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Official Samsung Galaxy Qi Wireless Charging Pad - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Wirelessly charge your Qi enabled Galaxy with ease using this official Samsung Qi Wireless Charging Pad featuring intelligent circuit protection.
  • Mobile Fun ID 44080
$45.39 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 39 customers

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It works great
It works good
Works great and it's wireless
Impressive phone the Galaxy S5! Now that it is set up for wireless charging it is not just excellent but awesome! Thank you very much.
Very happy with my Oder
Bought two
I bought two of the devices, but it seems that only one works properly. I gave one to my partner and hers works quite well. Mine on the other hand, has a problem connecting. Gone back to using a hard wire. Both phones are Samsung s5, both have the same charging card installed.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Mal

Sorry to hear you are having problems with one of the chargers, please try the charger that works with your phone to eliminate the phone being the problem and contact our Customer Services team.
Excellent wireless charger
Excellent wireless charger which works well with Galaxy S5 + chargerback. It is more reliable with the S% th te S6 Edge
Product was as advertised
Product was as advertised at a good price and arrived on schedule.
Product was as advertised
Product was as advertised at a good price and arrived on schedule.
Love the product
I love the concept of not having to open the bottom of the Samsung S5 to plug in the charger,merely pop the phone on the pad , the phone confirms the charge taking place as simple as....love the product...down side would be the fact that I also had to purchase the Samsung S5 wireless S View case also to connect to the pad, even though I already had the S View case but not the wireless type. The only other issue ie the time it takes to charge, 50 % slower than cable attached directly to phone...
Did exactlyas it said
Arrived well packaged and in good time and did exactlyas it said it would another good buy from mobile fun
The Best I have Bought
the easiest way to charge My Galaxy 5 , no plugging in, it just lays on it.
My Best Buy From Mobile Fun
After Speaking to Annie she Advised me what was Required & After Receiving them both within 24 hours PERFECT SERVICE, The best yet
Charging my Galaxy 5 has never been easier.

Thanks Annie @ Mobile Fun

does what it says on the box
fast delivery as always ,needs a 2 amp charger to function correctly or adaptive charger but works best with straight 2 amp.. charges well with no hassle.
Works fine but make sure you use the correct cable
Works fine but make sure you use the correct cable, I didn't and it wouldn't work very well, I then found my mistake fitted the correct one and bingo were cooking on full gas now.
Small, neat, unobtrusive, attractive looking device
Small, neat, unobtrusive, attractive looking device that works well. It's size however can be a disadvantage as you have to move your phone around to get it centred and effectively charging, but it isn't too much of a bother.
As easy to apply as any other flexible screen protector, but as expected on this phone, the curved screen is not protected by the screen protection. Not a matt finish as expected and smooth to touch so not resistance in use
A superb invention thoroughly recommended.
This is a brilliant invention, being able to charge a phone by simply placing it on a 3 x 3 inch device is so convenient. The device has an LED to confirm it's being charged (your phone will also notify you) which gives you assurance it's doing its job, the LED flashes when it's fully charged.

I would agree with reports that charging times are longer, but I would also agree that the battery seems to have a longer standby time because of the lower charging rate. Moreover, the battery will have a longer lifespan because of the slower charging rate, which is great news, aside from the convenience.

Something else that appeals to me about wireless charging, is specific to the Samsun Galaxy S5, which is claimed to be waterproof (I'm not prepared to test that!). In part how they provide this is by have a cover over the power port of the phone, which is secured via a very short flexible chord. This is logical, but with typical usage you can image this will eventually snap leaving the owner with a less waterproof phone, so by having a wireless charging facility, it's one less thing you'll be wearing out.

I'm extremely glad I bought this in conjunction with the QI case, I know it's only removed a few seconds of hassle plugging in the usual cables, but to me that's well worth it.
Galaxy S5 Charging Pad
I purchased this as a companion to the Charging Cover to eliminate the need for cables etc to charge my phone
Wireless Charger
Works like a dream. No more fiddling to get the charging lead plugged in, just lay the phone on the pad (special case required) and she starts charging. Easy.
Does not work unless you have it precisely over a sweet spot even then it intermittently works.
Easy Buying
Well what an easy way to buy your goods.
I plugged this device in placed my Samsung Galaxy S5 on it and it worked. My phone was charging. Could not have been easier. The Charging rate is very good. In 20 minutes, the charge had gone from 31% to 41%. When the phone is fully charged it stops charging it. You do have to plug it into a Charger unit, and I use the charger unit that came with the phone.

I have a phone case but with Qi facility. It has made charging my phone so much simpler.
Samsung s5 qi charger
Finally received the Samsung qi wireless charger. This is an excellent product and I love it.
Great charger! Quick delivery, definitely recommend
Nice but not consistent
Easy to use as you don't have to plug in the usb every time to charge - but placement on the pad is unreliable. The charge led will light up solid green (good charge) then after a while will start flashing indicating a problem. Using the oem samsung QI wireless s view cover. Reports elsewhere are saying the same issue
Great product so easy to use,just get a rechargeable back cover for your phone your original phone charger plug in in to the wireless charging pad sit your phone on it and it instantly starts charging and all you do is lift in on and off without worrying about any cables.
Perfect Charging Companion
Just what was required to charge my new Galaxy S5 once I had fitted the white Charging/View Cover. It makes the whole process so much easier. I can pick the phone up to answer a call or text and then plonk it back down on the charging pad and it will continue charging. Very worthwhile and a timesaver from plugging the charging lead in which is a bit fiddly on the S5. Recommended purchase.
Very happy with this, the pad is quite small, it loses a star as it doesn't come with a ac adapator or cable (easily rectified I know).

The big tip, is that the phone needs to be in 'portrait orientation' to charge best. :) (Well my S5 does anyway).
Looks good and works well but not good for cat owners with bad eyesight
It works well and charges till the battery is full which is supposed to be good for the battery life (but you may wake up in the morning to 80% battery). The phone needs to be on the pad at a certain angle which is a problem for me as I have -6.00 eyesight so couldn't really see. Plus the cats would knock the phone off once in a while. So I've taken it to the office which works better!
Small and Neat
This is a very smart looking pad and it really quite small, it won't take up much desk space. Using it with a Note 3 it just works and does what it says on the tin. I am waiting for the delivery of my SView charging cover for my S5 which is on order with Mobile Fun now. It does not come with a charger or usb lead and it say you must use a charger with at least 2 amp rating. That means I can use the charger that came with my S5 but not my old charger that came with my Samsung S3. Will probably get another charger so I always leave the wireless pad in place.
Excellent buy
Had to wait a short while for delivery due to out of stock. Excellent communication kept well informed. Now received and set up works very well. Highly reccomended
Small n compact
It's small and compact and rather stylish.

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