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Official Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Screen Protector Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 screen in fantastic condition with the official Samsung scratch-resistant screen protector.
  • Mobile Fun ID 48528
$13.52 inc VAT
 4.2 stars from 18 customers

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Not so easy to fit if done in poor light!
Should have fitted this in better light ended up with bubbles under 1 side due to refitting- don't press it on till you are sure it is correctly sighted- hopefully the second one will be a lot better?
Mobile Fun site so easy to use- delivery is as described, will be back in future
Easy to apply and excellent protection
Don't buy these that often. ... but this was easy to put on and the tools you get are of the best quality. Yes I would buy again. ... what's more delivery was perfect!
Attached and fitted perfectly without any single bubble on it with a generous extra screen protector.I'be been using it since I bought this thin but durable screen protector specially made and designed of the same manufacturer of my phone.
Absolutely excellent quality
Came with a spare screen protector. Absolutely excellent quality, no doubt about it as it was exclusively made and designed by Samsung.
I've had better
It may be the official version from Samsung but I have had versions, admittedly for other phones, that are a lot better. Better adhesion and a better fit.
Perfect for note 4 , just what I was looking for! Absolutely worth the money!!
"Officially Excellent"
Being designed by Samsung themselves you should only expect quality. This product does not disappoint. I have tried many screen protectors and each has had its own problems, too long, too short, too wide, easily scratched etc.. This one however is exactly right, it covers the width of the screen just enough to cover the "usable" part of the screen without having that dreaded "halo" effect due to the Note 4's curved edges. It is perfectly cut to be long enough on the top and bottom again not to have that "halo" effect. To sum up with a product designed by the people who designed the actual phone how can you go wrong. 5 Stars all the way through. To top it off Mobilefun's service is great, order one day, receive the next !-Brilliant.
Not easy to apply
After applying the protector there is a little tab to remove which appears to be stuck with super glue. I really struggled to get this tab off. Now it is off there is a sticky residue left on the front of the protector. In the struggle to get this tab off I ended up touching the sticky side of the protector which now does not stick to the screen in the top right hand corner. More instructions needed on the packet. I fear I have just wasted money I expected better from Samsung. Most dissatisfied with this product.
Fit for purpose
Perfect and easy to apply. Made by Samsung it is what you'd expect.
The BEST screen protectors in the world!!!!!
With the Galaxy Note 4 having such a large screen and being paranoid of a scratch from day one it is important that I got maximum protection. These screen protectors (2 per pack)are fantastic...easy to apply, nice additional touches (cloth and scraper) and once applied a great feel and as responsive as if there was no protector applied and it's as clear as a bell. I was desperate to have protection from day one and ordered from Mobile fun at 3.30PM hoping to get it next day...and low and behold..it arrived first thing the next morning and that was WITHOUT adding next day delivery on my order...Great product, fantastic service.
very good screen protector I wanted one that didn't distort my HD screen this delivers a bit expensive however worth every penny
I wanted a screen protector for my new note 4 and wanted the best one for my handset looked at other products and sites and having used mobilefun before decided that was my best option, delivery was quick too.
Incredibly easy to apply
Samsung screen protector for the Note 4 is incredibly easy to apply, especially as it is custom cut for each specific handset. Simply give the screen a thorough wipe, line up the screen protector with your phone and gently place down from one side to the other, using the application card to smooth out any bubbles.

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