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Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Extended Battery Kit - 3000mAh - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Samsung Galaxy S3 going for longer with this official kit comprising of a 3000mAh extended battery with NFC and replacement back cover in white.
  • Mobile Fun ID 37555
$54.11 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 28 customers

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Galaxy SIII Extendable Batterie
Not to offten one gets product as addvertised but this is an exception. 3000 mah batteries are egsactly what seller is claiming to be and well worth it for power hungry android. Can't understand doe, why is Samsung not including this quality batteries at the time of original purchase of galaxy range mobile phones. My wifes phone is in it's third week of stand by, surprize, surprize and batteries are stil at 37% charge. With moderate use my phone is in second week and I stil have 29% charge left. Back cover is well made and has original Samsung logo inbeaded on it and fits to the phone perfectly. Increased thicknes of the phone is no bother at all.
Good buy
Good product...the battery stands up for about 15-16 hours with normal usage, also the back cover fits perfectly and looks good.

The only disadvantage is that the protective case won't fit my phone anymore, since the phone is a bit bulkier than before, and you won't be able to find a protective case that would fit the phone and also protect the screen. The only case I found on amazon is a simple case that only protects the back of the phone and not the screen.

So, think twice before buying this. Once you get the bigger battery, you have to give up screen protection.
A great buy
The battery arrived within the time it was supposed to and the charge is a significant boost so I would def recommend to buyers.
Ordering amd shipment was all straightforward. 5/5 :)
Excellent battery
This battery is awesome! Should be the default battery of the phone. Not too much bulk, plenty of juice and able to enable all android feature. 5*****
Exactly what I wanted
Perfect product for extending the life of my mobile when out and about. The only negative is I will have to buy a new cover as my old one no longer fits over the larger battery
Recieved in Good Condition-Very reliable,Good Quality
Been a month since I ve started using,battery life is good..worth the money spent
just what i looking for
the delivery are super fast.
GalaXy S# - 3000mah Extended battery
Awesome one!! Must have battery for a phone like S3, gives me more juice!!
Cool one, thanks for Mobile fun.
Good battery life
Guys this a very good battery. After 40 percent it goes down very slowly. It doesn't make §3 bulky at all. Guys just make sure that with this battery you also order some back cover. In India its very very hard to find a cover for extended battery. Diztronic cover is the best you can order.
GS3 Extended Battery
I bought the extended battery for my daughter's GS3, she's a fairly heavy user and the battery has been a worthwhile investment. There defintely is a difference in battery life. The battery cover adds little bulk while still maintaing a rather slim profile and the phone feels more solid. Also the service was excellent, very fast shipping and very reasonable shipping rates. From the UK to the US in one day! I would do business with Mobile Fun again.
Genuine Samsung Galaxy S 3 extended battery
I'm kind of a heavy user of smartphones. Most phones have a hard time making it through the day. Galaxy S3 died on me around 8 or 9 pm. typically around 2 to 2.t hours of screen time. With the extended battery it lasts around 3.5 to over 4. Even on the heaviest day it makes it through no problem. Only downside is the phones is noticeably thicker and heavier. Kinda like the way it feels in my hand better now... but it lost some of the sleekness. I'll take the durability over sleekness any day. Love this battery.
excellent battery
there are a lot of options out there for an extended battery... but this one is the best one. It's high quality... original samsung... it adds a little bit of thickness but my device still fits in my profit car mount with this battery. With Everything enabled in my phone, I can go through 36 hours. Before using this battery, it was hard to pass the 24 hours mark. I'm completely satisfied.
Great Battery
This is the battery the S3 should have come with. I can now use all the features of the phone without having to constantly switch functions off to save battery. Charges fast as well. The white back looks Ok on my red ATT phone.
Amazing Battery Life. A must have
This battery has given my phone a battery life of over 12 hours while streaming music and using the GPS.

If you own a S3 you should own one of these.

Best benefit is that it only adds about 3mm onto the width of the phone.
Genuine Samsung Extended Battery Kit for Galaxy S3 - 3000mAh - White.
Genuine Samsung Extended Battery Kit for Galaxy S3 - 3000mAh - White. It does exactly what it says on the Tin.
I completely love this battery very good quality that gives around 30%more power. The back cover is even nicer than the original one. The phone feels more comfortable in hand with this upgrade. I really recommend to buy this product for those who are running out of battery power.
Its Worth it
The 3000 mah is well worth it for the price. I can easily go a full day on my S3 now with med to heavy usage. Since i am from CA and only did standard shipping took about 10 business days to get to me since they are located out of the country. Amazon and ebay have jacked up the price on this battery and mobilefun is the best price to get from. So buy it.
Excellent battery life ever!
long lasting for more than one day. feel perfect in the hand with new back cover. nice grip. It took about 8-10 days to ship here, I know it's far right? Bangkok! anyway very good condition and great service. I charge only once a day now, Love my phone even more!
Want Extended Battery. Get This!
Was looking for an extended battery for my Galaxy S3 but didn't want the bulk that all the others added to the phone. I can easily go over a day (depending what I'm doing) on a single charge and you will never have to worry about your battery completely drain before your done using it. I highly recommend picking this up.
will tell more
just got it today, haven't really have any review yet, once I see the difference will come back and put more review here.
OEM extended battery
I was a former at&t wireless employee and I will tell you this battery is awesome. I had purchased the bigger battery from gorilla gadgets and while it was a great battery it was bulky. This battery is slim and gets me through an entire day easily with only one charge. I am running push email and use the phone all day for text and email. Paid about $70 for rush delivery to the us and it was money very well spent. I strongly reccomend this product for anyone who is not making it through the day with their S3. Super slim and well worth the money. Mobilefun shipped asap and I am very satisfied with the updates I received over seas. Thank you!
long overdue but worth it
definitely worth the money, considering how expensive life can be when your phone's battery has run out. This shoulda come out a while ago, or Samsung shoulda made a GS3 MAXX. Only complaint is it makes finding a case extremely difficult. New back cover shoulda also had a bumper and better grip to make up for it. Now I can actually use this phone to the fullest which is awesome!
Must have
It feels amazing in your hand. Better grip. Very comfortable. And the battery life has significantly improved. Must have for any gs3 owner
amazing feeling
i have to say the extra lil bit of bulk this battery adds is very nice it fits a lot better in my hands and actually fils my hands as apposed to having a huge gap in between my palm and the phone. very nice product :) cant wait to see how much extra battery life i get :P

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