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Official Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Qi Wireless Charging Kit - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Wirelessly charge your Galaxy Note 3 with ease using this official Samsung Wireless Charging Pad and replacement back cover featuring intelligent circuit protection.
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 4.5 stars from 11 customers

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Works, but adds considerable weight/thickness
Charging base is well made, has a micro USB which is a plus considering other chargers either use proprietary or comes permanently attached.

Back cover works well and quality is excellent. However, it does add quite a bit of weight (relative to phone) and thickness. Whereas the original cover is so thin that it leaves the camera bulge, this wireless charging cover goes beyond the camera and actually leaves a recess.

Also, not sure if it is a problem with all white covers, but this one has a slightly slippery feel compared to my old black cover which gives a better grip.

Because of the above, I'd probably leave the charging cover at home, swapping out my old black cover when I want to use the wireless charging.
Wireless charging, simple
Hi I brought the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Qi wireless charging kit. All I need to do now is place my phone down onto the pad and walk away. Recharging made very simple and very easy to use. I like it greatly. It is stylish too, not bulky at all. Thank you Samsung.
Wireless Charging - effortless
This is a fantastic way to charge a mobile; completely effortless. Just drop the phone onto the charging pad and it happens automatically. I read that it stops charging once the phone battery is full but it is difficult to tell if that is happening. One small negative comment - the green light that shows it is on is quite bright for leaving on the bedside table. It would be better if the light could go out after a short length of time or not be on at all; the phone vibrates when it is connected so you can tell it is charging.
Great Product
Nice to get off of work and lay phone down on pad and know that when you come back to your phone it is charged.
It woks, but...
This device works perfectly but has too many design issues making it impractical.
1) it is too slipery. In other words unless it is setup perfectly horizontally, the phone will simply slide out of position and stop charging.
2) The deal breaker. Using this back adds 2 mm to the phone thickness not to mention a noticeable in weight. As a result NO cases will fit. You are left with the choice of protecting the phone with a case OR using this back.

I still use the charger base, but I have bought a new QI card which fits inside the original back (beware some of these devices stop NFC from working). I am now able to use wireless charging and NFC with any case
Love it easy too use will buy again

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