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Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery with NFC

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Product Reference: 35102

Official replacement or spare battery for your Samsung Galaxy S3. You'll never run out of power again! Features built-in NFC.

  • "Fully charged service."
  • "Excellent, Amazing Difference"

Most Useful Customer Reviews

Alan Jutson
Samsung Galaxy battery
20th July 2017
Fully charged service.
Original battery was failing badly after two and a half years. New one ordered on Sunday delivered on Monday, phone worked immediately. Excellent service, Phone now has a new lease of life after its transplant.

Michae Readman
Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300
21st October 2015
Excellent, Amazing Difference
The Official Samsung battery with Near Field Communication for the Galaxy S3 is the real deal, unlike so many other sellers this is a genuine battery. The battery fitted my S3 GT-I9300 and worked perfectly. My phone has gone from lasting about 20 minutes on a full charge to lasting about 3 hours of constant use on the internet or even 2 days+ when just idle/standby. The battery was at 60% when first inserted straight from the packaging, so I ran it down to 5%, turned the phone off and gave it a full charge to 100%. Since then I run it down to 10-15% before recharging which is recommended with Lithium Ion type batteries. I have had it in the phone for about a week now and it's been working perfectly. You may think buying cheap elsewhere for around £6 is a saving over the price from Mobile Fun but what you get will be a fake, despite it looking genuine. Fake batteries don't last, are generally made in China and you run the increased risk of them going up in flames, overheating your phone or exploding in your pocket and causing serious skin burns. Not worth it for the sake of an extra £10 to get the real genuine battery in my opinion! Hope this review helps people decide.

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Why Buy?

  • Genuine Samsung accessory
  • Spare or replacement battery
  • Built in NFC technology
  • Same capacity as original battery
  • 2100mAh capacity


Official Samsung Galaxy S6 S-View Premium Cover Case - Black

Genuine Samsung accessory

The internet is flooded with cheap fake batteries that could damage your phone and possibly even cause injury to yourself and your family. Don't take the risk and instead trust Mobile Fun to provide only genuine Samsung batteries, that have been manufactured to Samsung's recognised quality assurance for the best compatibility and most important of all - the best safety standards.

Spare battery

Provide yourself with double the amount of talktime and media playback by taking with you a spare battery. Relax and enjoy the fact you can simply change the battery when your existing one runs out of power - ensuring you can make that important phone call, play graphically intensive games or watch an entire feature length movie without running out of charge.

Replacement battery

If your current battery is starting to lose its charge far quicker than ever before or is failing to charge at all, this official battery replacement from Samsung will ensure your phone returns to its former charging glory.

Built in NFC technology

This official Samsung battery features a built-in NFC chip - allowing your Samsung Galaxy S3 to use NFC technology to immediately launch apps, instantly connect to Bluetooth devices, send text messages and change phone settings as well as many other benefits.

Same capacity as original battery

The Samsung EB-L1G6LLUCSTD is the same battery supplied with your phone and features the same capacity. This means whether you're looking to replace an old battery or simply require a spare, you can be confident of receiving the same battery life out of your phone as you originally experienced.


  • Capacity: 2100mAh
  • Voltage: 3.8V

Samsung: Galaxy , Galaxy S3


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