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Official Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Extra Battery Kit - EB-H1J9VNEGSTD Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Official Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Battery and Battery Charger - Make sure your spare battery for the Note 2 is always fully charged.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36364

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$40.58 inc VAT
 4.9 stars from 21 customers

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get one while you can
This was just what I needed. It comes in so handy. It fully charges the batteries so they last a lot longer. And I don't have to be stuck plugged in to the wall. Yay!!
Versatile, Reliable and Indispensable.
Can't recommend this item enough! Versatile, quick-charging reliable, easy access to charged battery for quick exchange and installation... An indispensable item hands down!
Battery on the Go for the Note 2
I have to say that I am extremely pleased with this purchase. I bought 2 charges and I cannot imagine how I lived without these handy tools. As you know, the Samsung Note 2 consumes battery tremendously and I was always stressed out looking for a plug, usb port or one of those promised external batteries that one can buy to charge. This phone went through those like nothing. Now, I carry one, have a charged battery in my phone in my purse. When it gets to 10% battery, I simply switch batteries and have 100% power within a minute. The other battery charger I can plug in any USB port and let it charge, it is an invaluable device. They delivered as promised and MobileFun had it to me in days. Very happy with both the product and the company.
Excellent Product
I am really impressed with this Product. The spare Battery is very useful and the Charger means I always have a fully charged spare battery to take out with me.
worth ever penny
The product is a really life saver, as I use my mobile a lot the battery kept running out quickly, but the help of this item I could just simply swap batteries and carry on the my day.
Only criticism I have would to be able to charge phone as well. I have this and my phone charging at same time so I have lots of leads beside my bed.
A Godsend.
Since buying the Note 2 I want it to be up all the time. I dislike keeping it off for 2.5 hours while recharging the battery. Having this unit allows me to use the phone to the max, especially battery hogging photo and video apps, always knowing theres a fully charged spare to slip in when needed. Consistent charging practice also extends the life of both batteries. Convenient. Provides peace of mind. A great accessory.
Excellent product with fantastic service
this is the most essential product for those having samsung galaxy note 2. i found this very useful and now i need not worry about mobile running out of battery. more than this product i was very happy with the service given by mobilefun. even thought the product was out of stock when i ordered , they procured it for me with a day and was shipped immediately. within 4 days the product was in my hand. great mobilefun for the service and i would definitely recommend mobilefun to my friends.
awaiting for one more product smart dock for my galaxy note 2. hope to get it soon.
thanks and keep it up mobilefun.
great product and service
Very wonderful and excellent product..more than the product I am very happy with the service given by mobilefun. Even though the product was sold out they procurred it and with 5 days it was delivered to my address. Great mobilefun keep up the good service.i would certaily recommend mobilefun to my friends.
Perfect Match
This is the perfect companion for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone. The Note 2 has a superb battery as we already know but have you ever had to hold back slightly because you just might not have enough charge to last you till you get back home? With this kit you'll never ever have to worry about it. Just simply replace the battery with a ready charged one.
The kit comes, as listed, comes with a genuine Samsung battery and a very stylish battery charger/stand. It looks superb on your bedside table at night. It holds your phone, either in portrait or landscape, whilst it charges the spare battery. You simply plug in your original charger into the back of the unit to charge it.
A very highly recommended piece of kit. You will not regret spending money on this item.
This is a most useful gatget always have a soare battery. Also you always now where your phone is on the stand.
Note 2 extra battery and holder
Wonderful product and thanks to mobile fun uk for keeping up the time promised..

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