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Official Samsung Galaxy S2 Standard Battery - EB-F1A2GBUCSTD Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Official Samsung replacement battery for your Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100. You'll never run out of power again!
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$27.05 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 203 customers

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Battery lasts much longer than the original, which was 4 years old!
Came in original packaging
Battery lasts much longer than the original, which was 4 years old!
Prompt Delivery
Works fine
Well what can you say about a battery! The item arrived quickly and works fine.
Genuine Battery, arrived as expected
Standard delivery arrived with a few days. Well packaged, good price. Battery works as expected. Thank you.
Bought a new battery from MobileFun. Never used them before but had overall good reviews for their service on other websites. The item was a reasonable price, it arrived when they said it would and it didn't blow up when I charged it. Bargain!
Not quite as good as the original but good enough
This replacement battery for my now ageing Samsung Galaxy S2 phone works well enough. I can't honestly say it lasts as long between charges as the original battery that came with the phone but there could be a number of factors affecting that aside from the battery itself. However, it lasts long enough (almost 2 days with only occasional text and photo and very little internet usage) so on balance I think it will serve me well enough until I decide to change my phone later in the year. Heavier phone users might well find it needs charging every day.
samsung battery
Bought this as my old battery kept dying this seems better onky had it a week or so but good so far fast delivery
Brilliant Service
Genuine samsung battery sent, super fast delivery, can't fault Mobile Fun. Just that I stupidly ordered the wrong battery for my phone. Will definately be using Mobile Fun again.
Plenty of correspondence regarding my item. The original went missing in the post, so I contacted them, and had the replacement within 2 days, very efficient, in fact I think their customer service is one of the best I have experienced. The battery was perfectly packaged and as described on their website. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them.
Very impressed, would recommend.
Was contemplating buying a new phone but didn't want the expense. Decided to purchase a new Samsung S2 battery from Mobile Fun. Was happy with a previous purchase of a charger. Delivery was fast. Wow this battery has turned an old Samsung S2 with hardly any charge into a brand new Samsung S2 with charge lasting all day. Very impressed, would recommend.
Genuine Item - Excellent
You will pay a little more for this item compared to other online sites, but you will receive a genuine battery, and you really DON'T want a fake. And now my phone lasts as long as it should.

The standard Royal Mail economy option is quite slow, it was around a week to be delivered. So if you need it quicker, take the other delivery option.
Glad it is genuine
I was not sure if I had made the right choice. Now I am sure I have.
New battery has got my old phone back up and running
Delivered promptly the new battery has got my old phone back up and running. Thus far performing fine as expected.
Good, honest and fast
Excellent service, goods were as described, a pleasure to do business you.

Too many adverts make false statements and sell inferior goods ... but NOT Mobile Fun, genuine article in sealed manufacturing packaging and it works a treat.
Spot on!
That rare and wondrous thing - a properly genuine Samsung battery. Infinitely better than the fake ones and even better than the aftermarket ones. Can now get 2 days of moderate usage out of my Galaxy SII.

Also, a quick note about MobileFun - managed to order the battery 3 times (the checkout said that the PayPal hadn't gone through when it had) and a quick email stopped the 2 extras with no agro, grief or posting things back.

The battery was a genuine
Excellent service from mobilefun, the battery was a genuine Samsung product as described.
Holds charge well
From the word go the battery held its charge well
At moment OK, but not great
Battery arrived quickly and I put it in. I had less time than the one that was in the S2. Others mention this will increase - I hope so.

On the road testing hasn't happened yet (I'm a travel blogger) so cannot comment (my old Galaxy Mini lasted weeks and at least 2 days without recharging). The S2 has to last long for travel purposes as I am often places where I cannot plug it in.

At the moment the S2 is being used to test out some blog software I'm writing and so battery drains pretty fast - have to charge it everyday.

Long term usage - I don't know (haven't got that far yet).
I would definitely use mobilefun again, I ordered the wrong battery and when I contacted them there was no fuss, they sent me the correct one one for my phone after having the wrong one collected. Genuine product which has give my mobile a new lease of life, no charging every other day now.
No complaints
I purchased a battery No complaints It arrived in good order and was well packaged.
First Class Service
Having already purchased and returned so called "genuine" Samsung batteries from previous suppliers, that didn't work, I was very reluctant to get stung again. Based on previous reviews, I gave Mobilefun a chance. Glad I did. The order was processed promptly and delivered within a couple of days. It arrived in original manufacturers packaging, having been manufactured this year(2015). It worked perfectly and give me significantly extended charge time over the phones original battery. Exactly what I wanted. Don't be tempted by other suppliers offering cheaper, inferior alternatives. Thanks Mobilefun.
money well spent
This battery lasts for ages, never realised how duff my old one was. The battery was sent so fast the postman had to wear a crash helmet. Many thanks
I think I've received a really good product
I think I've received a really good product, and the service was very helpful and prompt. There was a little problem with the Mail, but the really wonderful staff, especially Ms. Annie, solved it very quickly and I was amazed by her attitude!
I recommend Mobile Fun, was very pleased with the price also :)
You get what you pay for!
Having had a dodgy battery which switched my phone off every couple of minutes it was a relief to receive this genuine Samsung battery which lasts all day despite heavy usage of phone for internet, emails etc. Now I just charge overnight which is a real treat!
Quick response and delivery
That its official part
A life extender
I've been using the Samsung Galaxy S2 for the past 4 years, and now just been finding the battery having difficulties in keeping its charge.

Since I still like the phone I needed to find a new battery. Finding an 'Official' Battery can be tricky and I'm thankful MobileFun was able to sell me one.

I'm happy to say this battery works as described, the price is a tad high, but I hope to run this phone for another 4 years.
Review on site stated original samsung s2 battery prompted me to purchase.
item arrived within 4 days of order.
Disappointed that it was not packed in official Samsung packaging.
My samsung still does not work...dont think its the battery but fault in charging connection somewere.
Good value, prompt delivery
This was the first time I have used this service and I am very pleased with the battery I purchased. Fast delivery , reliable product at a great price. Will definitely come back to Mobile Fun. Thanks.
After several complete cycles battery life seems OK
Replacement battery
Previously brought batteries on eBay they were awfuL paid more from these guys and certainly worth every penny
Battery works as promised
Received the battery in good time and charged first go. Seems to work fine and compared to the one that was in it, it works good
Samsung Galaxy 2 Battery
I previously made the mistake of purchasing a cheap copy of this item - no good at all!!
After reading excellent reviews I then bought this genuine battery - not cheap! but gives excellent standby and usage time. I recommend this battery from a Google Certified Shop.
Performs just like the original battery
The battery looks and performs just like the original battery, it costs more than some replacement batteries, but I'm confident that it's quality and reliability make it a good buy.
Old for New
This battery does what it is supposed to do
Pleased with product
Excellent service and pleased with product
Very good service
The service was quick and excellent. The battery was just as it should be and works perfectly.
1st Class
A Reliable product with a speedy First Class service. Cheers!
Getting there
Arrived promptly in original packaging (good sign). Disappointed initially with time charge held for (24 hrs) for low 'phone/internet user, however after many charges (10+) this is getting better and can see an improvement on my depleted old battery. Packaging says to refer to manual re use of battery, I assume they mean the S2 manual as no paperwork supplied with this item.
Suggest depleting battery as much as possible pre charging to enhance the initial poor battery life.
battery for my mobile
I purchased a battery for, my Samsung galaxy s2, I would like to say I am very pleased with it and would use this company again. I had bought a battery elsewhere and it turned to be a fake, the battery was sent very quickly and I would have no hesitation in recommending mobile fun thank you.
Just the job!
I needed a new battery for my ageing Galaxy S2. Having had great service from MobileFun in the past, I chose to buy from them again rather than a cheaper unknown source. You didn't let me down. Service was excellent throughout, battery is great and has given my phone a new lease of life. I would have no hesitation in recommending MobileFun!
Samsung S2 battery
Very very impressed with my new battery ,this is definitely an original.Had too charge almost ever 2 hours with my fake battery.My Samsung lasts and lasts now...I Iove your quality Samsung!Couldnt find any originals in South Africa anymore.It was worth every penny,was alot of pennies...Now it feels like I have a new phone.Exelent service from Mobilefun-Uk as well,I am not used to this type of service.Fast and very reliable service.Well done Samsung!Welldone Mobilefun Birmingham!
Great replacement
I needed a replacement battery for my old Samsung Galaxy S2 and must say this item has now given my phone a new lease of life. Very impressed with Mobile Fun, the speed of the order and the cost involved, really great service and value for money.
Genuine battery & quick delivery
Battery received next day. Genuine item which is far superior to the cheap copy I bouught last time from a chap on the market. Now getting 18 hours+ usage including a few calls, texts, bit of Internet browsing etc. don't waste money on cheaper copies. Worth the extra few quid to get proper battery life. Great service from Mobilefun. No hesitation in recommending.
Great item amazing value
This is a genuine Samsung battery at a genuinely competitive price, postage is super fast. This isn't the first time I have shopped here and certainly won't be the last! It's reliable and quick and simple to use! Thank you!
From the casing box to the battery....
I give 5*. I am.pleased with the service and the quality of the product.
excellent battery
Absolutely brilliant no fakeness about this one. Would highly recommend.
Great battery great company
i would have wanted to know was it a genuine battery and no worries it was genuine thank you mobile fun for your great service
Seems fine
Only had it for aweek but it seems to be fine. The charge is lasting for more than 24 Hrs
Very happy with my purchase
The battery life had been reducing on my Samsung, I bought a so called " GENUINE " Samsung battery off a well known auction site, good price but no improvement on the old battery. I have now fitted a Samsung Battery from Mobilefun, what a difference, my phone is like new again. I had been considering changing my phone but now I don't need to. Thanks
Official Samsung Galaxy S2 battery
The battery arrive very quickly by first class post but would not have been quicker by courier. Came in official Samsung case and by it's performance is clearly a genuine product and it was at a great price. I highly recommend this company.
Very good
mobile-fun ordering was very simple with great products and great service. Quick responses to my order and was delivered the next day. Great offers and service. :)
Samsung Galaxy s2 battery
My old battery was doing my head in! Full charge lasted morning til dinnertime if that. A friend of mine had the same problem and was constantly buying batteries off you know where for a fiver that were clearly duds. I, being the studious type researched for days on official Samsung batteries. No false economy "non retail packaging" for me! I came across mobilefun read the reviews and parted with just under twenty quid for a battery. Postage was rapid and the battery was in full packaging from Samsung. And with the all important NFC! Its still early days cos it hasnt drained fully yet!! Woohoo.Well pleased. Oh and Ive recommended to said friend. Dont waste your time and more importantly money on duds!!!!! Rod.
Worth the money
A proper battery which does a proper job. Yes, it costs a lot more than some, but then it works a lot better than most. The cheap ones hardly work at all, unless you're very lucky, and I wasn't with the last one I tried. As always, you get what you pay for.
phone battery
Great battery, works perfectly. Service from mobilefun.ie was excellent- fast,efficient and helpful.
S2 New Battery
So please I splashed out on this Samsung battery. My 4 year old phone now holds its charge. I had forgotten what it was like not to have to carry a charger just in case.
Genuine Samsung Battery at Competitive Price
I needed a new battery for my Samsung Galaxy S2 and was aware that there are a lot of fake ones being sold on line. I did some research and found this site, read the customer reviews, and decided to order my new battery from here. I am so glad I did. The battery arrived quickly and is a genuine item but sold for slightly less than the RRP. I would recommend this company.
wonderful high quality and good price
genuine battery very pleased.
Very pleased wjth the replacement samsung galaxy battery genuine battery and superfast postage. Thankyou.
Having bought a cheap version i wish i had found mobilefun much earlier prompt delivery and was exactly what i was looking for and at a discounted price too thanks
great service
order arrived quickly and I was very pleased to see that it was an authentic Samsung battery that has given my phone a new lease of life.
Good product in time
The battery arrived promptly, it works as advertised. I've back my Galaxy S2 fully usable.
battery S2
Ordered a battery on a popular auction website for an s2 . Would not hold power . Bought a battery here on mobile fun which are 100% original . Order was received in only a few days . It's true what they say you get what you pay for
Samsung Galaxy S2 battery
Very pleased. My phone was just over two years old and the battery life was becoming really rubbish. I didn't want the hassle of a new phone and contract as everything else was great. I read the other reviews and looked at the awards won by the website which gave me the confidence to order. I'm so pleased I did. The battery arrived 2 days later and has made a massive difference. A great product at a very reasonable price. Thank you.
No New Phone Required!
My contract was due and I was thinking of upgrading my phone for the simple reason that my phone wouldn't last a day whilst doing nothing but sit in my pocket passing on my location to Google! New battery has done the trick easily lasts a day again, so no new phone required so a cheapo sim only deal for me. Excellent product, delivered promptly, well packaged
Genuine parts
Nothing really just to make sure it is a genuine battery reviews help with this.
Well worth paying extra for ORIGINAL battery. Feels as though I have a BRAND NEW PHONE! Quick delivery too. Would recommend Mobile Fun to everyone.
Great battery
I have to replace the battery on my S2 about once a year. I usually buy a cheap one but decided to go for the Samsung battery this time. It's not that much more than the cheap ones and so far I have found it keeps its charge much longer than the cheap ones. Will easily do more than a day. Really pleased I bought it. Service from Mobilefun was excellent as well. item received on day promised.
Well it is just a battery - but necessary to operate a mobile phone
I only needed to know that the correct battery was still available for the appliance. Recently people have been regarding me with a touch of pity due to the fact that my phone is (in their opinion) somewhat antiquated. I tried to buy a new case for it in a shopping arcade but the vendor, surrounded by gaudy, glitzy cases for latest i-phones etc., just shook his head and gave a wry half-smile. (Thinks to himself......poor old woman has no clue that she is totally behind the times and her mobile is virtually obsolete). Thank you for still providing a battery for this device and not treating me like some poor old woman who has not yet grasped the latest technology. My phone is three years young and now has a new lease of life thanks to the new battery that I recently purchased from you (no questions asked about age or antiquity). I hope to get at least another three years good use from my Samsung Sll.
Authentic and good service
I bought the Samsung Galaxy S2 battery. It works well and last longer than my original battery which was over 3 years old. so far so good, last longer than 24 hours on normal use. Service and delivery was good, received in about 10 days to Sydney. Cheaper than Sydney retailers, even though some look to be fakes!

I would recommend the product and seller. I am thinking of buying another one.
Official S2 Battery
Getting your hand on an official Samsung battery at this price, and getting a delivery within 2 days of ordering is brilliant. Battery replaced the original in the phone and does a sterling job.
Original battery
Very impressed how fast my battery was delivered. Ordered on thursday 18.12.14 arrived saturday 20.12.14.A very genuine product,phone now works brilliantly,thank you very much.
Excellent service
I can't believe how quickly the battery arrived, I ordered it on the Saturday evening and it arrived Monday morning. Excellent price for a genuine product and extremely swift service, will definitely use Mobile Fun again and recommend to friends and family.
Thought I was going to have to change my Samsung mob. Decided to try a new battery from your website and it arrived 2 days later. My favourite samsung has got a new lease of life and I am delighted.
I had read a few reviews about non official batteries on various sites. A lot of them seemed to give negative or, at the best, mixed messages. I ordered this one in the hope that it would at least double my battery life which was down to about a day if I was lucky. I received the batter promptly, and when advertised. After replacing it in my phone I was amazed to see that it lasted for 4 days with light use. I don't even remember the original lasting so long. It is like a new phone. Thoroughly recommended.
Samsung themselves were no help in locating an original replacement battery but luckily found one on the mobilefun web site. Phoned my order in, chose standard 2 day delivery but it arrived the next day! 5 Star service all the way & I'm about to put another order in.
samsung Galaxy S2 battery
battery arrived promptly. Had it in for a couple of days and battery life much more than my old one.
official galaxy s2 battery
We found plenty of unhappy reviews from those who had bought cheaper batteries for their mobile phones which worked poorly if at all.
We have used MOBILE FUN over the years without a problem either in customer service or quality of products.
Naturally we chose to buy our replacement battery with them for quality and performance.
Of course it works perfectly and we confidently expect it to last at least as long as our initial battery[3 years].
Very pleased
Battrie is brilliant and arrived very quick. Was abit worried to buy online as id read some bad reviews about battries not working from other companys.
I thought id try Mobilefun, and pleased i did. All was aa it should be, i will reccomend and use again.
Does what it says
Previous battery lasted over 3 years so I expect at least same time from this one.
Good so far
Ordering was easy. I was notified immediately of a delay in dispatch,which was appreciated. The battery is holding its charge unlike my old one and I am extremely pleased so far.
Great battery
This has really revived my phone. I've gone onto a sim only deal as so much cheaper & this has enabled me to do so as previous battery of 2 years was needing to be charged too frequently. Mobile Fun kept me up to date with stock & delivery and although a short wait it was worth it.
Excellent battery and service!
Like a lot of people, i wanted to see reviews before i bought this battery, i,m no expert , but this seems like a fully original samsung battery, and so far has worked brilliant!, i originally thought my phone was going wrong!, but realised it was the battery, and you cant go wrong for the money, and it seems genuine, so were all winners!, i didnt want to take a risk buying a battery from an auction site , as there are a few fakes out there!, graet service from mobile fun, and emails from them , advising me whats happening with delivery, going to check there website to see if they do a battery for my galaxy tab 2!
Fantastic firm to deal with
I've just (today) received my brand new 'genuine' Samsung galaxy S2 battery in Samsung packaging. Well pleased, lightning fast delivery, and extremely easy online ordering system. Haven't used battery yet, but obviously a genuine item, so can't see me having any problems with it. If you want anything for a mobile device, USE this brilliant company, you really can't go wrong! I will certainly be buying all my mobile stuff from them in future, 'great' prices, 'great' delivery, 'great' everything! Well done Mobile Fun, please don't ever change anything.
Quick delivery
Has NOT really improved on the 2 year oldm and gradually failingm battery which I removed but I do not think there is anything I can complain about since it was supplied as a "official" battery produced by Samsung
Early days only received week ago but so far so good!!
I looked at previous reviews before buying the battery!!
Excellent value and service
Found easily on the website. Purchased very simply. Ordered at a most competitive price. Delivery arrived in excellent time. Item received exactly as described. Nothing more could be added to enhance the purchasing experience - except perhaps winning the £20 for the review!
This is the second one of these batteries I have bought from here.
They are genuine Samsung and last 100% longer than the cheapo ones elsewhere that claim to be genuine, but are not.
Really pleased, highly recommended!
Exactly as described
The product is genuine and arrived in a very short time. Exactly as described. The quality of service has made me a "returning customer."
Genuine Samsung S2 battery.
Excellent purchase, and not the fake stuff that crops up in online auction sites. Thank you Mobilefun.
real thing
Wether it was the real item which it is
very good
After throwing 40£ on rubish "original" batteries from different shops that lasted me only few hours without even doing anything with my phone, I buyed this. Better than the original. This is strong like a rock. I recomend it.
Does what it should do
Ordered Samsung Galaxy S2 replacement battery and have run it through the process of charging and discharging over 3-4 days. It now holds its charge for longer than the old battery - hurrah.
Genuine galaxy s2 battery
Exactly what I wanted not a fake one that lasts for less time than fading original battery. Good price too.
Good replacement battery
This battery has given my Galaxy S2 the performance it had when new. Definitely worth buying the proper new battery instead of a cheap alternative.
very good
The battery lasts the whole day and very good
Seems okay so far
I bought this replacement battery about ten days ago, so it is still early days. It came in the Samsung packaging so it appears to be the genuine article. My previous battery was three years old and was getting to the point where it rarely lasted longer than mid-afternoon, having been fully charged on awakening in the morning. I am a fairly light user of my phone, which is probably why I managed so long without replacing the battery. (By light user I mean most days I might receive one or two phone calls of about two minutes each and maybe send and/or receive about five texts in total. Then I also check my emails from time to time as well as using the alarm in the morning.) I've been told to run the new battery down completely and recharge completely at least three times to calibrate it, so that's what I've done. My phone indicates that the battery should last me about 24 hours (or when I have my phone on flight mode overnight it seems to manage about 30 hours). And today I finished charging my battery at about 7.45am this morning and by 5.45pm this afternoon it has 42% left on it. Is that good? And I don't know whether the predicted 24 hours is good for a light user or not, but it seems better than my old battery so far. I think I will know for sure after a couple of more weeks use. It's difficult to know how many stars to give it because I don't really have anything to compare it with. I've decided to give it four stars rather than five because I would like Samsung to find more ways of increasing the efficiency of their phones and batteries. I have a portable charger which I carry with me most of the time, but it would be nice not to be so dependent on it. Conclusion - if you are a Samsung user you probably won't find any better alternative battery. But I'm still not sure how you would get on if you are a much heavier user than me. Maybe you would just have to look for a different phone, or you could use a tablet for greedier applications, which is what I do. Hope my comments will help somebody. Have fun. :-)
Genuine Article
I had read so many bad reviews from people buying so called guenuine mobile phone batteries so I was very dubious about purchasing one. No worries at all, the battery has given my phone a new lease of life, wonderful, I'm so, so pleased. Genuine battery from a guenuine company. Thank you Mobilefun.
Like getting a brand new phone!
I have been using this new battery for a week now and the phone as back to being as good as when it was new! The old battery (2 1/2 years old) could only make it through half a day, but this battery still has around 65% charge remaining at the end of the day. So far, an excellent product and well worth the price.
put life back in my phone
genuine samsung battery worth paying the little bit extra.
You get what you pay for, and this was great value.
This was a replacement battery for my daughters S2 phone, in the past I have tried the supposedly "genuine" batteries from the auction sites and within a few weeks they have started to deteriorate, this is why I wanted a real genuine manufacturers battery and that is what I got. Packaged in the correct Samsung pack an from an authorised distributor, what more could you want with a great price.
My dad was very happy with this!
After buying cheap copies, this battery was exactly what my dad needed for his phone to keep it's charge longer than a couple of hours.
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