
has this model mobile.
Excellent service from supplier.
not durable
i have only dropped this 3 times not from high height, just wehn its been on my lap when getting out the car and it has already cracked at the top and i have to replace this as this crack will not protect the phone! this is not durable considering the cost of the case
Not worth the money
Rear cover is plastic and sturdy enough, but front cover is cardboard with a thin plastic sheen. Hinge is flimsy too. Access to all relevant button and functions (camera, flash etc) is fine and clear. Due to white cover will get dirty quickly (and mine arrived with some dirt on it) - sorry not worth more than £4 or £5.
Jury out on its longevity
Having reviewed many cases for my new phone I decided upon this one from Samsung as reasoned it would be good quality and last plus with my phone clad in it I'd read that it still fitted into the official Samsung S3 vehicle dock which it does - just but definitely securely.

There is no doubt at all it's a perfect fit on the phone; and I do mean perfect. The holes line up with within a fraction of a millimetre and frankly I've never seen that quality on any case previously even very expensive ones.

It does however have a weak spot and that's the 'hinge'. A single piece of good quality leather sits inside the moulded plastic frames with a 'flap' forming the hinge. After just a few weeks this is already staring to come unglued from the back.

When I first got my phone I was petrified of dropping it as it's so sleek and slippery. With this case on it's still very sleek but it's been enhanced and finally got some weight to it. I have dropped it once and the leather front took the impact so it now has the tiniest of scars in the blue leather but absolutely nothing happened to the phone itself.

Would I buy it again? In a heart beat. Is it value for money? All round yes. The thing fits like it's a second skin and so much better than a glove!

If I'm honest I'd give it 95 out of 100 due to what I'm seeing with the hinge so early on but then I am being extremely picky!

Enjoy. It's worth it.
Just what I was after
Case fits perfectly, soft inside lining to protect the screen, looks really good, came the next day, more expensive than others I was looking at but well worth the money in my opinion. Only downside is that it gets quite grubby but I guess u'll always get that with white cases.
Perfect !!
Fantastic quality and protects the phone very well..Its also a perfect fit to the phone without making it too bulky, looks classy too. Have already received comments from friends who are looking to purchase one themselves. Definitley worth spending the extra few pounds on getting the official Samsung case as opposed to the cheap imitations.
very pleased with purchase good fit and finishes off look of the phone.
Stylish Cover
Quite pleased with this cover, originally intended as a temporary cover until my more robust choice was back in stock, however I may stick with the flip case. I have the blue S3 and the blue case colour compliments it well. The case adequately covers the top, bottom and corners of the phone. The flip is by a sturdy hook style closing, and I see no sign of it snapping as it is not flimsy. My only moan is that you need to have the case open to access the charge port and so for periods at a time the phone rests on the soft felt inner side of the flip cover, and dust etc can get caught in the felt. The outer of the case has a nice feel and is non-slip to hold.
Fantastic flip case
Excellent value for money and very stylish love it
Value for Money
Before I bought this case I read several reviews on it and to be honest I think a few of them were overly harsh.
For the price this case is fantastic, it protects your phone perfectly from scratches and I've even dropped it once (maybe twice) and the phone is still in one piece.
It fits securely to the phone and doesn't take away at all from the feel of the handset. It's lightweight but sturdy and overall just a good protective case. The flip panel can be held behind the phone comfortably whilst in use and I havent found it gets in the way at all. A big plus for me is that it clips closed unlike some others on the market which can come undone in your bag. It's true, it's not he greatest quality and does look a little cheap up close and personal. But having said that a few people have asked me where I got the case from because it looks nice. But hey, you get what you pay for. If you want a really expensive looking case. Pay. More. Money. If like me oyu just want to protect your phone and not spend alot of money. Get this case, It's worth it.
just about right
Nice case fitted very well would have got 5 stars if you could charge unit with case closed!
A unique case
This case fit exactly to the phone. Only draw back is side protection is not considered while designing . But compare to other case available in market, this one is unique and nothing can be compared to this case. Very slim and feel the phone is more stronger than before. I will recommend this case 100%. No need to wait grab it.
needed a slim protective case
i needed a case to protect my new s3 as i work in an industrial enviroment but it needed to remain slim not bulky so it was easy to carry around but with easy access to the phone controls - this flip case did all this and looked cool as well as practical best buy after my galaxy 3 three
phone cover
Hey folks,,,,,,,,,, just got this galaxy S3 cover from Mobile Fun,,, it fits like a glove and matches the phone so perfectly,,, keeps all the usual pocket junk away from the screen. and opens easily to use the phone,,, everybody should have one,,, and its reasonably priced,,
Wish I had it earlier!
I bought this case for my new Samsung Galaxy a week after I dropped it and broke the screen. I think that was the wrong way round! Luckily there are only a few cracks in the screen but it still spoils it. The case is really smart, I love the silvery name along the side and it flips open very easily. I just wish I had bought it earlier.......
perfect fit
I ordered this case after seeing it on the MobileFun website and after reading a few reviews i decided to purchase and I'm glad i did it fits perfectly and protects my phone from bumps and scratches, along with the great service from MobileFun I highly recommend and will be back for more..
A perfect fit
Everything I wanted. Sleek, elegant a perfect fit and perfect colour match.
The perfect case for the Galaxy S III
The case fits perfectly on the phone and looks absolutely gorgeous. Its easy to hold and the flip cover folds back completely without any hesitation.
Being white in colour, the inside of the flip cover is prone to smudges.
Using the camera requires some practice with this cover.
galaxy flip csse
Fantastic sleek product to enhance send protect your phone
Better than Expected - Perffect Infact
This product is the perfect case to hold and protect the Samsung Galaxy S3 with its slimline design providing easy access to the phone's ports.
The phone slots into the case very easily and feels very secure once in the case. However, it is difficult to take the phone out of the case due to its tight and secure fit. The phone can be inserted into the case with either the back cover of the phone still attached or taken off. (Perhaps best to leave it still attached to prevent it from being lost).

The clip used to secure the front flap of the case in place is very useful as it is easy to latch and not too fiddly. It also has a tight grip to prevent it from beocming dislodged. When the phone is being used, it is very easy to simply hold the font flap at the back of the phone instead of leaving it dangling down.
What I was most impressed by was the corners of the case as not only do they provide protection for the corners of the phone, but they also have a raised lip. So, if the front flap was not clipped in place and the phone was to be dropped flat on its face, the screen should still be protected as the raised lips of the four corners would prevent the screen from touching the surface, when faced down.

The back of the case is very durable and has a hard shell. Unfortunately, it is not as glossy or aesthetically pleasing as the S3's back cover. On the other hand, it has three square holes perfectly alligned in order to fit around the S3's camera and flash. An added bonus is that these holes also have raised lips to prevent the camera's glass being damaged.

Whilst the top of the phone is protected, with a cutaway at the headphone jack, the sides of the phone are generaly exposed making it easy to access the lock and volume buttons. Although this may make the sides more vulnerable to minor scuffs or scratches, it serves as an optical illusion cleverly ensuring that the S3's slim design is still appreciated, despite it being held in a case.

On assessing photos of the case on this website, I disliked the shape of the hinge and was therefore unconvinced that the case would look good overall. Luckily, the hinge on the case does not stick out as much as photos on this website suggest, but folds perfectly into place instead without looking obvious. The front flap must be left unhnged in order to charge the phone. Whilst this may be annoying for some, it stops dust particles from entering the port.
Finally, the colour of thhis case is a medium royal blue that suits the blue S3 well, despite not being an exact match.

Overall, this case was a great purchase with an excellent design, secure fit anf great protection. Not to mention excellent vlaue for money. I rate this case 4/5 stars only because I am slightly let down by the way that the back of the phone looks compared to the glossy back of the S3 itself.
Not bad
This is a good looking, nicely styled case, although expensive for what it is. Everything is accessible when closed except for the charging socket. The back doesn't replace the battery cover (unlike the more expensive 'flip cover' type case), but fits over it. It protects the ends and corners of the phone, but not the side buttons. The case adds virtually nothing in terms of bulk. One major upside for me is that you don't really need to use those pesky screen protectors. The only downside is that the 'lid' can be a litle awkward to unclip quickly when you need to answer a phone call (but at least it can be shut properly, unlike the 'flip cover' model).It folds neatly behind the phone, but you obviously can't take photos with it in this position. My first choice would have been the (much more expensive)OtterBox Commuter case, but the dark blue version isn't available yet. I'll see how I get on with this.
Does what it says on the tin
My three sons ordered all the same phone,so I was pleased to find that there was a colour choice.
The blue complements the blue Galaxy just fine and the black is equally smart.
Neat design and you can access all ports and buttons etc.
Appears robust and does protect the phone as someone has already dropped the phone and there was no damage...Phew !
Great price as well oh and the boys like the Samsung logo on the front.
the best
this is a fantastic cover and highly reccomend it it also has a soft inside lining to protect screen and fits snug as a bug around the s3 and does not take away the enhanced shape really good buy well chuffed
A unique case
This case fit exactly to the phone. Only draw back is side protection is not considered while designing . But compare to other case available in market, this one is unique and nothing can be compared to this case. Very slim and feel the phone is more stronger than before. I will recommend this case 100%. No need to wait grab it.
A unique case
This case fit exactly to the phone. Only draw back is side protection is not considered while designing . But compare to other case available in market, this one is unique and nothing can be compared to this case. Very slim and feel the phone is more stronger than before. I will recommend this case 100%. No need to wait grab it.
Great solution
Case fits perfectly and provides full protection. Clip works well and holds front cover in place securely. If using the phone for extended periods I find it more comfortable to remove the phone as the front cover folded behind can get a bit awkward. If you want a protective cover for when you throw the phone into a case etc this is perfect
Good stuff
Happy with my product
Neat case
As usual excellent next day delivery.
Case does the job well, only down side is the bottom hinge covers the charging port, not a big deal for me but may be for others. Also the hinge looks to be a weak link in that it is narrow and may break after a lot of use. Have had it for 2 weeks and am very pleased with it.
An amazing case
This case was amazing I usually don't buy of the internet but I took the chance and this was the best case yet exactly as they said it would be even better this is an amazing cover for Samsung galaxy s3
Just what I wanted
very pleased with the quality of this case and the speed in which it was delivered and I will certainly be shopping with Mobile Fun again
Amazing Case
After buying a chap case when i had my Samsung S2 i wasnt happy becasue thy kept on bracking even being in your pocket. But whn i got this cas i was not sure but now i can say best case and quality ever makes phone look slick and nice and tight fit. But amazinf this is i have dropped it few times but still not broken made very well will never go back to cheap case's again.
Good Product
Great case, can access all features on the phone (no cutout to charge the phone when case is closed), soft padding to protect the screen. when the case is folded back you can use it with the samsung vehicle dock ECS-K200BEGSTD.
Very neat case
This case fits well and looks smart. It does the job of protecting the phone, and I find that it makes the phone nicer to hold and less likely to slip out of the hand or slide on a sloping surface.
I'm a little concerned that the bottom hinge, which is a very thin piece of leather, might stretch with time. But at the moment it's fine.
1st class case for a 1st class phone.. Highly recommend.
good looking case
great looking case for a great price
Fits the Galaxy S3 perfectly with soft cover to protect the screen. Nice white colour which is easy to find in my handbag. Excellent value for money, nearly half the cost of similar item in the phone shops. Camera particularly good and easy to use.
A flip case that could be improved
The white flip case is a tight fit and doesn't increase the size of the phone unduly.The catch at the top is strong enough at present to hold the case in place but isn't that easy to release quickly and requires 2 hands to release. You also can't plug in and charge the phone unless the case is open. I suppose you could cut a small gap to allow this but would make the case a bit too floppy as a 'hinge' at this point. Once opened the case will bend round to be held against the phone but is not clippable. Apart from that a little too expensive but does protect the phone and does the job.
Fits like a glove
Hi, got this the day after a got my phone. It was the best one on the market at the time and looks smart. my screen is still scratch free and looking as new with this case. cheers and thanks for a great case. i will bye my next case from here.
Perfect Case
This case protects the back and camera as well as good protection on the corners. The sides are still a little exposed but the raised corners take the heat off that. The flip front is good as it keep the screen protected in my pocket from my keys or any change. It looks good and I feel the phone is protected against everyday wear and tear. Recommended
I love this case. I previously ordered the other, book-style flip original Samsung case, but it didn't feel like it gave much protection and made the phone handling slightly awkward.

This case is a huge improvement - proper bezel protection to the top and bottom of the phone (not the sides though - real pity), and the flap has a latch which holds it shut.

Feels very well made and the back gives you better grip. I really like the elegant design too. Overall, I think it's the best case on the market.
great case
This is a great looking case. Fit was a bit tight and the quality control of the finish isnt crash hot but its still a def winner.
A brilliant flip case
This flip case for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is absolutely perfect for the job of protecting a precious asset.They just blend together so well. Thanks.
I bought the cover as a gift for a friend and he loves it.
Does what it says on the box
Case fits perfectly on the phone and fully protects the screen.

Only gave 4 stars as I never give anything full marks.
galaxy s3 case
found this case to be of good quality, bought one from somewhere else and it fell apart as soon as it was used. this one is worth that little bit extra that some cost but is in a good price range, keeps the phone in good shape. buy one.
Galaxy S3 Flip Case
This item is an original Samsung product and comes with the quality the phone deserves. A perfect fit for the S3, most ports are accessible. It has a nice quality touch and seems to resist stains quite well so far.
Most important, this is the only correct design for a flip case, i.e. the flap opens downwards, allowing for photo/video use.
Also, the flap is soft at the bottom so it can be folded behind the phone without stretching the material, thus preventing fabric tear.
One very minor (and only) downside, the micro-USB port for charging can only be accessed by flipping the flap open (or behind the phone as described above).

A major plus is that the shell prevents the camera glass cover from touching the surface it is lying on, thus protecting the glass (as well as the rest of the back obviously).

Very slim, it fits well in any pocket the S3 would fit in without it on.

The looks fit the phone.
A very nice product.
Flippin' Marvellous
I chose this case from those you had available because it looked good and would protect the phone without significantly adding to the depth. It's great as it does not impede the use of the phone or access to any buttons, connections or camera when flipped open.
At work I leave the cover folded to the back and clip it closed when moving around/travelling.
Service was prompt and the cover arrived next day.
Fiddly, annoying, but better value than many others
I bought this because the tan leather case / wallet wasn't released and my S3 was arriving next day. Fits perfectly but doesn't protect the full width of the phone front. The fiddly little clip is a nuisance when trying to open the case quickly. Not sure how much use the fake leather "hinge" area will stand before it wears at the edges. Using the camera / video with the case open can be a pain. The flap hangs down when using the phone - and looks odd. Otherwise it's quite good value compared with other cases available to protect this expensive computer that doubles as a phone. Delivery was next day although that is not firmly guaranteed unless you pay a lot extra. Thank you MobileFun.
S3 case
This is a great robust case which protects your S3 well. And it looks good too. The only niggle i have is that it is very hard to get the phone out of the case if you want to put it in a holder in the car. But other that that, yes a very good product.
Nice product
The case is slim, fits well and protects the phone well, more than happy with it.
Only possible improvement would be to expose the charging slot when the case was closed.
Exactly what it says on the tin
Great case ,well made good quality leather
Protects fully without being bulky.
Well pleased - Get one ,you won't be sorry
Great product - rigid, suits phone thickness
Seems like it will last. Outercasing perhaps not as luxury as previous leather casing for S2, but you get to like this.
very good product
I ordered this product from Mobile fun and the delivery was very prompt(next day). The product is amazng is perfect for S3 - makes your phone looks light and slim therefore I recommend this product to all Samsung Galaxy S3 owners.Despite is a bit expensive is a very good product
Excellent Product
The genuine case, was First class,
Good Quality, Practical and didnt oversize the phone, I would strongley recommend this case.
I like it.
The flip case is nicely shaped to fit the contour of the Galaxy S3 mobile Phone.

It is slim and helps keep the device nicely protected and fits your pocket without being bulky.

My only concern is how long the hinged part of the case will lastas the material is quite thin.
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